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Anti-gravity treatment for the face? I live in the UK - a miserable country. I fear bananas alone cannot counteract the effect such exposure to so much misery has on the face. Many speak highly of facial yoga, but there are so many types - and irritating websites advocating it that do not really share any good info on it, they only want money.

I don't want to spend money (it doesn't exist anyway). Does anyone know of a good online free guide to specific facial yoga routines? Do any of you regularly perform facial yoga?


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I do.  If you speak Russian, I can give you a TON of info :).  It's very popular these days in the part of the world where I'm originally from.

Facial exercises do work, but before jumping into them, you need to really learn the face anatomy, how the muscles work, there are lots of subtleties when dealing with face, facial muscles are a bit different from the rest of the body. Without that basic understanding, you can really do more harm than good.

Saying that there are some techniques that are beginner safe. Google  Cantienica by Benita Cantieni. The technique is awesome and works wonders. She's well known in Germany. But I'm not sure if she's been translated into English..

Ageless If you Dare, - http://www.agelessifyoudare.org/

Find some classic face massage on youtube ( you can do it on yourself!) Just from a quick search I found this video, which is pretty good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nknsl8_ODqU 

Facial massage is very important, because it relaxes the muscles. Wrinkles and old sorts of age problems are partially due to tense muscles. It must be done 1-2 times a week to be effective.

There's just so much out there, if you're really interested.  Whatever you do, take it slowly, be gentle, don't pull/tag/press too hard

Thank you very much for that information, which was enlightening! I appreciate you taking the time to post. I'll certainly be spending some time on the links and Google results.

Specifically, what I'm wanting to achieve is to counteract the effects of gravity on the face, especially the areas to the sides of the mouth and below the eyes (also due to misery!).

If you have any good Russian guides that state exactly what to do, please post a link(s). Hopefully I can translate using Google Translate or a similar service.

Thanks again.

You're welcome. :)

Here's a good set of exercises for the eyes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIXNxpzCtqI

The commentaries are in Russian, but you can just follow the model,it's pretty self explanatory.  At around 2:00 she shows the exercises to really strengthen the under eye area. The key here is to learn to contract only the lower eyelid, and not the upper.  Each set you contract 10 times, and then pull up the lower eyelid and hold to the count of 40.  After all the exercises it's a good idea to apply something moisturizing under the eyes.  My favorite is Argan oil.

The entire set of exercises should be done 3-4 times a week.

Here's the complete FAceforming program by Cantieni. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp03B4Fg5xs

It's in German, but she shows everything on the model, so you can hopefully follow through.  Cantieni's technique does wonders. It helps to do exactly what you want - counteract the gravity by exercising the face muscles, pulling them up and to the sides.  The approach is gentle, so you cannot possibly do any harm to yourself, yet it's very effective. In the beginning it should  be done 5 days a weekfor 3 months.

She starts by showing the correct posture for the exercises to work , and then goes on to individual exercises. It would help to google some images of facial and craneo muscles and print them out. Then before performing each exercise, you can check and see which muscles you'll be engaging. That way it's easier to visualize.

It could seem like too time consuming, but once mastered, it only takes me about 20 min now.

I came across this video recently.  It's actually pretty funny to watch. :)  enjoy


the first and last exercises are very good, but I personally wouldn't do the ones in between :)

As a professional yogi I have never heard of facial yoga...then again I am not in Europe.  I know that every so often a "new" form of yoga is picked apart from it's whole and offered as something novel.

What I can say is there are quite a few yoga kriyas, since that'st the kind of yoga I prefer, rather than poses, that do something serious to the face.  One thing is chewing on your back teeth while meditating.  This is supposed to break addictions and what I remember feeling is a strong sense of jaw structure falling into place, that wasn't there before (I was not breastfed as a baby).  There are others such as different types of breathing, like panting for a few minutes of time, that will do surprising things to your face, as well as laughter yoga.  I recommend looking into these things.  I'm checking out the "facial yoga" video now.  



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