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I get this extreme pain when I eat watermelon in the morning! It is this pressure/ burning from my chest to my upper stomach area that lasts from 10 mins to 25mins. I used to be okay with watermelon and living in Florida I get very nice very ripe ones. I know how to pick the good ones too so I know that's not the issue. I also only eat/drink watermelon in the morning when I had a nice early dinner the previous night so it doesn't catch up to my dinner. For example last night around 6:30 (after a 2 liter OJ breakfast,  a 10 banana/ blackberry smoothie lunch, 5 apple snack) I had a head of iceberg lettuce with lots of oranges and some grapes and little bit of green onion tops. I finished it around 7:30. Drank a liter of water at 8:30 and went to bed at 9:45. Woke up at 6:00 with a half liter of water worked out, had another liter of water waited 45 mins and drank 1.5 liters of watermelon juice (made myself). This to me should not have caused issues. I know I should listen to my body and stop but sometimes it does happen and I get excited bc i love watermelon! I also just want to know what could be causing this! Please help me!!

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Same thing just happened to me 2 hours ago! I haven't had watermelon in a while since they rarely had good ones at the market and when I had half the watermelon today, I started to feel that painful pressure in my upper stomach area that went away after 10 minutes. I ate the other half of the watermelon afterwards and didn't experience this for the other half. It was the first thing I ate this morning after a liter of water and my last meal last night was at 6pm so not sure what happened! 

Love watermelon as well and hopefully someone has some tips on how to go about this!

ahhh yes isn't it awful!! It hurts sooo bad I can not stand it! I hope someone can help us haha.

Hey Alexa! I just run across your post. Are you still having problems? I could give you some tips if you still need them. I live in Florida also and have spend at least 3 days only eating watermelon! Let me know :)

Curious to see if you get any solutions/ explanations as I often experience the same symptoms, however from eating bananas and not melon. I have banana smoothies every morning, and get attacks like the ones your describing (15 minutes of weakness and odd stomach/ chest/ upper body pains) maybe once a week, and I can never really predict when it's going to hit - there's no pattern at all.

I read somewhere that it's got something to do with insulin levels, but I find it so strange that I don't get it every day, only once in a while (obviously I'm very grateful for that though).

Would the sprinkling salt or adding celery as mentioned by Tricia help with bananas too? I do feel a bit hesitant to do that though, since I'm trying to cut out all salt from my diet now - feels like going in the wrong direction, so I hope that others have other tips on what to do to avoid this.

your body (kidneys) can only process 1L per hour any more is dangerous, if you are eating watermelon or similar ditch the water be very carefull it is very dangerous to over hydrate

Question from a newbie: Isn't this slightly contradicting advice given elsewhere in the community?

The way I've understood it, people recommend making HUGE smoothies with 15 bananas and as much water as possible, and although I understand that you're not supposed to gulp them down in 5 minutes, I'm thinking a reasonable time would be 20-30 minutes - which results in a consumption of maybe 1-1.5 litres of water in half an hour.

I'd be really grateful if you could elaborate a bit :)

when I make a banana smoothie lets say 15 bananas I would only use minimal water 1/4 to 1/2 a litre, this makes a smoothie that is about 2L in my jug which as you say should be consumed over about 30 mins but you should chew this whilst drinking it (drink your food and chew your drink) 

When we drink foods such as smoothies or soups without chewing them, they enter our digestive system way too fast.  Your body is not aware you are drinking actual food so digesting process has not started.   Saliva is the very first act of digestion.  Just the act of chewing starts that process.  The whole point in chewing your drink is to get your saliva going and start digestion.  Try it now.  Without anything in your mouth.  Start chewing.  You will notice you will start salivating.  When we drink something quickly, we do not give our digestive system a chance to get started which can lead to that uncomfortable bloated feeling.  The easiest way we can help our system out is by chewing our drinks and giving our digestive system a heads up that food is on its way.  Trust me.  Your gut will thank you.

I will say again never consume water before eating water melon and really chew your melon even fruit juice chew it get saliva amongst it saliva is the key to all digestion...

Many thanks - much clearer now! Will keep this in mind and see if it helps :)

I got the same with green smoothie yesterday !!!! wtf was that ?!!! I thought it was either food poisoning or detox, weird...

Sounds like too much liquid too fast, ditch that liter of water before the 1.5liters of watermelon.

This was a big problem for me for a while, horrible tummy pains and nasty migraines. I was trying to get so much water in too early or quickly in the day.



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