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Hi Banana Folks,

I'd like to share with you one of my major concerns, and ask for your view on this topic if possible.

I literally became a raw vegan from day to night. The more information I would find about it, the more motivated I would get, and so I started it. For me, the detox (both physical and emotional) is not an issue. I actually feel good to know my body is detoxing. 

Therefore, I can't help but to think how things will be like, as I know I am already changing on a social level - I am changing myself. And by that I mean disconnecting from what I always believed to be what I wanted or what I dreamed of.

Suddenly, my new job is not that exciting anymore, neither the traditional way of working, which was always something I praised for. But now I am really struggling thinking of ways I can make a living out of what so many people always recommend "live from your passion". I guess being raised and told from your family and society what is a good job and what's not affected me somehow. 


I know it sounds silly, maybe I am just over attached to what I simply should not. But how can you restart? How can you deal with all the sudden changes within your heart and still be sure you're taking the right decisions when everyone else probably think you're becoming a hippie or something? Maybe that's just way too many years locked in a office, between walls avoiding me to think what really matters in life. It feels almost like you're contaminated with some toxic thought that you can not go on with your life without having that safe, stable job.

I love the raw food because it makes me feel like I never felt before. It gives me so much clarity and peace that I really feel like sticking with it for the rest of my life. But I am very afraid of what the changes will be, and whether I am prepared for them.


Any thoughts are welcome :)

Best wishes from Germany,


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Hey Lis,

I think a lot of people have the same type of experience. We hear over and over again, "I went raw and it changed my life", so what you're experiencing is normal! The food we eat directly influences our physiology and biochemistry and therefore the person that we become, so it only makes sense that we might have different ambitions after a while. 

This process has happened to me too, and while I know it may be scary, it's really practicing letting go of what no longer serves us. We don't really have to try and figure anything out, life will arrange itself for us. Just do everything right... Eat the highest quality fruits and greens, move your body, sleep a lot, and the inspiration will come! 

I'm really excited for you! Your second life is about to begin!

One love,


This is an awesome reply, James! It directly resonates with my own experience. Thanks for sharing.

Awww, I loved your reply as well.

These seem like very natural feelings for many of us.  As the toxic fog lifts from our brains and minds, we suddenly realize how and what our life really is. 

We all deal with it differently though.  Some people do end up trying to live off the grid and more naturally.  For myself, while I might be trying to decrease my consumption and environmental impact, I still prefer to use society to help change society so that others might benefit from what I have learned.  Thus, i still have a computer and interwebz:-D

Peace, PK

Thank you so much guys! Finding this website was one of the best things that could have happened. Having your support means a lot to me and makes me feel I am not alone on this path.

Thank you with all my heart!

what you said is true for me too 

its feels scary and exciting at the same time

also kind of fun being a new person  who thinks different and acts different from just a few short months ago

its like jumping into thin air only to land softly and eating fresh cherries all day

i do not know who i am but i know its sweet

I love that, "kind of fun being a new person who thinks different and acts different from just a few shot months ago. It's like jumping onto thin air only to land softly and eat fresh cherries all day"
+1! (:

i'm going through the same thing right now, im 16, and don't know what i want to do, whether i want to go to college, etc..

its weird! it really is. rewiring your brain after so many years of being programmed brainwashed conditioned etc

i need some advice on this too!!

Hi Geena, I guess the best thing we can do right now is to follow Dr Mago and PK's advice... While I have no clear answers, I will try to be patient and let life lead my way. I know it's harder for you when you feel the pressure to make a choice. Is there any possibility you can think of things you are passioned about and link this to a possible careeer? 

Hey! Pretty cool changes, motivates me to live this lifestyle more and more :)

Yeah, It's normal that you are afraid. But keep going! Sounds like you are starting to find something very meaningful :) Do everything what makes you happy and do nothing else! 
By the way, a really good website for these problems is http://www.stevepavlina.com/audio/ , go check It out, has helped me a lot :) 

Good luck!

Hey Madis, thanks for sharing the link and for your positive comment :-)
It's amazing how all this support really helps us to move forward. Sounds cliche but together we are stronger!!! :-)

Hey Hanne! haha I loved your thoughts though, thanks for sharing them! feels great to know there are people out there experiencing the same problems, or possible future solutions ;-) Wish you lots of luck as well! Big hugs from Germany!



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