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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've visited the forum, so most of you probably don't remember me. My story with raw food is not exactly relevant to my problem, cause it's not mine, it's my mom's. 

I'll try to be short. I went HCRV sometime in December 2012 but I had 'relapses' to cooked food because sometimes fruit variety sucks where I live. Eventually I settled into raw till 4 and I've been doing that for the past year. In August 2013 I FINALLY convinced my mom to give RT4 a try. She had high cholesterol and triglycerides which weren't lowering with the diet her doctor had recommended and she was also feeling super tired all the time. She is turning 55 this year, in case some of you might find the age relevant to the topic. Anyway, for the first months everything was great, even her blood tests improved and she was having a lot more energy. The problem started about a month ago when she began experiencing extreme stomach pain after ANY raw food. Any fruit, bananas, apples (these 2 are our staples, they are easiest to find), dates (soaked), greens, tomatoes just anything raw. Her only relief came in the form of the cooked meal. For the past few days she went back to cooked food the entire day with oatmeal in the morning and cooked veggies and rice for lunch & dinner.

Anyone has any thoughts regarding this? I haven't experienced something like this, we eat pretty much the same foods and yes it is enough calories she eats around 2500 kcals with almost no exercise because of a back problem, so it's not lack of food. No the bananas are not organic, no such thing here. Please anyone give me some ideas. She is a little scared that all this cooking might mess up her blood tests again, even though she still isn't using oil to cook and also her energy levels are not quite the same without all the fruit. 

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Can you share more details?

An exact meal plan when she was on raw til4.

hydration levels, does she pee 10+ times daily with vigor.

sleep schedule.

is she eating ripe fruit and using proper food combining.


Meal plan would usually be about 8-10 bananas at breakfast, followed by 5 bananas at lunch and about 5-6 apples and about 1kg potatoes (or rice with some other veggies, but potatoes are the most common). This may vary according to the season, in winter one of the bananas meals was usually replaced by 1-1.5L orange juice, while in the autumn she had grapes sometimes. Water about 3L without counting the water used in smoothies. Like I said, it's pretty similar to my meal plan, only I eat more fruit and I add dates cause I exercise a lot more - she can't do much exercise because of some back issues, she's stuck with slow walking a total 2 miles each day (to work and back) and some gentle stretches in the evening. Sleep schedule from about 9 p.m. to 5.30-6 a.m.

What about her hydration?

Since you are eating more fruit, you may be more hydrated than she is or you both could be dehydrated and she is the only one showing symptoms.  I would see if she is peeing with vigor 10+ times a day, that is the only objective way to know if you are well hydrated.

Another possible cause may be chromium deficiency due to our food being picked before ripe and/or due to absorption issues.  People have used chromium supplementation for melon belly with great results.  Over time your absorption will get better and/or you get better at picking higher quality fruits and you hopefully won't need to supplement anymore.


Fructose intolerance/malabsorption?

Anyways, just FYI, if she sticks to cooked starches NO SALT, NO OIL, she should be fine.

There are hundreds of success stories of people following the McDougall's starch based diet.

If you're concerned about her eating a lot of grains/legumes, go for the sweet potatoes and winter squashes. They're very nutritious and alkalinizing.



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