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I've not posted in aaaaaaaages!
OKAY so. My weight has been fluctuating and i think i know why. I've been depriving myself for so long and i do have a tendency to purge (unfortunately, but its hard to get out of the habit) so on the days where i 'binge' out and eat so much because lets say, ive gone without food for 6/7 hours -not purposely- because i've been at uni all day or ive had no money so i've had to wait till i get home (i wake up at 5:40, finish eating breakfast at 7 and dont get home till about 1/2/3 and i normally just have 2-3L of water as i dont have money for lunch and i always forget to bring food from home)
ANYWAY enough of my life story, i dont like how i can see my thighs changing because when im small, thick thighs is a huge nono. 
Any tips on helping to slim down thighs? i know you cant spot reduce but you are what you eat so with that, are there certain foods that cause 'weight gain' to your thighs? are there certain foods you should eat to benefit weight loss?

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Squats can help work the muscles in your thighs. Just an idea :) I plan on doing squats daily to at least help a bit with my thighs.

squats made my thighs explode/become huge. i ve build inner thigh muscles
coz i had to do half sumo squats . standard squats were bad for
my knees. i ve stopped the squat insanity and started running again.
thighs r back to how they were before.

o.o oh nvm my advice then!

Haha no no its fine, thankyou though! Squatters for life (-; x

See i think squats are quite hit and miss..i dont do like 200 squats but i do squats everyday and my legs have slimmed down..its odd. the whole thing about squatting making your thighs bulky..well i think its all down to the person x

I don't do squats every day. My body isn't used to them ^^; over did it one day by doing 70 and was sore for about 3 days lol. Going to just do 20 a day and increase it by 10 until my legs aren't severely sore to the point I can't even walk fast at work lol

yeah yeah thats what i did. i do the 'freelee' 100 squats (her videos lol) once/twice a week? but i have days between so i can repair like i did 100 yesterday and i just did 20 now and im feeling so weak :') need sleep!

I squat every day and night with and without weights :)

u didnt say how much u eat
how tall u r
how much u weigh
what u eat
how active u r

of course starving urself from breakfast till 3 o clock is not ideal
but still the total amount of calories per day or even week count.

there r no foods that slim down ur thighs or make them fat

only ur genetics, weight in general and sport can influence ur thighs

mother speaking : CHILD pack urself a lunch box!!!!!! get some bananas or dates. how much easier can it be?

Hey, even better: a bento box. Cooler than a brown bag hehe. Carb up on rice and veggies! and again I just noticed..raw vegan section D: man I suck at this lol.

I'm 5ft 2 and i weight 45.5kg
i eat fruit till 4 and then a raw dinner or partially raw or fully cooked..depends how im feeling
i dont mean to, i dont do it all the time, sometimes if i have money and theres bananas il buy one but my body finds it hard to digest pears/apples..i dont know why.
hahah i dont like bringing bananas with me as i have a banana smoothie in the morning so i feel like im having an banana overload and i barely have dates at home because they're SO expensive to buy!): i sometimes get mango chunks if i can or get my mum to, mango digests fine with  me x

Mango is delicious. Sometimes when the mangoes aren't on sale, I'll buy frozen :) 



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