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ending live exports, c'mon all Aussies, let's get behind this campaign and end it

Hi everyone,


I love Australia, I live in the country that showcases to the rest of the world a fantastic lifestyle. Generally, Australians have a sense of what is right and we will stand up for what we believe in. I truly feel that Australia has so much potential and I will happily chat about the virtues of this country, however I always end each conversation with “except for our embarrassing live export trade”. This industry is NOT the industry of a civilized person, country or world.



Please visit www.animalsaustralia.org and follow the links to take action. You can do something powerful and humane today, lets end this, live export, it's just plain not Australian.


After 8 years this issue is on an important brink, we have all seen it in the media during the last fortnight - please get behind it this week, let's make this exposure count.





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good of you to post this jennifer!

(sorry i didn't see it before)


live exports looked like they were ending after years of effort. the last straw seemed to that media expose.

Industry hit hard by live export ban


however, business has its way of wheeling and dealing and it looks like the things are continuing again:

Analysis: Indonesia: Back on track


we need to hammer this economic, unethical monster many times before it will finally be removed permanently.


in friendship,





here's an initiative by wspa to stop australian live exports:

Global Humane Chain


more below.


in friendship,




As you may know, Animals Australia recently captured some shocking footage , exposing the horrific ways Australian Cattle are being slaughtered in Indonesia. Please be warned, the video contains graphic material of cattle being senselessly tortured and forced to endure completely unnecessary pain and fear.

Public outcry from this footage has been unprecedented and thousands of WSPA Canada supporters have already written to Australia's Minister of Agriculture , requesting an end to the cruel live animal export trade. People from around the world have inundated WSPA with emails and calls, asking what else they can do to help.

In response, WSPA has created an effective way you can help spread the word and stop live animal export!

Join the Global Humane Chain

Simply upload a photo like this one, with your arms outstretched to join hands with other WSPA supporters around the world who are opposed to this cruel practice.

man with arms wide openAll the photos will be linked together to form a huge chain, they'll then be counted, and the most iconic photos will be made into a visual petition. This petition will be presented to the Australian Government in just a few weeks, so please help millions of animals by taking this urgent action today.

Forward this email to your friends and family and encourage them to participate too. With your help, the Global Humane Chain will help demonstrate that the world is watching, and calling on the Australian Government to end live animal export for good.

Why is live animal export so cruel?

Australia exports millions of sheep and hundreds of thousands of cattle overseas each year. During the cramped and difficult journey, tens of thousands of animals die, with almost half of all deaths being caused by starvation. For most that survive, they are then subjected to inhumane slaughter practices in countries that don't have adequate animal welfare laws.

Together we can help save millions of animals from the unnecessary suffering of live animal export.

Thank you so much for your continued support,


Silia Smith, Regional Director, North AmericaSilia Smith
Regional Director
North America


Thank you so much for this - I shall be sharing it with other organisations here.



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