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Hello, I know that exercising in moderate amounts is recommended on this diet. I have not seen any weight loss and I have been doing raw till four for about 4 months. 

I started fully raw 801010 about 2 years ago, however stopped because I felt like something was missing. Then I developed anemia. So I started incorporating cooked foods and instantly felt better. During this time I was training for a marathon and running 7-12 miles about 5-6 days a week. I kept my calories around the 2000-2500 mark. Then the last month increased to 3000 before quitting 801010. 

Then for about 6 or so months I went back to regular vegan. I included peanut butter, nuts, seeds, tofu. I ate around 2000-2500 calories again. Always trying to keep my net at 2000 calories. I exercised and logged that on as well. I was no longer training, but did exercise. Running about 5 miles monday -friday, with 2 20-30 hiit episodes. 

Then I was lured into raw till four. It seems so sustainable to me and I truly love eating this way. However, once a week I do happen to eat something "bad" such as 1/2 ounce of chocolate or 1 serving of sorbet, or 1 serving of peanut butter, or 1 slice of bread. 

I now am eating about 3000 calories or more a day. However I still exercise. My training is as follows: 

monday, wendsday : running 5 miles + 30 minutes of strength training 

tues, thurday: running 1 mile +30 minutes of Hiit

friday: run 2 miles, 30 minutes of strength training 

saturday: 6-8 mile run. 

sunday: off

(also note that monday-friday I walk 3 miles because I pick up my sisters from school)

So, down to the point. I feel as if I exercise a lot and should be seeing a bit more progress. Does anybody know why I am not?

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Maybe too much training. Maybe a 70% of your capacity training once a week between two 100% trainings will help.
Foam roller massage
What i mean is: recovery is important, mentally and physically.
Fruit yourself :)

Thanks, for your response. I feel so loss right now. I actually enjoy exercising but feel like it doesn't "look" like I even do anything. 

Since you're a runner, you may be interested in Michael Arnstein aka " the Fruitarian" as he eats mostly fruit and has seen phenomenal results in his performance.

Re your question, are you sleeping enough? Is your muscle mass increasing?

If you are truly only having one serving of something "bad", once a week, that's not the problem. You can still have "bad" things once in a while, just try to get versions of them that are not totally terrible for you. It is possible to get low fat bread made without oil, look at a local bakery and get it fresh instead of at a grocery store. One serving of peanut butter is only like 1 or 2 tablespoons, which is really not a lot, so maybe get out your measuring spoons and make sure you are really only getting one serving. I usually have flax seeds, hemp seeds or avocado (sometimes a combination) for my fats. Your body NEEDS healthy fat so I would recommend don't cut it out completely, just get a little bit here and there from whole food sources. Peanuts are legumes which apparently some people have trouble with, if it works for you then you probably don't need to change it, but it might also be worth trying almond butter, or even just cutting out nut butters all together and eating a handful of nuts instead. Definitely cut out the chocolate though, that's not doing you any favors as it has milk in it.

It sounds you are doing a LOT of exercise... are you sure you're giving your body enough time to recover in between workouts? I'd probably give it a day in between especially if you are doing a lot of running... I base that only on my experiences with intense workouts. I like to give myself the next day off. If you are constantly pushing your body to its limit but not letting it heal/recuperate, you won't ever be performing at your best, and your body will probably be focusing more on recovery than dropping weight. I'm just speculating but... i do a lot less exercise than that and I dropped 20 pounds on raw til 4 in the first few months. I ride my bike a few times a week, I do some gentle yoga, stretching, and light weight lifting a few times a week, a bunch of squats a few times a week, and I walk a lot. that's pretty much it.

I didn't come from a past of calorie restriction though. I noticed you said that you tried to keep your calories at 2000 for 6 months while still doing all that exercise? That's probably the problem, your body just needs to recover from that period of calorie restriction. 2000, even 2500 is not NEARLY enough if you are running a lot every day.

Anyway, this is all just personal opinion that I base on my experiences and what I've read here. Hopefully it helped a little.

Thanks for the response. Even though I agree with what you say, its so frustrating. I feel that if I just stop exercising then I am going to balloon up. Which is something I don't want to do. I know, that in theory its better to temporarily gain 5-10 pounds for a year and then loose it for life!



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