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Okay.. so i've been vegan for almost three years now.. YAY and I eat a primarily HCLF diet. Around 2000-2300 calories a day (I legit do nothing and I'm a very tiny person)..

Lately I've been so tired all the time! I drink 3 liters of water per day, I sleep a lot, I do everything I'm supposed to do and yet it feels like I'm dying all the time. It's really starting to affect me at work and during class!! I can't even keep myself energized enough to record a youtube video lol

Medical history: diagnosed with hashimotos at age 10.. got a boob job at like 19.. TRYING TO GET THEM OUT

Any help is appreciated! Thanks~!!

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2500 is the bare minimum for ladies on 30BaD, reason being that it gets you enough energy and enough nutrition in the long run.  Have you tried eating more calories for a week or so to see if this is the cause of your low energy?

Can you give us a detailed daily menu of a week?  It could be food combining, unripe fruit, your digestion in regards to a particular food (have you tried an elimination diet), an un-diagnosed underlying health issue (you could try taking lypo C every hour for a day and see if this corrects your energy levels and if it does then you may have an underlying issue).  

Have you healed your Hashimoto's disease?  Have you tried all raw?

What about your exposure to EMFs?  Apparently these smart meters have created an EMF smog that has effected lots of people, an interesting interview here about ten minutes in... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYnXUAxU9Tk

i have not healed my hashimotos yet. i've had it since i was like ten.. and i would go all raw but i can't afford it. i try and eat mostly raw and grain free and gluten free tho

Maybe a bit more calories could help. Or maybe not... " I eat a primarily HCLF diet" that's pretty vague hope there's no animal products sneaking in there! It seems the only way to have an abundance of energy is to work out today followed by an increase of energy tomorrow. I found this to be true. Increase in food/water does nothing for my energy levels. Increase in sleep either. The only way is to check all the boxes. Enough calories, water, sleep. then you have to exercise! Even just go for a hour long walk, walk up a hill everyday at least! Just noticed you said "I legit do nothing" I suppose you're referring to exercise, not in general, lol! :)

well, i do workout a few times a week lol but besides that, I work six hours a day (it's a standing job) and when i'm not doing that, I sit and do homework or youtube stuff lol

If you legit do nothing, then you need to force yourself to do something to release the stored energy

well, i do workout a few times a week and my job is standing. besides that, not much. I do schoolwork and youtube stuff

This might not go over well with the raw vegans but I personally wasn't able to improve my muscle fatigue until I started eating more starch. The whole fear of "candida reaction" was REALLY holding me back. Dr. McDougall puts his sickest patients on the Kempner rice diet. You should look up that program. It's basically white rice and sugar and vegetables. If you had a history of over-using oil and other fatty foods, I would seriously consider trying this for like 2 week s

Static standing can be torture on your quads. This might not be the solution to all your problems but I would definitely recommend learning about myofascial trigger points and self treatment. The book I recommend is Claire Davies trigger point therapy workbook. This can be obtained for very cheap used

seems like youre doing everything legit. Think your best option is to recheck your hashimoto diseases since it directly effecting you thyroid, which is the main function of how fast/slow you metabolize your food and the energy you use. You may be able you heal it with a home remedy or i know theres a type of surgery you can have to help it. Good luck with everything 

What meds you on?

Ive known HEAPS of women with breast implants and they don't have any energetic issues.

You don't mention what stims you used to take in the past.

You don't mention what the average time a day you go to sleep is.

You don't mention how you deal with every day stresses. 

You do sound like a person who is high strung - that is VERY draining. :(

I'm a pharmacist.. But what meds do you take for Hashimoto? Have you had your thyroid function measured lately? And you you have any other symptoms such as cold skin, weight gain, muscle weakness, cramps? Anything at all that comes to Mind?

i'm interested in this topic myself the past year or so i've battled the exhaustion thing myself. Between battling injuries and struggling for sleep i've just been beaten down I think if i'm not tired someday si'm just mentally defeated which can be just as bad. 

In my case recently I started taking ZMA i havent slept this good since i was in highschool and the past week have started to really feel a lot better. 

But obviously i'm like hey well where get i get some zinc and extra magnesium from in my foods easily? Zinc I guess i could shovel in more seeds this time of year thats easy i love pumpkin seeds but other times of the year its tougher. 

I also read we cant absorb zinc as good from plant sources. but then i read vegans usually have healthier levels of zinc so then i'm like ::scratches head:: what to believe? 

For the moment this ZMA seems to be helping me at least get a great nights rest. I'm happy for that much.

B12 shots, in bed by 8, eat more sugar



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