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I fill everything in on cronometer, my fat intake is consistently between 1-3% of calories.

my omega 3 is at most 20-30% omega 6 not even 10%

vitamin E always around 10% basically..

zinc always around 50% or so,

selenium if i eat rice it usually comes around 80-90%.

protein, i basically never get 100% maybe at days when i eat beans.

Yesterday i thought i need fat, so i ate 2 small avocado's, (i mistakenly filled it in as florida avocados and that made the 2 of them seem like 2/3 of one avocado according to cronometer, but they where california's, but still small) my fat intake of yesterday was 10,7% of total calories.

omega 3 was 40% (0.6gram)

omega 6 was 29% (4.9gram)

The other day i was looking up what gorillas ate.. turns out they eat a shitload of greens by the kilos.. and the other day i was watching a video of someone here on 30BaD ( http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/my-raw-vegan-omega-3-fatt... ) i thought it was going to be something like yeah i don't eat fish but my blood test is fine.. but no.. she ate 4KILOGRAM of lettuce a day seriously WHAT THE F...??? i eat basically 50-200 grams of lettuce a day and i think that's a lot.

So this is what's required to not fall dead by lack of O3 long term? i can't do that..

Or do i need to eat seeds, though there's no meal i consume where i food combining allows me to put that in,.

I asked something about the things i lacked on cronometer to DR on youtube a while ago but he responded with something like, ignore all of that just look at calories and ratio.

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I used to eat flax meal a lot. I stopped using it 6 months ago and I have no negative side effects to report. The only thing that changed is I digest food about twice as fast as I used to.

If you're worried about fat I'd recommend diversifying your diet with a larger variety of fruit, more pseudo-grains like millet, buckwheat, corn, etc... Also try and find veggies you enjoy eating a lot of even if they are steamed.

How many calories are you eating ? We need to eat heartily to prevent becoming deficient 2500+ for women 3000+ calories for men 

sunflower seeds/mangoes are good and tasty  for E 

cantaloupe romaine walnuts are good and tasty for O3

 beans, nuts, various whole grains, whole wheat pasta( if you digest it well ) are good and tasty for Selenium /Zinc/Iodine/Iron

I eat a minimum of 3000 calories (on cronometer, used to use other standards, but then the amount of cals would probably be a bit lower) 

I don't understand mangoes, also they're expensive.. they're always green in the store and by the time i think they're ripe they're already rotting.

As far as nuts and seeds, according to food combining rules i can't eat them with starch or fruit, would you eat them with starch then? cause there's no time for a extra meal and i can't consume large amounts of calories from nuts or seeds, well i can eat a lot of walnuts but then i will exceed the 10 % fat probably..

take a handful of sunflower seeds & or walnuts as a mono snack in the afternoon    you do not need to eat large amounts of these things :  )   1 or 2 ounce will blast up your ratios


Here are some other fruit ideas:

High Calorie Fruits

I like to eat mono meals and simple meals and snacks.  I like to eat a snack of nuts or seeds around 4 pm.  It only takes 5 minutes for me to thoroughly chew 10-20-30 nuts or seeds, and you can do that while doing other things to like watching tv or typing on computer.  

If you are RT4, pushing dinner a little later is ok.  

Remember, the idea is to get most of calories from raw sources during day.  Save the cooked and starch meal for end of day if it interferes with getting nutrients you need.  

Peace, PK

When you eat apples for example.. they're in your stomach for 3 hours if i would eat nuts in those 3 hours it would digestion wise be like eating apples with nuts, if i eat walnuts after those 3 hours, i would have to wait another 3 hours for those walnuts to leave the stomach, i eat 3 meals a day to meet my daily calorie intake, i just don't have anymore time or i would have to eat and immediately sleep..

If i would want to bring nuts into my diet i would either have to break food combing rules (i used to eat nuts and dates together before and you will smell it) which also eliminates the stomach times, cause it will probably take considerably longer, so everything is messed up.

or lol i forgot what the or was that i wanted to type..

anyway why are nuts even considered proteins? walnuts for example are more carbs then protein.. i think i just have to eat them before/with my cooked starch meal at the end of the day and see what it does for me cause carbs and fat is good as long as a greens are part of the meal..

EDIT: i think the or was getting of the organic only policy so i could afford and be able to buy a greater amount and greater variety of fruit.

I would not suggest pushing starch dinner later in the evening because the starch takes a long long time to digest fully .  We want a nice empty stomach in the morning to great the awaiting fruit party.

i always make sure i go to bed after the digestion times listed on this site are over


i think i'm going to consider nuts and seeds as fats in stead of protein and see what it does.


Some interesting factoids...

Nuts and Seeds, those confusing little critters with multi personalities. 

In botany they would be considered a starch.  

In the world of nutrition, they might be considered a starch, a fat, and a protein.  

I think of them as mother natures multivitamins.  

Because of their high fat content, I only recommend 1-3 oz a day, but do recommend people get nuts or seeds on most days.  They are a great source of natural fats and fat soluble nutrients like E and K, and a great source of amino acids.  

Nuts, seeds, and lettuce greens seem to be an important component of doing a high raw diet long term.  

I just recommend until you are used to getting enough of what you need, to track macro and micro nutrients on a site like cronometer.com, but dont worry to much about what a nut is or you will go nuts:-D

Peace, PK

For long term health and success keep fat calories at about 10% average per day.  

Other nutrients are just RDAs, and outside of vitamin C, you do not have to worry about getting 100% every single day.  Our bodies store many nutrients, including some water solubles for months or even up to two years at a time.  

For easy digestion, we often recommend simple meals, but a rainbow of fruits n shoots n nuts n seeds over a period of time.  Rotating our foods ensures we get a well round intake of nutrients, and even nutrients we do not fully understand yet like phytochemicals.  

Its ok you ate two avocados.  I did to about two days ago.  I think it had something to do with the full moon lol.  Just try to average out your fat intake over days and weeks to be 10%.  

You body may have been craving and needing fat if you were eating such a low percent.  We need both dietary and body fat for assimilation of fat soluble nutrients, storage of nutriens, and production of hormones, healthy cells, and tissues.  

In almost every raw thing we eat, we might get some omega 3 and 6.   Higher amounts can be found in lettuce greens, we recommend 1/2-2 heads a day, and nuts and seeds, 1-3 oz a day works according to your caloric intake and needs overall.  

I am not a RT4 expert, but here is some long term success advice:

99-100% Raw Long Term Success

Eat a raw frugivorous diet where most carbohydrates and calories come from whole, raw, ripe, sweet, and juicy fruits like oranges, papaya, or mangoes, supplemented with about ½-2 heads of lettuce greens a day ,(not high oxalate veggies like kale, chard, and spinach), and about a handful of raw nuts or seeds a day. Eat simple meals (like mono meals, or only use a few ingredients) but a rainbow of foods over a period of time.  

Eat enough on a daily basis with at least 2500 calories for females and at least 3000 calories for males.  Drink 8 or more cups of water a day and pee clear. Get 8-12 hours of sleep as needed. Exercise about 30 minutes a day 5-6 days a week with at least one day off for rest and repairs.  Get about 30 minutes of sunshine a day on your skin for vitamin D, mental health, eye health, and healthy bones and teeth.

For more science behind how a raw foods diet optimally for long term success:

Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! - 30 Bananas a Day!

Best Raw Foods

Peace, PK


Thats a great thing about a site like cronometer.com.  They break down the macro and micro nutrients of a food item.  

For example, my peanuts are about 170 calories for one oz, but only 130 calories come from fat.  On top of that, many nuts, seeds, and avos come packed with fat soluble nutrients like vitamin E, K, and or the a vitamins, and help with digestion and assimilation of these nutrients.  

Some people are shocked when I recommend 1-3 oz of nuts or seeds a day, but combined with the higher calories some people like athletes need, and the sometimes surprisingly lower fat calorie count, its really not that bad.  

Peace, PK

The avocado's together (only edible part) were 217 grams.

Now i've bought a bag of flax seed, i plan to sprinkle 10 grams of that daily over my cooked meal for omega 3. just 10 gram already gives a little less then 150% of recommended daily intake.



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