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So i haven't been vegan for a very long time about 3 months and people suggest getting lots of calories, like atleast 3000. But whenever i eat 10 bananas in the morning i get a weird feeling, i guess some people call it ''fatigued'' . My eyes start to hurt.. Well it's not really pain but they get really tired and i just want to go to sleep, also i dont really enjoy eating them anymore it feels more like a chore than eating. The taste gets repetitive and yes they are ripe.

I still eat atleast 20 bananas on a day and them some potatoes or rice or noodles.

It is expensive to get my needed calories from other FRUIT than bananas too. Rice without olives or mushrooms also taste like cardboard and im not a big fan of potatoes either.  Are mushrooms okay to eat? I have heard that they will cause major digestive problems too? And olives are just too high in fat. Im trying to lose weight.

Well it's just a Banana thread does anyone else get that feeling after eating bananas? Oh and how real is that fructose intolerance thingy?

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Probably because you're adjusting to eating so much at once. Eating 10 bananas at once is a lot of volume in the stomach compared to a regular caloric-dense cooked meal! I know exactly what you're describing and the first 2-3 weeks I felt extremely tired whenever I tried to eat over 10 bananas in one meal. 

Regarding not wanting to eat bananas.. mix it up! I learned to keep other fruit around as snacks and additives for my banana smoothies.  Because you're so new to vegan / raw, you're used to pleasing your taste buds with an insane variety of flavors, and so it makes sense that you'd get bored fast of a single flavor. Have mangos for lunch, or a bunch of dates, or strawberries.. or pick another fruit to add into your banana smoothies to mix it up. This will help make it much easier to consume all those bananas without getting sick of them so fast

10 medjool dates here are 7 euros lol.

We do have some other dates too .. 5 euros for 40 of them idk



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