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My friend, former high fat raw vegan who got sick on the diet (no surprise!) and is now anti-vegan, sent me this link just now. i haven't read all of it and I don't really want to, but it is an interview with Apple Man who used to post here and left recently. this interview is going to leave anyone who reads it with a warped impression of lfrv being unhealthy, just because one person didn't do it right.... :o(

comments are allowed at the bottom. I think it would be a good idea for those of us thriving on this diet to post our successes there, and point out the flaws in his arguments against lfrv..... and explain why he failed (it says he was anorexic!!!). he seems like a very nice kid but so young and misguided....

(don't read this if this kind of thing might trigger you to stray from lfrv)


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If meat was absolutely necessary for my health and hapiness. I would eat it. I wouldn't be at all happy about it though. But then again I would be a carnivore and I don't think any carnivore should feel bad about doing what's necessary for their survival and they don't.


If I can be reasonably healthy and happy without animal products. That's good enough for me.



I agree.  Isn't it always about their own Pleasure.


I respect your dad for being honest.


It is those that say they need it who i find to be a waste of food.


Take Care,

Even if meat was the best for me I still wouldn't eat it. I began out of ethical reasons before I eventually found out that (gasp) it was better for health!

i have great admiration for people like you, sideah.

i didn't get it right when i started.

you did.


in friendship,


egad! so basically appleman purports ethics when he is just selfish at the moment?

I was thinking something similar, I'm certainly not forcing myself to feel horrified by earthlings, and pretty much 99% of people born in a western culture have the emotional intelligence to experience empathy when watching it. Theres also this: -

However, we probably all know from experience that answering animalistic emotions is more satisfying than using logical solutions. When somebody fucking pisses you off, it’s more satisfying to punch them in the fucking face, rather than sitting down, taking eight deep breaths and realizing that nothing constructive will come out of violence. This is the sort of bullshit that is taught by Eckhart Tolle and all those enlightened idiots. First of all, why should I aim for constructive behavior in the first place? Am I obliged to do so for some reason? No. Second of all, it’s not as if life has some sort of intrinsic goal that we should strive towards. Life is a process, not a destination. I’ll do whatever the fuck I want, thank you very much Mr. Tolle, you self-proclaimed psuedo-prophet (redundancy!).


I'm not commenting on whether or not LFRV made him sick or not as I really don't care, but justifying reptialian/emotional behaviour like punching someone in the face because you allowed them to piss you off is pathetic. It's a shame as he is an intelligent guy, especially for his age, but shit happens and I'm not gonna let it ruin my day. :)



ste writes:

I'm not commenting on whether or not LFRV made him sick or not

on the other hand, he wasn't ever like the way he appears in the interview. since he hasn't been LFRV for at least 8 months (he left at the time of the denise debacle), it may turn out after all to be fair to conclude that his new diet contributes to comments like

When somebody f****** pisses you off, it’s more satisfying to punch them in the f****** face

I’ll do whatever the f*** I want

(perhaps for nutritional reasons and also for moral ones - after all, we do know of the battered bodies where corpse parts come from)


what is interesting though is to contemplate whether he went off lfrv even earlier. here is his now famous, hyperactive comment in all its disrespectful glory:


This. is. Awesome.

GREAT job, Denise! I don’t know what to make of all this- it’s crazy. Campbell’s crazy.
I know you’re always nice to everyone, so I’ll say it for you; Campbell’s a freakin’ LIAR. I can’t believe this! Wow, I’m totally NOT referencing China Study again.

Well at least now we know the truth. Let’s spread it, people!

Once again, thank you and congratulations. This is amazing.




i mentioned my concern to him in this post on 2010-07-10:

now here's the sort of thing that concerns me more. you commented on denise's blog


because his excited comment to denise was uncharacteristic of the personality and style he had developed here. to his credit he did acknowledge the immaturity of his behavior (you can't see his posts because he deleted them, but you can figure things out from my responses to him):


this is a decent acknowledgement and i am glad you made it.
i think one of your many strengths is honesty and our admiration for you continues.



1. you accurately acknowledged your immature response regarding campbell in your reply to utopia. not only is the fellow not a liar, he's a very decent gentleman. you will find this out before too long i think.



eventually, we got to at least some of the core of the matter:

"I miss all the people that have decided to leave."
so that's what this is all about, am!



therefore, i'm inclined to think he was not lfrv at even that time since there was a fairly dramatic alteration in his posting personality.


he was a decent fellow and really finding his forte here for quite some time.

now i think he'll just be used by the crapaleo crowd to whatever extent possible and then who knows ... there is the semblance of camaraderie in peer pressure, but the later revelations can prove to be tragically exploitative.


nice to see you back posting here again after your little 'vacation', ste!


in friendship,



Cheers Prad, but I'm kind of on and off mate, ive put my health studies to one side for now in favour of business (ive chosen my path and Ill be having regular blood tests as there cheap as here! (Cambodia). I still enjoy the forum on occassion, but my views aren't what they used to be - i'm only 80% fruit now, and I don't eat animals strictly for moral reasons, not so much health reasons anymore, which is also kinda why I'm not posting here as much.

Anyway, hope your well dude!

I have to say I was pretty disturbed by his comment regarding Earthlings. I mean, to each his own of course. Every individual can eat what he or she decides, but this was taken too far. 


Who knew the amiable "Appleman" was so blood-thirsty?

HIs current statements make me want to re-read and consider all of his previous posts here...Except I can't!  He's erased them all.  Was he lying for over 2 years when he claimed to be an ethical vegan? Evidently so.

So, ignore what he wrote before, (and thanks to his deletions, we have no other choice), this time he really, really means it.


Apparently he wasn't lying for 2 years. He was on the diet for 3 years, and in the first two years, his health was really good. In fact, I asked him this question (because i always thought he looked very vibrant in his before/after pics) and he said "Yeah when 811 was working for me, it was working GOOD. I honestly never felt better before in my life." He is still open minded and will continue experimenting with different foods, including cooked vegan.

I thought I read somewhere that his health didn't improve. It just didn't get worse. I think that's what he says in his interview

Yep, that's what he said in the interview



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