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Sooooo, today marks week 7 of my high carb journey, not 100% raw, cut out rice 3 weeks ago, have been eating steamed potatoes regularly in the evening (best quality local organic/home grown) none the less they are bloating me out, so I'm going to try and cut them out as I know they are not meant to be a transitional tool.

I have had NO overt fat for the past 7 weeks, not so much as a,pine cernal in sight, freelee & DR did this for 2 yrs solid??

Anyway, I've been reading that fats help regulate hormones, I've been totally out of whack for months now, I have been cramming in the calories, aiming for 3000 a day I'm 21, 5'4" @ 147lbsish. I am doing yoga, walking, occasional jogging, cycling etc.. All moderates I've been dealing with image related social anxiety for a number of years now, I've put on 14lbs in the past few months, detoxing in my face. It's got to the point where I can't look at people in the eye, or even talk propperly sometimes.. This is getting really hard for me as every step I take in the right direction seems to take me further away fromy peers and social inclusion. My moods are all over the place...

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I know what your saying works, know it in my bones, still stripping away my ego, my frustration comes from knowing & seeing my potential and it's almost like I observe my ego torturing me with bullshit thoughts. People love me for me, not what I look like. 

Psychosomatic symptoms are just as, if not more damaging than purely physical ones. I have first hand experience of this, my mum has CFS, Depression etc, and I've had to loook after her from a very young age, the heath implications of NMA are limitless, as is opposite. 

I am going to get there, and will always remember your help. Thankyou.

I heard the only thing worst than being from Lancaster is being from North Manchester...haha...just kidding (If this doesn't make you laugh then my apologies...ive only been to England/London once and my american rudeness always seems to get the better of me) 

On a more for real note the bad news is the ego is here to stay. You can keep stripping away the ego and it will feel like progress (and in many ways it is) but it will come back in the most strange of ways (usually through emotions). The good news is the ego can be made into an obedient servant with awareness (I definitely get caught up in negative thoughts and they seem so important at the time and then sometime later I question what usefulness were those thoughts)

Almost crying at the till at work? Thank goodness for that. Some people have numbed/ repressed themselves so much that there are no emotions left and they are the walking dead. A good cry can be therapeutic and insightful.

Thank you for sharing your deepest/intimate thoughts and feelings


It may be that you are beginning to "feel" like a human. I had a hard time with my new awareness when I started this lifestyle. It's a long journey to feel great in your own skin but your on the right path.

3000 calories may not be enough if your body is working hard to fix itself.

I feel disgusting, I have acne all over my face neck back and shoulders and I've puffed up like a balloon :( I know it's detox, but I look awful.

FTR we didnt 2 years no overts. 

You really need to read this book. I got a 2nd hand copy for 2$ back in 2002.


What would be good therapy is donate 1 year of your time to a refugee camp in Rwanda etc. Every day cry for as many hours to the refugees telling them your problems. Pay particular attention to the starvation patients and limbless machete injured refugees. 

Once again, couldn't agree more. 

*sucking up in progress*

Just downloaded book. 

i have read and underlined  that book other books he wrote       what & how we think matters !!!  

dedicate an hour a day to reading books like this ideally at night before sleep 

i overcame my mental fogs by quiet  reading/thinking  over a period of time

we have to repeat these ideas one reading will not work   as we have  been powerfully programed by unhappy people/culture since our birth

Does anybody know what FTR means in Durianrider's above post? I can't figure it out and I am curious. Lol :-) also I can't figure out what PMA means in the first post of Durianrider's where he says work on PMA Lyra. I am sorry if this is obvious to everyone but I have no clue :-(
Oh lol thanks. Any ideas on what PMA is? :-)
PMA=Positive Mental Attitude. :)



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