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Experienced LFRV's (1year plus), please add your top LFRV tip/s here for the newbies...

This could be a really helpful thread for newbies and those struggling with cooked food. Can we keep this thread just for tips and not comments about the tips?
Makes for easier, more efficient perusal :) I will also add to FAQ's, Any tips which we find aren't in line with the 30BaD principles will have to be removed, sorry. We want to keep this thread as accurate as possible.

A few of mine...(hope I haven't taken them all!)

* Avoid focusing too much on melons for meals to meet your calorie intake because they are so low in calories and may lead to undereating on this lifestyle.

* Write a list of the pro's and con's of cooked and raw food - evironmentally, physically, emotionally, ethically etc

* Make sure you always have ripe fruit on hand, buy a box of nana's today and have them ripening up for challenging times

* Learn about how to eat ripe fruit

* Develop a morning routine which includes a litre of water, exercise and a large fruit meal

* Eat a large mono meal for breakfast (& lunch), this will help guard you against night time cooked food "cravings"

* Really try your best to bare your bits to the sunshine daily, we have glands between our legs and under our arms that need stimulation from the sun and apparently this practice is necessary for optimal hormonal function.

* If you are feeling unhappy, depressed, angry, suicidal or taking things personally then address your key physiological requirements first before you label yourself as crazy and rush off to the pysch or a chakra balancing - which is SWS (sleep, water, sugar).

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Constant positive reinforcement. Fill your mind with the reasons for your transition.
- Buying some audio cd's and listen to them regularly
- Write out the reasons for why you are making this lifestyle change and do so on a daily basis (try and get 20)
- Set your goals and write them out daily
- Spend time with people who are either at where you want to be or on the same path (even if it is this online forum)
- Never stop learning. You will never ever know all there is to know on one topic. Knowledge is power :P
This forum is great for constantly reminding yourself why eating lfrv811 is the best thing you can do for health on many different levels, and is on the best things you can do for the environment.
Well I'm a newbie myself but I would add:

- If you want to find other lfrv people in your area then do a search on the forum, using the search tool.
- Don't just copy everything your partner does, if they eat cooked food it doesn't mean you have to (still learning this myself).
Here's one I learned the hard way: Make sure you drink plenty of water between meals, because eating lots of fruit on a 'dry' system can get pretty uncomfortable.
Download cronometerhttp://spaz.ca/cronometer/ and use it to assure yourself that you are not depriving your body of what it needs.
If you are happy that you are getting all of your nutrients then you will worry less and stray less.
Eat more calories!!!
And when you're done.
Eat more calories!!!
Buy savory green soup recipe package by Karmyn and the 40 year old teenager
some social tips:

- don't be embarrassed about your diet in social situations.. you don't have to throw it in others' faces, but recognize it as part of your character and others will too and appreciate you for it (and you might even rub off on them as a bonus)

- bring food with you nearly everywhere you go.. a container with a pound of dates or so is great to have on hand, even if you don't think you'll be out that long.. just like the boy scouts, be prepared!

- if you find yourself going to a restaurant to share time with friends/family, the container of dates even works great in this situation if you haven't eaten enough beforehand or just want something good to eat while there.. then just munch on the dates while your company eats their appetizers and order a large garden salad with no dressing (and no croutons, cheese, etc. if need be said) for your entree (sometimes i just end up with a plate of lettuce, but i'm not complaining :-)).. most times they barely notice, but if they do comment/joke about it, just keep it light and joke back and you'll all have a good time (except maybe your company following their meal ;-)

- treat any home get-together/dinner party/barbecue as a potluck and bring your own meal.. after the first couple times, your hosts will likely recognize your eating habits and prepare fresh food in anticipation of you coming.. then everyone wins, as their is more healthy food for the whole group and it becomes more of an institution
Or you can get an avocado or chopped sweet pineapple as your salad dressing lemon juice too
don't neglect greens (unless you have an aversion to them) they help bring in variety and something savory, which is super important if you weren't the biggest on sweets all day before starting 811.
This is for older folks, folks who might have some digestive disorders, and or coming from extreme diets like Atkins. Take your time in your transition, and don't be judgmental on yourself. Every baby step you take is still a positive step in the right direction, and a rebuilding of your health.

If you drive you car down the road at 60 mph, and then suddenly throw it into reverse, you will possibly damage your car, your transmission, injure yourself, and others on the road. You need to slow down the car, and then switch gears.

The same might go for diet. Our bodies make about 1,000+ enzymes to digest and assimulate food. We make more enzymes for the foods we commonly eat. So for example, if you were a high meat eater, you might have high protease enzymes, but not enough fruit digesting enzymes.

I would recommend a slow transition. For the first few days, or even weeks, do a fruit only breakfast. Then add lunch, and a salad at dinner. Then if everything goes smoothly, dinner can be raw. This also gives your stomach time to adjust and stretch out. Fruit is low in calories, but high in bulk and fiber those coming from a SAD diet might not be used to eating. It is very difficult in the begining to eat enough calories.

In the mean time, work on your addictions one by one. Some of us have coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, your favorite cookies, and salt. Everone is different, so you have to battle your own issues. If you are on medications for chronic conditions, work with your doctor to go off them one by one and slowly. This diet can cure and or help manage a lot of conditions like high BP, chronic arthritis, and blood sugar issues.

Older folks tend to have slower digestion, so I recommend not eating more than three times a day. Try to eat enough calories at your meals, 500 to 1000, and then go about 4+ hours without eating. This allows your stomach plenty of time to digest and then rest.

As other folks have said, I like to do mono meals. This is easy on my digestion, and less prep time in the kitchen! I can grab my bananas, no prep, and go sit outside and watch the sunset!

Drink lots of water, and as advised on this site, pee should be clear!

Bananas arae nutrient dense food, and I like them either at breakfast and or lunch to power me through my day, and to ward off cravings.

Hope this can help someone out there,
In Peace, PK
Cut out the salt. Use fresh herbs like chives for flavouring salads and soups.

Anyone else have ideas for dealing with salt withdrawal cravings?
Good one Helli :)

Salt craving tips:

* Make sure you're eating enough calories from fruit everyday then salty SAD food will be less appealing.
* Some people experience a decrease in salt cravings when they increase their celery intake
* Ensure you stay away from salt for at least 10days, we get a new set of tastebuds every 10days. These new buds are more likely to crave the subtle flavours of fruits and greens rather than salt.
* As long as salt is still circulating in your blood stream then you are likely to crave it, out with salt!
* Be patient and understand that at the start you will get salt cravings, stay focused, time will solve this.



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