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Women time came this week, yes you know that awesome time, your period. >:(
Sorry, don't mean to get so personal, but I really need some help and inspiration..

Getting my period has gotten me really down, sluggish, and emotional... and I freaking binged out on some crap... (Popcorn, Fast food, and grilled cheese)...

I've been doing so good too! I guess I'm also stressed out from school. I just want to lay down and cry, haha.... yeah..

I don't feel great, and I guess I have some low will power, and low inspiration. and now I just feel so unhappy that I ate all that horrible stuff..

Anyone else have these issues around that time? Anyone know of any videos that help them stay on track? I could really use it.

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Hi, I know how you feel. The best thing I have found to do is have EXTRA fruit calories, banana/date smoothies help a lot, and also allow yourself to rest and cry and whatever else you need, especially on the first day or two.

If I eat enough I don't binge on junk. If I eat under 2,500 calories I eat cooked or junk at some point. Around my period 3,000 calories keeps me away from unhealthy food.

This will pass, and next month you can stay raw. Rest and be kind to yourself. Do Supta Baddhakonasana.

Thank you for the kind words.

I am really upset that I allowed this to happen, but I can only hope and make it my goal to be better and hopefully 100% raw tomorrow. Thank you,

Bananas and dates are definitely saviors. :)

Hi, the stress of your period can be rough.  I know.  Maybe during that time don't stress about being 100% raw.  Maybe staying 100% vegan and "mostly" raw if you feel as though you need some warm pasta to get you through it.  I do agree with warataraw in that the more you eat the less likely you'll be to want the crap.  3000 Calories a day.  If I don't eat that, at least, I end up reaching for way too much fat and feel totally crappy afterward.  If you make sure you never have the opportunity to feel hunger you'll have a much easier time making more mindful choices.  Good luck and feel better!

Read go fruit yourself! She has some tips in there about that time of the month which mostly consist of eating more than usual, but I still loved the book :)

Whenever I question 80-10-10 I always go on youtube and watch a bunch of raw videos of long-termers it really helps me stay motivated!

Periods suck either way, but mine has gotten significantly less worse the longer I stay on this! (also motivation)

Keep going, everyday is a new slate :)

Lots of women say to just eat more starting a couple days prior to your period starting and then throughout and this helps them feel better.

I feel your pain. I have been eating all raw, low fat for a couple of weeks and just ate a vegan burrito. My period is due any day now. I now know that I must eat more fruit around this time of month to avoid a complete dietary meltdown! I feel awful (sluggish, brain-fog, bloated). I also have noticed that lots of habits need to change to avoid pitfalls. Trading t.v. for a book and a bath, taking a walk, etc.
Instead of getting down on ourselves, lets look at this as part of the path. We ate junk and learned from it. I am going to drink a bunch of water and go to bed. I will look forward to tomorrow and all of its fruity goodness!

Yes, I've had this problem too. Notice how depressed you get when you eat the crap. It's directly proportional. You need to stuff in an extra 500 cals. when you get your period just to stave off the cravings for crap. Keeping my diet clean around my period takes extra will power for me because I used to just allow myself to fall off the wagon and I would fall hard. Would take a week just to clean up the mess. It's not worth it. Eat that extra fruit and love yourself throughout the whole period. You'll be glad you did.

Hey love.  Sometimes we have such a hard time controlling our environment...I mean, periods drive us crazy and there's not much we can do about that.  School itself is a stressful environment, and the people who aren't stressed about school...well, they probably won't graduate.  Everything you'e feeling is normal, you're a victim of a society that makes it necessary to be in a constant state of stress in order to succeed.

All the emotions you are feeling suck.  Trust me I have a breakdown every night where I want to stuff my face with crap.  I find the best way to manage these cravings brought on by stress is to just take about 15 minutes to half an hour and just sit down, relax, and think about you're feelings.  Address them in their entirety, don't ignore them by masking them with grilled cheese.  Why are you feeling them? What can you do to reduce them? Usually I find that my cravings are a result of me wanting to postpone doing schoolwork, or, when I'm on my period, I can't really rationalize anything...and that's just fine!  Josh Fossgreen is the one who introduced me to this strategy through one his videos about managing cravings.  Give it a look?


As always, when you're craving crap, it usually means you aren't eating enough fruit.  I find that an orange-strawberry smoothie, along with some quiet time, is perfect for getting rid of those cravings.

Good luck!  You're doing so well, don't let your negative emotions get the best of you, you're so much stronger than you think :)

I take lots of liquid foods and with rich greens veges smoothies and enough carbs and have no problems as long as I do this at least a few days before the period starts. That keeps my body eliminating and clean. The other thing is to love oneself despite anything. You are doing the best you can. Stress is worse than the bad food you may ingest sometimes. So if you went off the wagon, just go back on, and don't whip yourself for having gone off. simply go back on with a smile and enough carbs, rest, sun, exercise, nutrients and appreciation for your efforts despite the environment.



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