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Would love to hear advice/experiences from non endurance athletes who have adopted this diet. Being a boxer, my sport demands a lot of explosive, high power movements. I've found since being Lfrv I've been able 2 do my long runs much easier (runs have started gravitating to the 20km mark more frequently) but this affects the explosive/sprint type training and techniques i need 2 perform in a fight. Any sprinters or short power burst type athletes out there?

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You wont find ANY pure sprinters doing any 'long runs'. So what we must decide is do we want to be a pure explosive athlete like a 100m sprinter or a power lifter? Or do we want massive cardio like an elite boxer/runner etc?

Your training like an elite distance runner with regular 20km runs? No wonder your sprint training is going down. Thats natural. You wouldnt find gold medalist vegan Carl Lewis doing 20km runs to improve his 100m sprint. :)

Doug Graham would be the most explosive athlete on this diet. He does a bit too much running though to be as could as he could in the explosive arena though. I can go train with the best of the best in cycling and Im half Doug's age, yet he puts me to shame in 10 seconds or less or explosive workouts, yet we eat the same diet..

Every kick boxing coach Ive talked with has said that 90% of fights are won via cardio. I remember training in a gym last year in Thailand and watching a bodybuilder get owned by a sort of pudgy Thai bricklayer. Why? Well they had equal skills and obviously the Bodybuilder dude had probably quadruple strength but the Thai obviously had a super cardio base and just kept knock'n the buff dude to the canvas as the fight wore on. They quit the fight when the bodybuilder didnt get up off the canvas for the 3rd time. I ask the coach "how come that happend?" He said 'big man with big muscle but no lung!'

I love watching stuff like that. Nobody got real hurt but you got to see a bit more reality when it comes to what works in certain sports and what is just 'show muscle'.
Yeah it all depends on our chosen sports. For me with road cycling, its all about multiple 45 second bursts of extreme explosive power to be able to stay with the group. Typical distance running is all about maintaining a high heart rate for a certain distance with little variations.

Today at the end of a 10km running race I out sprinted a 'buff' guy that didnt want to be beaten by a vegan. :) I had just passed probably 8000runners in the brisbane to bridge run by starting at the very back and moving thru the crowd over the previous 10km and needed to finish the run with an explosive kick. I sized up a would be 'opponent' and trash talked him into trying to out sprint me by saying 'come on mate, dont be soft!' and then let him come along side me and I just hosed him in the sprint and put my hands up as I crossed the line, just to rub it in. It was great training and I gave him a slap on the back for his efforts and said 'you just need to do more power work mate! Not enough power bro!' (Judging by his physique he was obviously a guy that was into hardcore power workouts!) Im such a shite stirrer sometimes I know.. :) But hey, some crew think that you need protein to be an explosive athlete and you have 65kg 6ft durianrider fruit boy sprinting past guys that obviously do a heck of a lot of power work in the gym. Leg workouts dont mean squat if you dont have the glycogen left to use em. Pun intended.

Moral of the story? It all comes down to specific training and our fitness base more than fad diets etc. Today I also zoomed by a dude wearing a 'cross fit' tshirt. Obviously a trainer on a low carb diet judging by how slow he was running for how fit he looked. :(

Yesterday I got 4th in a 5km race and set a pb of 18:48. I started last again and just ran thru the crowd over the course of the race. This is EXCELLENT training! :) Not the best way to run a pb on a course that doesnt have timing chips but a great way to get that VO2max humm'n! :)

Where would I be without my ego? Heck, where would anyone be! :)
Training is everything. You can't become more explosive through nutrition, although correct nutrition i.e. lfrv811 will provide the best fuel for taking part in that activity and gains may, and probably will be made faster by eating the best food.

Well you can. You cant run long and fast if your not eating your carbs.

I have the same experience as the poster. My last 20-30% of explosivness is gone after adopting. It seems like there is no sprinters doing this lifestyle?

I agree Ste.
I've been boxing and kickboxing for more 12 years, the last 2 years have had a break. My old boxing coach wanted me to fight professionally for a long time but I didn't want to bash up other womyn...or my face lol ;)...and sprinting was my thing in school, not many could beat me back then :D I am really just getting into longer distance now, since doing half marathons...
Whatever you train at on this lifestyle you will get good at, relatively speaking. Specific training yields specific results. You are providing your body with the ideal alkaline environment to support optimal results of any kind, just keep doing the training!
And last night I was at Ashley's room on campus and it was me, Ashley and 2 other drunk guys say'n 'But you gotta eat some protein to be strong!' and then Ashley got up and repped out some chin ups on the edge of a door frame aka 'crazy finger strength and bicep power' and none of us guys could even lift ourselves off the ground! All 3 of us were fit guys. One guy thought he did a chin up but it was more of a jump with his feet. The other guy was a basket ball player. Ashley hosed us all.

Point of the story: Training is training. You train specific to your sport, you get specific results. Now maybe I could make a lot of money with Ashleys super advance chin up strength...I mean I know personally know hundreds of guys and NONE of em could do what Ashley did last night and she gets her protein from 'bananas'. :)
Thanks for the props!!! ;)

CHEERS to my ego:
I am an explosive climber - my favorite climbing is HARD powerful moves on overhanging rock, as seen in some of these pictures. I also specialize in VERY small hand holds with the edge of my fingertips. I'd say its a pretty explosive sport... sometimes i do the endurance stuff (routes- climbing with a rope) but i like the explosive stuff more (bouldering): Check it out:

finger strength maintained on a low fat raw vegan diet

Wow, very very impressive, thanks for sharing your pic's :D
I especially like the 2nd one down, its a beautiful artsy type pic
thanks Ste. My friend Elodie took that one and I edited it. Pretty explosive move for sure --- it's one of the cruxes of the route - having to let go of your feet right there and hang on as the momentum of the feet swing tries to pull you off...
Marry me! =)
lol!!!! sorry dude im taken ;)
Well, it was worth a try haha



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