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"Excess carbs are stored as fat"/"calories in, calories out"

Hello there, fruitbats.

I am reading 80/10/10, so if this is gonna be explained, then great, but i still would like to ask this question now:

Yesterday I discussed with my brother, who kept telling me how any excess carbs are stored as fat. I know that there are many discussions about this in 30bad's forum and i read about 7 of them, but i still don't fully understand it.

we use a few hundreds of cals with sports, that not every day, then of course (i don't know how much) for basic stuff like walking, talking, digesting etc, and of course, what we need a lot of energy for: brain stuff. like math. (i hate math, but you get my point, i guess.)

unless you're an athlete who does crazy amounts of sports every day (that much probably isn't even possible), you can't burn all of the calories you eat in one day. now, what happens to the calories that aren't used? i read that theres up to 500g capacity for carbs to be stored in the liver and the muscles - makes 2000cals, now what if i ate 3500 cals, and i burned off a few hundreds with exercise and of course for all the other stuff (how much can that be?) i'd still have more than 2000 calories left that i ate but didn't burn - now are they stored as fat because the capacity for the storing of carbs is limited? what happens to them? why doesn't it work like calories in - out? 

also he couldn't believe it that i eat 2500 calories a day, since i am only 15 years old and between 90 and 100 lbs, because he says he needs 2500 himself without exercise. (i haven't weighed myself in months, so over the weight thing and glad about it. :P)

also yesterday we were at a restaurant and i ate about twice as much as him and he just didn't get it. :D But he says that that's because i'm still growing, still going through puberty and once i'm full-grown and adult, i won't be able to eat that much without gaining weight.

well, i'm not questioning this lifestyle, since i have felt so much better in so many ways since i started it, i just want to be able to understand the science behind it and discuss - or at least get my point across. i would be very thankful for help. 

thanks, Jina

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Hi Gina,

the 80/10/10 Diet gives a simple guideline for calculating your BMR (calories burned at rest).  Your activities in the day are extra.  Dr Dis quite clear in the book that one needs to "earn your fruit" by fitness activities.

Don't underestimate just walking, stair-climbing, moving around generally.  But ideally you add some form of workout to this.

thank u peter!  i think 'weight gain' is the number one deterrent from this life style. i was interested in the concept that the 'weight gain' was perhaps water gain. as mcdougall cites in his 'the fat you eat is the fat you wear' study, the participants gained about 5-10 pounds over a 3 month period by eating at least 3500 calories a day from high carb and low fat, then lost the weight a few days later, after going back down to their 'original' consumption of 1600-1800 calories.

i've heard members decrease their calories from ~4000 to ~2000-2500, perhaps a more natural setting for their body, and lose the 10-20 pounds they gained from the few months, over a course of a few days / weeks.

i'm assuming the 'weight gain' is most likely the body storing the carbs alongside water... or 'water weight'. 

i've gained weight, maybe about 10-15 (possibly even 20 pounds) over the course of 2.5 months, but i believe it's probably water weight. i still think i may have been eating too much, i'm talking 3000-5000 cals. when i count calories i have trouble really knowing when i'm 'hungry' versus when i'm shoveling in calories because i have the quantity available. if i don't count calories i may settle at ~2200-2700.

alrighty thanks again guys ^_^


I have had some of the same issues myself with not knowing how much to eat vs just eating cause I love fruit, etc. what I have done is track calories and "reverse diet" gradually. For example: I will eat lets say 2,500 cal per day for a few days and track it on myfitnesspal. then Ill increase calories by 100 per day (just one banana) for a few days, then up it again for a few days. on, and on until I feel uncomfortable or start gaining fat. Then I slow down a bit to say, 50 cal per day, or even just cap out. I have done this in the past (coming from a bodybuilding background) after calorie restriction, and it works really well for metabolic recovery, and letting your body "grow" into higher calorie diets. In theory, your metabolism will adjust to the higher calories quick enough that you wont gain fat, and you will continually up your calorie amount in the process. 

maybe this will help, just a method i have had success with... good luck!



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