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i'm currently in north cambodia  and for three days experiencing strange phenomena
i know perfectly that it's quite impossible to give advise to anyone without close deep and long investigation , without knowing all the parameters in his life now and before....but since i'm a bit lost i try to ask anyway!

these strange phenomena are sudden lack of energy during parts of the day with awfull headaches and nausea , continuous diarhea (not liquid one but diarrhea) , fever at some time of the day (can go up 39°celsius) whereas at other moments i feel great , full of energy

thinks to consider are:
i'm still hungry and fruits taste really good (mainly mango , banana , milk fruit , pineapple and once a while durian) as do the greens, whereas i expected to be disgused by any food experiencing such aches...
one other point to consider is that offently headaches disapeared after having some fruits .... but it's not hunger headache... i think maybe headache and fever are linked with cleansing process and by eating i stop it....
and also , even if i drink quite 6 liters of water , i experience serious chest pain and upper body  cramp that luke Stator (and others) as cleverly linked with dehydratation issue in one of my past message some monthes ago
i go to toilet and my urine is really clear , so don't understand and quite a bit lost!!

maybe  there is nothing to understand and all i have to do is to live it fully , but you know , human's left brain....
so if anyone get inspiration or has any view about this , welcome!!

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how about the possibilities of food poisoning and/or fighting off a viral? anything you ate before the symptoms started that didn't taste right? what did you eat last before the symptoms started? any virals going around in the area youre in that you know of?
sensitivity to pesticides?

it's one possibility indeed , i eat a bit of durian these last days , should it be?

but really eat few , and no special food the last days , i mean nothing that i didn't eat the last week

quite lost in fact..... i digest easily but all go through me like non digested.....see parts of undigested food in my fece..

seems more and more that it was a massive pesticide issue due to Morng Tong Durian here in Cambodia...will investigate further and tell you , but already better this morning after stoping it
I had that once from packaged frozen durian. Had a bad stomach ache all night and sweats.. Only lasted one night though..

So, we have: 

1. Viral infection

2. Pesticides

3. Need extra sleep

4. If it continues for a longer time, contact a professional in LFRV and health, suggesting David Klein.

5. A short fast on 1-3 days could give your intestines a rest and strengthen it a little + the other benefits but it's not recommended and probably not needed. 


Are you sure you're getting clean water?

When I was in Indonesia I made the mistake of eating some nonorganic lettuce and paid for it. I had diarrhea for days, a nasty headache, and broke out in with a skin rash. Not all of it may be bad, but enough of it to make me unwilling to eat any of it. I'd rather eat no lettuce at all for a few weeks if I can't get organic. 


There are few pesticide/fungicide/fertilizer health restrictions in Asia, and most of the chemicals banned as dangerous in the US/Europe are used here. After that experience I've been pretty insistent about only eating organic greens and fruits with rinds/peels, etc. 


Another concern is the water. I think you know this, but tap water is not safe in Cambodia. 




yeah thanks to all of you for help...

i definitively don't consume tap water , but lettuce ...no organic greens at all here....take the "one seems less treated"...didi you find organic greens in indonesia andrew and where? will be interested since i head there in few days


i think jacob it is a combinaison of all your factors , just rest , not eat a lot (but still very hungry!! i feel that my body don't ask for fasting)


i also just come back from hospital to check malaria , it's not that..good point

but my glycemia was really low , really really , whereas i have eaten bananas two hours ago...means i don't assimilate so much actually

resting , resting and drinking good water and coconut water , i eat also so papaya seeds that are perfect medecine for all intestinal diseases and find in a pharmacy plant activated coal...so feel confident

thanks for help!


The only ones I found were at a health food store in Ubud. The store name had the word Buddha in it, but I can't recall exactly what it was called. There was also a once-a-week organic market in Ubud. 


The rest of the time I didn't eat greens because I couldn't find them. 

this is the better way to avoid any pesticide , but not sure i can feel good without greens in my day...will be an experience anyway!

thanks andrew

wow, do you (or anyone) know how often celery is sprayed?  I love it, eat at least 2 heads a day?



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