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Hi guys, just thought I would start a discussion on everyone's favorite smoothie .. personally I will vote for either banana blueberry and basil, or banana pear and cinammon, or spinach banana orange and celery !!

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Citrus juice and sweet greens. My favourite would be half a liter of blood orange juice, half a liter of orange juice (both biodynamic, from Sicily), freshly squeezed and blended with 200-300 grams of maché, or lamb's lettuce as it is known in England. A delicious treat!
Hi, I tend to simply chop the basil .. not blend it .. let me know what you think if you try !! Herbs can be great in smoothies, the other day a friend of mine blended some apples, pears, strawberries, greens, coriander and parsley .. nice ! for something a bit fancy, soaked currants in a green smoothie with berries are great, with a carob topping !
Great thread! Mine is my sunshine smoothie: orange juice, banana and mangoes, delish!!! The colour will make you smile :D
it`s deeeevine deborah! :)
Banana peach.....divine!!
Mmmm, these combos sound scrumptious! Thanks!!
I dont like bananas and dates either .. too sweet :-). I use to put dates in smoothies .. when I became raw my first smoothies were bananas celery green sweet fruit and dates .. when I got rid of the dates, I found my digestion improved a lot :-). I dont have a problem with greens and sweet fruit as such, as far as tummy issues go, but increasingly I tend to simplify my mixes to banana + one single fruit. Sometimes I find bananas a bit overpowering - smoothies without bananas are also great !!
I love this also Deborah!

My absolute favourite is:

1L fresh orange juice

2 mangos

1 cup strawberries

6 large medjools

Once I blended a heap of bananas with lots of ice, then added a banana or 2 SLICED to the smoothie and ate with a spoon. The sliced banana pieces got hard and the whole thing reminded me of creamy banana ice cream!!

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