30 Bananas a Day!

I made 1500 posts on this site then  disappeared into 30 hours a week of training for triathlons for the last 18 month with no checking this site (awesome experience by the way)...back with a question :)

Tried hundreds of food combinations of all kinds over the last 3 years, mostly varieties of raw diets, I have found that for me personally I experience a very extreme mental state, "raw clarity" specifically when I consume large quantities of organic bananas in the morning AND for dinner stick with a almost totally raw diet (large salads for dinner, organic romaine lettuce, fresh squeeze orange juice sometimes, mangoes, papayas, pineapples, apples, carrots, avocados, etc).

This "raw clarity" can be described as the following:

-Almost euphoria

-Extreme mental clarity

-Unusually high energy

-Extremely alert to the emotional state of myself and others

-Borderline delusions of grandeur with my plans (no I don't get this other times lol)

I have never taken amphetamines or adderall or whatever, but I imagine this as Adderrall times 10 without the crash, because anything more intense than this "banana high" would definitely have a person acting in a very unusual visibly noticeable manner that even people on hard drugs don't normally display. I have been able to extend this mental states for days and weeks on end many times.

  • I used this banana high to do a 230 mile bike ride on a commuter bike
  • To do many many century rides, run marathons, even a 220 mile MOUNTAIN ride through the night with 15k feet of elevation
  • Get a certification by working 90 hours a week, wrote hundreds of pages of literature, did awesome 20 hour straight video editing projects etc. 

It's been a crazy life performance enhancing drug!


  • I am looking for people in the vegan/raw community who have experienced this sort of high on a level where they felt like a character from the movie "limitless":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOLqNOfzus4 . Have you experienced this level of "natural high"?  
  • I am looking for articles and research of any kind specifically about the cause of this mental state as well as examples of people who have experienced this and how it played out. 

I feel like I have discovered a sort of "fruit from the tree of life" that gets me super high with no crash that gives me super powers. Ready go! Thanks!

Google search for "Raw Food Clarity" describes a "clarity" but not this sort of "almost manic" and "euphoric" state. 


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One of my favorite videos here >  Mike Arnstein Feeling high on a fruitarian diet...

EdNShell!!! Wait did I send you that link a couple years ago? haha! That is the only video I have found that captures that natural high I get from huge amounts of organic bananas and a 100% raw diet!!!!

Crazy that you send me the ONE video I've found that I feel captures the sensation!!! Mind blown!!! Yes, Mike Arnstein is one of my heroes and favorite athletes I've watched all of his videos!! <3

By the way 2 years ago I bused up my forehead falling from my bike, you saved me $1000 by telling me to go to urgent care instead of the Emergency Room!

Oh you darling man!!!  I love those pictures you posted!!!  You are such an inspiration, thank you so much for all those lovely posts you made!!! 

I watched all of Mike's videos as he came out with them, such a big help to me in my journey, as they continue to be!  

SO glad you were okay after that accident- now that karmic debt is paid! ;)  And so glad that money could go towards growing more fruit instead of the medical black hole! ;)

Sending you heartfelt wishes for a fabulously happy and healthy coming year!!!  All the best!!!

reminds me of a runners high his video. I've left my body routinely while running. as a recovering alcholic / addict I just like to be high what can i say I've just found a healthy way to do so now lol. 

I think i can relate man. I"m at my optimum when i consume more bananas. hands down out of all the foods i eat the more i eat of them the better i feel.a nd yes not as much lately but for good while basicly euphoric almost high and laughing for no reason much like i woudl if iw as on some kind of a drug. I never could understand it. people would look at me like i was nuts while i ate a zillino banans and i'd just laugh like a small child about it. 

Also my athletic performance tends to rise and fall with the quality / ripeness of my bananas. 

so yeah I feel ya man itsl ike good vibrations.

A fun one put your bananas in a plastic bag then close it up for a few minutes or what have you then stick your hand in and feel the heat off those babies. they are like just buzzen with energy.

I think its amazing you can eat so many bananas with no problems do u have any advice for those who cant ?

Make sure they are ripe and spotty. 

Welcome to the CTFU world.

I would assume finding articles/research on this topic would be scarce.

Have you read Durianrider's ebooks? 


yeah i bought his ebook bro

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one!  I experienced that high on a 3 day banana island earlier this year!  I've never experimented with rec drugs but I compared it to a feeling of "Super Xanax"- if there was such a thing.  I was at complete peace with the universe, utterly blissful. And yes, I did have an intense sense of mental clarity also.  Usually I'm a total space cadet in the mornings but that day I was super focused!

Hi Laurie,

Do you run or do another form of high intensity activity daily? Just curious

The reason I ask, when I am on banana island, lots of spotty bananas, I get high, but not in a pleasant way. I am a mellow activity girl, yoga and walking, bit of weight lifting.

No, I'm pretty sedentary.  You sound fairly active by my standards lol.  I wish I could get more motivated!  I think bananas would be excellent fuel for high activity though.



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