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Any information would be helpful. Have you got it? Do you know somebody with it? Curing it on high carb diet etc etc etc anything!

Hope to get some responses.

Cheers, big ears.

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:( i had a friend who did vegan but she opted for surgery(historechtamy) and scripts and the progesterone creame..

Hope others have better news

It's difficult to know for sure , if diet is partly to blame for endometriosis or not but it most cases, women would normally have to have laparoscopy surgery (keyhole laser surgery) performed, to remove the waste products of the monthly cycle, which don't leave the body, as they would normally do.

There is also, normally a 3-6 monthly course of tablets to be taken, after the laparoscopy has been carried out.

Endometriosis can have around a dozen different symtoms and it is a cause of persistent infertility, in approximately one in seven women.

A hysterectomy would normally only be performed, if there were also, other, more serious and potentially life threatening symtoms involved.

As far as I know, (I have two personal close family experiences of endometriosis) the extent of the problem, can only be accurately assessed, during a laparoscopy procedure.

In both of my family experiences, endometriosis was not reversed or cured, by either a vegetarian or vegan diet, unfortunately and laparoscopy surgery was necessary in both cases.

Love, light and healthy eating...

All the best,



Oh bugger. Hopefully I'll get some good news from somebody!

I have had Endometriosis...really bad...also ovarian cancer.  It started when I was 17 years old with heavy bleeding and cramps so bad that I had to have a DnC and then was put on birth control....that was back in 1974.  I ditched the birth control pretty quickly though.  Slowly through the years I got worse and worse.  I could not even stand up with out a huge flow and clots.....I'll spare you the details and the public embarrassment....sigh...

I could tell you so much about what I went through for years but will just tell about the major ones...

When I was 24..I was in sooo much pain and a tumor was found on my right ovary... and the doctor insisted I get a hysterectomy.  I said no...that there had to be a better way....well 2 weeks later I couldnt even keep water down so ...agreed to surgery.. but asked the doctor to PLEASE not do the hysterectomy.   I had a 90% chance of having one...but to my delight...I did not get one...The Doc listened to me....He removed the cyst and my ENTIRE intestinal trac was scraped of endeometriosis.  I was laid up for 6 months after that.  The doc wanted me to go on all kinds of "chemo"..and I refused.  Then shortly after that surgery...I had a "dream"...I woke up and walked out to my kitchen and there was a ...well...an angel I guess...and "it" told me that the only way I was going to survive was to go back to nature.  Well, I had already dabbled in Vegetarianism..off and on...so I came to the conclusion that I needed to do herbs.  I read every thing I could and made up some of the yuckiest tasting herbal "remedies" that you could imagine.  I also did fasting and the Lemonade cure and all kinds of things....and they worked..somewhat.  Looking back I can see that when I was doing those cures..I was also only eating plant foods...then about 5 years later another tumor grew and the endometriosis was back (it never did completely go away).  I then had the tumor removed and the ovary.  But it wasnt a good story.  It was cancerous...ovarian cancer..and at the time (80's) I believe was the number one killer of women.  I once again refused chemo and any other treatment.  I still had endometriosis and still had flooding periods that would last for MONTHS.  And I found that if I just ate fruit during those times (lots of pineapple) that the flow would end.  My mistake was going back to my SAD eating habits after I had "cured" the current condition.  So that was my life...back and forth.  I would bleed for weeks at a time...go on a fruit frenzy...it would stop for a few months and then it would come back because I went back to SAD eating.  I had no one to guide me through this...I was on my own.  Then...fast forward to 1994....I decided to follow a low fat diet..where the guidelines for women was 20% fat and for men it was 10%.  Well..I thought why do I have to follow a 20% and men a 10%!  So I decided that I would eat only 10% fat.  I quickly found that eating meat, bread, cheese did not fit into a 10% fat diet and dropped them.  I was totally vegetarian and I was very very strict.  And boy did I feel good!  I looked great..was 38 and ALWAYS was asked for my ID.  I also stopped having periods.  Doctors told me I was in menopause due to all the surgeries and loss of my right ovary.  Ha!  At 39 I became pregnant!  (Hes almost 16 now).  So I KNOW that eating a high carb diet will cure it!  Or I guess I should say a high carb diet will allow your body to cure itself... I wish though that I had the knowledge that 30 bad and 80/10/10 gives today...because despite all my experience I always went back to SAD eating due to...social pressures and UNDEREATING FRUIT! 

Wow. Great story. I really appreciate it. THANK YOU FOR THIS!

I am close with a person with endometriosis and when she is clean with her diet it does help with flair ups. No alcohol, wheat, cafeine red meat and so on.  However she never has not been as strict as most people on this board.  The problem never just went away.  I think and some experts believe a lot of it is mental.  Whether there was some sort of tragic experience or just a different mental outlook that dramatically effect a persons physical being.  A great book is the Anatomy of the Spirit.  I can't think of the author of the top of my head, but the author cites numerous accounts of endometriosis and like symptoms and how people cured them with diet and correcting their mental outlook, whether through therapy or general acceptance. I suggest to read that book, it has some good stuff in it which may help.

Can't wait to check this out!!!

Fantastic! I am printing this out.

I had symptoms like it which was partly why I went all raw vegan in 1999 and my symptoms went away fast.

I was just diagnosed on October 16th during a laproscopy procedure and biopsy.  My symptoms were over a period of 6 months, I had abnormally heavy bleeding during menstruation  horrible cramps and pelvic pain.  This was all abnormal for me - I've been on birth control for close to 10 years and this was a sudden dramatic change.  My Dr. tried changing birth controls first which didn't help and they were already doing surgery to remove a uterine fibroid so they did a laprascopic to check for endometriosis and they did find that too unfortunately... Laprascopy/surgery with biopsies is the only way to confirm endometriosis unfortunately.  I'm only 26 and basically was told that my baby-making clock was ticking now due to this diagnosis...  My Dr. wants me to stay on birth control - 3 pill packs straight, then 1 week "rest" where I would get my perioid.  It's supposed to help with symptoms?  Just started 80/10/10 today and hoping that I can slow down this disease.  I've heard various reports that diet helped and sometimes it didn't.  It's insane how many posts about endometriosis are on here.  Apparently it's pretty common...  

endo is primarily caused by the below -

1. the pill (big time)

2. hight fat diets (dairy, animal products)

3. any soy product 

4. xeno estrogens

5. IUD/ring/implant contraception


it will take 2 yrs on 801010 low fat high carb raw vegan to start properly mopping things up but you will notice a change in the first month - it takes that long because it took that long & longer to get your body in this way.

I helped my 25 year old sister recently cure her endometriosis.. The protocol was her juicing for months on end, eating mostly raw with a cooked meal at night, a 50 billion bacteria count probiotic (This was the main healing factor), consuming distilled water and taking a b12 complex. She ended up in hospital so many times and she would end up in so much pain it was horrible.. We also cured her major depression which she had been on really strong anti depressants for years, her chronic constipation and other issues.. This journey took around 1 year.

PS Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d94G4jkOMbA



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