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Hi Banana Folks,

I'd like to share with you one of my major concerns, and ask for your view on this topic if possible.

I literally became a raw vegan from day to night. The more information I would find about it, the more motivated I would get, and so I started it. For me, the detox (both physical and emotional) is not an issue. I actually feel good to know my body is detoxing. 

Therefore, I can't help but to think how things will be like, as I know I am already changing on a social level - I am changing myself. And by that I mean disconnecting from what I always believed to be what I wanted or what I dreamed of.

Suddenly, my new job is not that exciting anymore, neither the traditional way of working, which was always something I praised for. But now I am really struggling thinking of ways I can make a living out of what so many people always recommend "live from your passion". I guess being raised and told from your family and society what is a good job and what's not affected me somehow. 


I know it sounds silly, maybe I am just over attached to what I simply should not. But how can you restart? How can you deal with all the sudden changes within your heart and still be sure you're taking the right decisions when everyone else probably think you're becoming a hippie or something? Maybe that's just way too many years locked in a office, between walls avoiding me to think what really matters in life. It feels almost like you're contaminated with some toxic thought that you can not go on with your life without having that safe, stable job.

I love the raw food because it makes me feel like I never felt before. It gives me so much clarity and peace that I really feel like sticking with it for the rest of my life. But I am very afraid of what the changes will be, and whether I am prepared for them.


Any thoughts are welcome :)

Best wishes from Germany,


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I'm also scared of becoming a new person. The activity I do most with my friends is going to restaurants and bars.. I don't have a desire to do either anymore! I'm worried that I'm going to lose connections with people because of different interest. Hopefully I can meet people who are also doing this lifestyle in my area. 

 I'm worried that I'm going to lose connections with people

Thats the trade off for gaining a connection with yourself. 

contaminated with some toxic thought

Hi lis. I'm going to give you a quick break down of whats really going on even though you may not be ready for it, but try to get out of it as much as you can...

Raw food makes you become your true self. People become confused about what they really are, if you ask most people to tell you about themselves and their personality, they might tell you about things they like, they're favorite TV show or some activity they identify. They might even tell you "I phone! I TV! I computer" because they mistakenly think they are things they are not. The true self is really your spirit. A spirit is developed, there are different forms of consciousness, not every being has the same level of intelligence/awareness/level of energy or form(think shapes). You create yourself into whatever you want to be, and thats what your energy goes towards. Some beings choose a parasitic path and try to leech energy from other beings, this has an effect, it shapes the being that is being used, this is how you get your soul stolen. You will become things you do not want to be. 

The spirits on this planet have been kept in slavery and have forgotten what they were playing at before/after/outside of this very small and limited earth human experience. They do not know of truth and reality, they have lived in a world of almost pure deception.

We have all been forced into molds/forms (con-formity) that have changed our identities, everyone on this globe has some form of personality disorder, a spirit is very much like a primal person, personhood, personality, persona. 

Most people have never really met themselves, and to meet yourself can be scary for a lot of reasons. Its like meeting a strangers, perhaps a little awkward at first, only this stranger is someone you have "unknowingly" abused for many years. Its like meeting a stranger that is naked and bruised, and finding out that you are that stranger. 

The parasitic beings who have kept us enslaved use a certain technique, mimic and pervert, or copy and corrupt. Thats how they lure you into going against your true nature. Most technology is some mimicry of a natural phenomena that we have been cut off from, but it is far inferior to the real version. The real internet, a field of information sometimes referred to as "akashic records", is far superior to the one we are forced to using. 

For most, if not all, it is a very painful and overwhelming thing to meet themselves for the first time. You have lied to yourself and trained yourself to be a way that is against your true nature, to re-align yourself with your true nature is to give that up, which may be real inconvenient in a lot of ways.

This is not the first or last prison to exist, and it is not the first or last to break. It is now time for the spirits on this planet who wish to be themselves and be free once again to seize the opportunity. In the same way an animal on this planet can be infected with parasites, the planet has become infected. In the same way an animal can get rid of an infection.... this planet will. There is more energy available for healing based on our planetary location in the cosmos, 2012 was a re-aligning and there is now more energy available to us. 

Oh yeah, did I mention... the parasites have no connection to source so they must steal energy from us to perpetuate their pathological existence, and they must use our energy to create the prison, they convince us to use our consciousness to create our own suffering so they can feed off us. They pretend to be us, and many forget who they actually are, and they identify with the qualities of the parasites, which are qualities very contrary to the true nature of pure spirit. 

Meeting your true self and being your true self is far more valuable and enjoyable than anything else in this ephemeral physical realm. It is absolutely the best, it is worth way more than any stupid gimmick the norms can throw at you and it is well worth going through all the pain of having to meet yourself and apologize for raping yourself all those years.

I highly recommend that you choose to pursue the true self. One good way to do so, in addition to this lifestyle, is to develop your creativity, watch your style unfold naturally and be one with it. Become aware of how you truly are when no one is around, when no one can tell you what to do or show you how to act. Also, think of yourself less as human and more as an infinite spiritual being. 

My dear friend,

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings with me. I really appreciate it! :) I absolutely understand what you say, and I think it all makes sense. I do therefore struggle as you probably know by experience it feels like you are reborn and learning how to walk on your own in a world full of individuals who will not support you - but thanks God I find beautiful souls like yours, who motivate me to go further and give up all the fear of the uncertainty.

I will definitely go for your advices, and will be happy to share my results in a future stage. Hopefully there will be something beautiful and exciting waiting for me once I allow myself to it. 

Once again, thank you from my heart! :)

The true self pursues transcendental and pure activities that are in line with the qualities that spirit is seeking to express. 

There is no real right answer for what to do with your life, but rather a type of answer. You may want to look into your zodiac for ideas. It should be what you TRULY want to do, and not what job you figure you can get and think you wouldn't mind doing. What do you do with your time when there is no gimmick in front of you? What do you enjoy thinking about that isn't some silly thing that only exists in the unreal virtual world?

Hello there! thank you so much for your reply! It's awesome to see people not only experienced that, but were able to find what they trully wanted to be :) Very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your story!! :) Big hugs from Germany!!

Hi Elena, I could not agree more with your words! :) In case you ever come back to Germany for a visit know you have a raw vegan buddy around :) All the best!!

Hey Lis, I am about to graduate from college and have been going through a very similar process for the past year. All I want to say is that you already know everything you need to know right now. You're on the right path.

This person has inspired me immensely, and I just love what he has to say about this very topic. So, if you get the chance, I highly recommend this brief video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqav3L5_0O4&list=FLd3FFbdTQGAhtC...

Thank you Danny! I am listening to it right now. Thanks for sharing! :)

One more thing I want to bring up.

When you eat nature, you become nature, you want to be with yourself.

When you eat synthetic and artificial foods, you seek that which is artificial and synthetic. 

Suddenly watching a sunset is far more satisfying than watch TV. But not only that... watching TV becomes increasingly more unpleasant until it is painful and upsetting. (TV programs emotions.)



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