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Good day everyone, stoked to be here, such a awesome site!!
my name is chris kendall, i as the bulk here run off 100%rawveganpower n have been doing that with a few bouts of high raw for near 5 years. I love to skateboard, been a sk8 rat for 22 years ahah. dang its cold here in saskatoon, ive traveled alott doing 811 n this is my first full winter in 8 years. The loving family and friends keep my heart warm, n that pulls me through :)
I am also a certified holistic nutritionist starting my raw n transitional web site up right aboot now! haha
enjoy all n cant wait to meet n greet more!
peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

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Eloo Chris

Welcome. Its a great site, isn't it?

Are you holding a bunch of flowers in your photo cuz its Valentine's Day? Well, deliberate or not, its great: share the love :-)

xx Helena
hahah hey hmm yes i am... haha ok no im not, it was a freinds wedding n just like the pic ;)
thanks for the welcom, i love it, facebook for rawvegans!
peacelovenseasonalfruit ck
Hey Debbie
nice!, alberta eh, awesome, i love it there!!. where aboots in alberta eh? ive lived in edmonton a bunch n many a visit to Calgary n red deer.
Thanks for the love :) always try to put in my all n help when i feel i can. Ive been postin, learning n archive divin on vegasource since i was jolted by Doug, what a great resource eh, Dr D's being is most phenomenal and inspiring.
ill admit i love it too, da peacelovenseasonalfruit, ive been consumed for a good while hahahhah.
good work on the starting on 811, its a lightening bolt to your well being :)
Between here, there n 80-10-10 (hope you have it) you've got lots of helpful loving vibes/info. Enjoy the moments, transformation, and be easy with yourself, it took a while to get were you are... :)
always happy to share insights n resources :)
peacelovenseasonalfruit ck
Greetings and salutations, CK! Great to have you online. Supportive family/friends are indeed a blessing eh? What's their view and personal take on your healthy lifestyle? Oh, and where do you skate in the great white north?
If I can assist in future, just hit send
Happy day to you too Winlord!!! love the picture!! n thanks for the greeting :)
Oh man indeed they are i agree, ive had a bit of both support and rejection and in the freinds, but my family has been great always. very blessed i am :). My folks n fam have seen me delve into cleanses and different diets for a decade and always were supportive and positive. In the past 4 .5 years ive helped them and more than few freinds to do a week to a month raw, and helped them with lifestyle changes, some that stuck n some that didnt :).
They love it, my sister and mom have made big changes, and my sis see`s 811 as her future, as well as a few friends. Others have seen huge benefits, in me and themselves but do not wish to make significant changes. This has been a hard reality to take at times, but acceptance and respect or others choices is important in growth i believe.
I feel really lucky, its hard to leave home, even with the coldness lack of sk8ing spots, and poorer quality of foods.
sk8in, i doer anywhere i can, sometimes in buildings, parades, sk8 parks. wherever we can, the summers are great n i travel lots. this is in reality my first full winter in near 8 years, but ive usually spent a month here during the freeze.
where aboots are u at, your eh made me think a bit, but is it just contageous.. hmm... hahah my question marks dont work right now hahahha
thanks for the offer of a hand my friend! much appreciated.
hope to meet n greet sometime, im thinking im gonna travel west to bc, mayhapps cali n then Asia starting spring going through next winter.
peacelovenseasonalfruits. ck
indeed it would seem eh!!!
but alas i was handed it.. hahahah
thanks for the welcomes!! hope ur enjoying mucho :)
peacelovenseasonalfruits ck
heya Jack!!
sick mayhapps we'll get to shred sometime man. thatd be rad. wells i have a lill clip, but not worth mentioning hahah from a pisspoor tour, that was exactly that in a diff time where partying took the show. no regrets, but seems a diff life haha. anywho, im going to within the next while put up a section, ive had prolly 9 full sections since 94 ahhaha. but im gonna make a best of n post it sometime.
is it warm to sk8 in cleveland yet?
peacelovenseasonalfruits ck
Sorry to disappoint, ck. The closest I come to Canadian is a one-time daytrip to Vancouver, BC, over 15 yrs. ago. I guess between the narnas and the eh's, I'm picking up quite the international dialect here ;) That sounds like a great world trip coming up for you. What kind of accomodations are you considering and what equip. do you think will come in handy?
good eve winlord!
No disappointment! van is pretty sweet, did u enjoy? I cant wait to be there for spring/summer, its great for freshness warmth sk8in n vibes. hahahaha international dialect eh, ahah i dont know what ur talkin aboot :), twill get funnier as i enjoy other continents, or mayhapps less fun for others to decipher. hahah.
Im figuring meager accommodations, from hostels friends along the way n my hammock tent :) not planning on bringing any equipment really, maybe a sturdy wooden or plastic spoon/knife, a peeler, n maybe a cooler jug, n hand blender, but not sure if ill bring those. ill need the laptop, although i wish i didnt hahha. oh wells.
IM quite excited, but theres alot of moments to pass till it becomes a reality, who knows where the wind a blows.
U have any insight? where u at again?, have you traveled in the tropics much?.
peacelovenseasonalfruits ck
Here in Phoenix, it's like the hottest rainforest you can imagine only with no rain and no forest. Only tropical experience so far has been a couple of Hawaii vacations years ago, resort style. You might want to look into WWOOFING, a system designed to link volunteers interesting in farming/growing with farmers needing labor in exchange for room, board, and experience. Also check http://www.freelea.blogspot.com/ for Free's solo bike journey across much of Oz. It contains many good tips for a nomadic, minimalist lifestyle.
Peace back atcha!
sweet as pie!!! hmmm rather sweet as mango, sounds better hahahhahahah love the sweet rainforest claim ahahhaa minus.. hahaha oh how i love hawaii.
thanks for the tips eh, the labour exchange sounds pretty cool il check that oot, n forsure im gonna check freelea's blog sounds like good insights. oh my twas a warm one here -2 hahah but it realy felt great n warm. got good mango n nectarines today, hyped ha
n here comes the peacelovenseasonalfruits train!
Yo Storietime!!@
Ups n downs eh, i hear ya, was -2 today, n lst week - 40 argggghahahahha. oh wells. ill let ya know when i post it man, tis good fun. U should post it anywho.. unless u dun wanto to that is ahhaha.
To the future though eh, im gonna tryn get some filmin n pics done tomorrow, i just did a interview for the next issue sbc (skateboardcanada) based on sk8in the raw lifestyle n my new website, really hyped as its a world wide publication!!! hope ur enjoying, n the days are warmer.
peacelovenseasonalfruits ck



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