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Fatty/flabby tummy, outer thighs/hips, & butt...

Sorry, this is a bit off-topic cause it's about fitness, not just diet, but...

Anyone have tips for TIGHTENING UP fatty/flabby tummy, outer thighs/hips, & butt?


I've been eating 80/10/10, but with a little cooked/sugar/flour most days.  & not enough calories (not due to anorexia or anything, just being busy/lazy).  & not enough water.  I bike like 2.5 hrs./wk. or more, dance really hard a few hours 2-3 times a month & occasionally do push-ups.


Though I'm tiny (around 5'4", 90-95ish lbs. - probably kinda underweight), I'm a pear shape so what little fat I have collects around my tummy, outer thighs/hips, & butt... a bloated/fatty/flabby/cellulite look.


Will a stricter 80/10/10 diet, water & patience do the trick?  


Or will I need to also do lots of targeted exercises (like these for butt [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq1HnakX5C8] plus more for abs)?  If so, which exercises give best results with least time & effort?


Thanks a TRILLION MILLION for any tips, friends :)


peace + sunshine,


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I believe exercise would be the key here. Toned means a lot of exercise generally and you need to get into the fat burning state which happens after about 30 minutes (your heart rate should be within the 60-80% range) which is calculated depending on your age. For me - a 36 year old male my ideal heart rate is about 120-146 bpm. That's my ideal fat burning range, over that and it's the anaerobic stage (80-100%) which can be dangerous as it depletes oxygen in the body causing you to get out of breath. Regarding targeted exercises. I think any stamina building exercise will give you a tighter butt. longer is better. Check out endurance bike riders butts. Tight right? I love my bike riding - I have shed 8 kg of fat with this diet already in about 2 1/2 months. People are noticing now. At the moment I am recovering from a high fat raw diet. My endurance is returning but I do about 100+ kms on the bike per week at the moment. I get outside for my exercise mostly because I know that the sun is vital as well.

Have you read Dr Graham's book yet ?

Patryc...  Cool, thanks for the response :)


I'm loving getting back into bike-riding & happen to have just moved to an area with gorgeous bike/running trails & a strong bike/running culture (Arlington, Virginia).  Like you I love that it's out in the sun & fresh air too.  Plus haven't biked this much since I was a kid so it's like reliving a piece of my childhood :) :)  Just read about what muscles cycling works & I read mostly BUTT & THIGHS (WOO-HOO, so I'm on the right track!!) & calves.  Plus back, arms & neck to some extent & it's aerobic.


So to get the nice toned butt/thighs/calves from biking I must bike 30+ consecutive minutes?  How long, how many times a week?  Doesn't any biking, even under 30 minutes, build butt/thigh MUSCLE even though it's not yet burning the FAT 30+ minutes burns?  Right now I bike in 10-15 min. intervals.  


The idea of burning fat makes me nervous cause I undereat calories & am apparently 15-20 lbs. underweight (they say 5'4" women should be at least 110 lbs.... I weigh 90-95).  I worry burning fat would make me feel depleted/exhausted.  Plus don't want to burn fat from anywhere but butt/thighs/abs... would my body know to burn those fattiest places & leave me the slight fat elsewhere that keeps me from looking too bony?


Sounds like cycling doesn't build ab muscle (just obliques).  


Ooh, rockclimbing is what my abs need :)


Just found a post on here with great ab photos of a gal who only rockclimbs.  DurianRider responded saying he considers rockclimbing the best ab exercise there is :) :)

Cliff:  Ooh-la-la, look at those bodies!  Odd they'd have arms like that from running, though they probably cross-train too.  Pilates has always kicked my abs' *ss it's true.  Not my favorite, but I enjoy YogaLates.
niiice *ss in the pic. *whistles*
I know right?!  Found it online.  Inspired by the sexxxy :)
I like the thighs, myself... Except for that tan. Ugh. It's shiny.
SamLovesMelons:  Heehee, yeah she's oiled up or photoshopped maybe.
Cliff:  What do you mean specifically by "high intensity exercise"?

Lana:  Jogging as the only exercise?  Really?  For targeting butt, outer/back thighs & abs?  Surprised that could work.  


Also, running/jogging always seems more high-impact than is ideal, rougher on the joints with that "pound-pound" than say biking or swimming right?

I would say jog and check out www.bodyrock.tv She posts a new AWESOME home workout everyday and every time I do it my entire thighs and butt are SORE!!

Joanna Schupp:  Wow, if you use the videos with your personal training clients that's saying alot.  Nice, I'm excited.  


On a similar note, there are a couple sites that give access to tons of yoga videos for very cheap, like yogaglo.com for just $18/month.  I LOVE yoga but don't do it enough anymore.



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