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"Excess carbs are stored as fat"/"calories in, calories out"

Hello there, fruitbats.

I am reading 80/10/10, so if this is gonna be explained, then great, but i still would like to ask this question now:

Yesterday I discussed with my brother, who kept telling me how any excess carbs are stored as fat. I know that there are many discussions about this in 30bad's forum and i read about 7 of them, but i still don't fully understand it.

we use a few hundreds of cals with sports, that not every day, then of course (i don't know how much) for basic stuff like walking, talking, digesting etc, and of course, what we need a lot of energy for: brain stuff. like math. (i hate math, but you get my point, i guess.)

unless you're an athlete who does crazy amounts of sports every day (that much probably isn't even possible), you can't burn all of the calories you eat in one day. now, what happens to the calories that aren't used? i read that theres up to 500g capacity for carbs to be stored in the liver and the muscles - makes 2000cals, now what if i ate 3500 cals, and i burned off a few hundreds with exercise and of course for all the other stuff (how much can that be?) i'd still have more than 2000 calories left that i ate but didn't burn - now are they stored as fat because the capacity for the storing of carbs is limited? what happens to them? why doesn't it work like calories in - out? 

also he couldn't believe it that i eat 2500 calories a day, since i am only 15 years old and between 90 and 100 lbs, because he says he needs 2500 himself without exercise. (i haven't weighed myself in months, so over the weight thing and glad about it. :P)

also yesterday we were at a restaurant and i ate about twice as much as him and he just didn't get it. :D But he says that that's because i'm still growing, still going through puberty and once i'm full-grown and adult, i won't be able to eat that much without gaining weight.

well, i'm not questioning this lifestyle, since i have felt so much better in so many ways since i started it, i just want to be able to understand the science behind it and discuss - or at least get my point across. i would be very thankful for help. 

thanks, Jina

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Hi there. :)

I think the body utilizes what it needs and the excess goes to the toilettes...

I agree with you

The way I see it is when you eat more carbs than you need, your body has 3 options.  First is to Rev up your metabolism to increase your needs, you will feel this by getting warmer and some even get a hot flash like reaction.  Second would be to just release the excess carbs out the kidneys.  You will notice that by increased urination.  Third is to convert the carbs to fat.  But don't forget, your body also uses fat for fuel and for maintaining the health of cells, making hormones etc.  So while some carbs get converted to fat, these fats are utilized by the body in important ways, especially when dietary fat is limited.

So after all that, very little carbs are stored as just plain old body fat.  It's not impossible for that to happen, but making body fat is not of the highest priority or the most advantageous thing to do with excess carbs.   

thank you for your reply! I actually read once something about carbs being used for body heat, but my brother wouldn't believe that the body's just like "oh, i have too many carbs, let's just use em up." and since i wasn't really sure either i thought, why not ask this awesome community? :D

Well, that explanation was pretty clear, thanks. :)

Converting carbohydrates to fat consumes more calories than fat to body fat. It´s called thermogenesis, 2 or 3% for fat, 25 to 30% for carbs.
=> Carbs can't make you fat :)

so, is that because while converting carbs to fat, the body will use a part of the calories already to convert it? and what do you mean with those percentages?

And i understand that it takes more energy to convert carbs into fat than actual fat, but what happens to the carbs if they're not turned into body fat then?

thanks for the reply, i'd just be really glad if you could explain that a little more closely to me. :)

I think the percentages are how many calories lost in conversion. So if you eat 100 calories of carbs, and your body tries to convert it to fat, it will use up 30 cals in the process. This is an expensive process for the body which is why carbs aren't usually stored as fat. it's easier on your body to burn them off than store them. Storing dietary fat as body fat is much easier, if you eat 100 cals of fat, only 2 or 3 cals are lost in conversion, so your body saves more energy this way.

Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just trying to clarify my understanding as well :)

oh, okay, thanks. i think i get it now. but i'm just wondering how our body could burn them if we don't move more. i've read stuff about our body speeding up our metabolism and thus burning more calories - that's why sometimes you suddenly feel hot. do you think that's the way it burns the leftover calories? (possibly the "excess goes to the toilettes" like @gousti fruit said?)

This is the first time this has been explained succinctly in words I understand. Thanks for that! A useful weapon against carbophobes.

 Let me tell you how I put on the pounds. =)

 I would not eat for the first week of every month, after that I would eat 7-800 calories of vegetables, and then I would feel so hungry that I would have days where I would destroy baked potato chips  and healthy fats like avocados (a few thousand calories).

 Having felt so good eating 'healthy fats' I increased my intake such that my calories inched closer to 1500/day.


 Over a few years my weight didn't go anywhere but up, from 170 to 228.

 Then there came a day when I was reminded of this crazy fruit-bat called the banana girl =)


 I had the same questions, how can someone such as myself, who's most strenuous workout is walking upstairs to take a leak, going to eat 3000+ calories and lose weight; I gain weight if I don't roll over enough in my sleep and she wants me to eat 3000 calories!


 I decided to listen to her and start the diet lifestyle Jan. 1st 2014.

 The first month I had trouble reaching 2000 calories

 The second month I had trouble getting to 2500.

 The last 2 months I have topped 3000 & sometimes make it to 5000.

 My weight has dropped from 228 to 208 on diet alone.

 What is the science behind it? Not even scientists fully understand digestion!

 The rest of nature thrives on abundance not deprivation; let that be our best guess.


It's great to hear about the progress you've made! and it gets easier and easier to eat 2500 for me now, i just have to be patient. i do trust this lifestyle, because i've felt how much better this is for me, but i'd still like being able to get the point across to carbophobes (i like that word, thanks @jaime). ;) 



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