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Yesterday shed light upon some fear. I woke up, drank my morning water, and then felt a bowel movement coming on like what usually happens during my morning water. As I am walking upstairs to the bathroom, I feel a wetness inside of my underwear. I reach the bathroom to pull down my pants and discover a red liquid dripping uncontrollably from my bum. It got all over my underwear, the floor and toilet seat. It had a consistency of water, and what seemed to be the color of blood. There was a nice amount of red in the toilet with my stool as well. I've pooped hints of red many times in the past from excessive amounts of watermelon, but it was always more of a pink. This time it was more on the dark side. My diet has consisted of primarily watermelons and fresh juices for the past 3-4 days. I've also eaten a few bananas in this time. I put my first ever beet into a juice during that time frame; however, it was a good 2-3 whole days before the happening of this scare in which I speak of. I would not be worried if it was simply the color red in my poo, but I am concerned as to why the red liquid would have been in the picture. I've been a strict lfrv, with no exceptions, for approximately 8 months now. I refuse to visit the ER to allow man made chemistry into my body. Half of my family is telling me it is from what I'm eating, and the other half is telling me I am ridiculous for refusing a trip to the ER. I am still concerned. Since this experience, I've noticed slight discomfort on and off in my back and abdominal region, but it could be my mind since I've always had a bit of hypochondria in me. I seek insights from others whom eat the way I do. Please help, brothers and sisters. Lots of love to ya!

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I'd say cut out the juicing and eat your food.  Have you had bowel issues in the past?  Just remember that we are not health professionals here.  You may want to seek the help of a Dr. of Natural Hygiene if your issue doesn't clear up.  I can personally recommend Dr. David Klein. 

if you feel fine i'd say its what you ate. I know if i blend beets into my smoothies i'll pee pink and crap red. 

If it is blood you should go see a doctor. if it "fresh" blood it could be open soars or hemorrhoids, and it can be quite a lot of blood coming out.
If it is a dark red, not fresh anymore, it is even more important to go see a doctor. That's a sign that it could possibly be cancer further up in your stomach.

Have you been eating unusually the past days? If so, try eating different fruits and veggies.

Hope you feel better soon

If it were me I'd get back to the whole fruits and tender greens and see how it goes for a few days.  A Doctor will likely have to advise you to get all kinds of invasive, expensive and often dangerous tests to cover their risks of law suits.  As others have asked, what is your health history, especially regarding your digestion?  It could be you ate a sharp something that cut you on the way out or an old something stuck in your intestines that came out or diarrhea from the lack of fiber.  

The body always wants to heal and will continue to heal itself, we just have to give it the most optimal conditions for healing, so I would focus on all the HCRV lifestyle factors and check and recheck them, especially if you have anything unusual like this happen.  

Is your family educated on HCRV eating and lifestyle?  If not I would not worry them about it nor listen to their advice.

Any changes besides diet?  Lack of sleep and stress can really mess with your digestive system, particularly if you have a history of digestive issues.


the only time my poop is a reddish colour is when i eat a ton of greens. 

if you're having pain you might have some sort of blockage o.o that happened to me once before i went vegan.



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