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I think it is really good at pointing out that what we eat really determines our health in more ways than we realize.  Additionally, I love the point that he cures an autoimmune disorder simply by changing the diet, however the diet approach he chose is not the only way.  Additionally, it is very extreme and so while it can be a gateway into the health movement, it is a very limited persepective and that is a problem.  I am afraid as inspired as it can make people, it can also shut them off forever too.  I tried it, and I just could not do it for more than 5 days.  And yes, I binged afterwards on gluten free pizza.  Lots of it...

juice ain't whole    

we like whole ripe fruit round here

juice puts some heavy stress & imbalances on the body if you did it all the time for every meal

Very entertaining documentary.
I'd do that juice fasting if I had cancer or was overweight and wanted to do a cleanse.
Since you can't live on juice forever, you better have a good, balanced, low fat vegan diet.

I think juice "feasting" or "fasting" is the wrong way to approach obtaining true health. However, if a person does that because they are a personality that needs to do "big" or "extreme" things and it gets them off McNasties and processed food, good!

With one caveat, that they then go and learn how to really eat and get themselves onto real food afterwards. Otherwise as lots of other people correctly pointed out, it's just another flavor of diet yoyo. Not only that but they can mess up their digestion and set themselves up for more trouble down the road.

So let's say I have a friend who sees that movie and as a result wants to do it and wakes up to organic food, vegan food, etc. I would encourage them and cheer them on in their efforts to get off of crap food, but also give them a lot of info on how important keeping our digestion process viable is, how they should approach eating after their fast/feast, so they have the best chance of using it to segway into something like 80/10/10, or McDougall.

I see a LOT of people who feel they need to do a juice or water fast to "jumpstart" their transition to 80/10/10. That's faulty thinking, I think I understand the feeling behind it and don't like to sound too harsh, but honestly the VERY BEST transition/jumpstart you can do is to just start eating 80+% of your calories from carbs, 10% from protein and under/up-to 10% from fat, from fresh produce and sweet juicy fruit. That's going to clean you out better than any enema or colonic and you'll jumpstart, oh yeah you will jumpstart!



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