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Anyone had elevated blood potassium from a raw low fat diet? I've been 75-80% raw for since May and my doctor is concerned. It's slightly elevated. Thanks!

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Do you take a potassium supplement or any supplement that contains potassium? The kidneys have no problem eliminating very high levels of organic potassium from plant sources. As you may know, most fruits and vegetables are very high in potassium. Inorganic potassium from supplements is more difficult for the kidneys to eliminate, and can result in hyperkalemia (high blood potassium levels), which can lead to a number of health problems. As long as your kidneys are working properly, and you're not supplementing with potassium, slightly elevated blood potassium shouldn't be an issue, in fact it's not really that surprising. Don't let your doctor try to scare you, the more raw foods in your diet the better. You're on the right track.
sounds like your kidney health aint where it could be.

totally cut the salt out of your diet so your kidneys can do everything else more effectively.

imagine the stress the kidney organs have trying to process cooked and or salted foods.

i eat more fruit than anyone in australia. and im the only male in australia that hasnt eaten any salt or seaweed in the last 2 years. my sodium/potassium levels are fine. and with all the ultra endurance racing im doing, im sweating bucket loads.
I'm healing from drug-induced Cushing's disease caused by taking cortisone for 4 years. Cushing's typically causes low potassium. I've been off the cortisone since March 2009. My liver enzymes are elevated as well. I also have gastroparesis which is a paraylzed gut. My gut works best on high raw (close to 100%) and mostly a liquid diet. I don't take any supplements. My daily breakfast is a banana-berry smoothie or just a frozen banana smoothie. I drink fresh juice and/or fruit during the day. At night is when I tend to cave to cooked. When I'm in my "zone" it's more smoothies and/or juice with greens added. I also make raw soups and this is when there is salt and sometimes nut butters.

When I'm cooking for the family sometimes the temptation comes over and it's some cooked i.e. baked potato, sometimes veggies, sometimes pasta. These things make me feel sick. I know I shouldn't waver back and forth. I just continue to strive for more raw, more consistently.

I'm 46 years of age. I lost 110 lbs to 128 but started gaining when they put me on the cortisone and I gained up to 190 in Dec 2008 when I weaned off the cortisone. Since then I've lost 20 lbs. I need to lose about 30 more. I need to exercise more. It's getting cold out which usually puts a slump into my routine, but I have a plan for indoor cardio. I work full time and unless it's for a couple months in the summer, I don't see the sun much. I'm on 50k of vit D a week. Cushing's also causes sleep problems/anxiety. I've healed a lot since I've been higher raw. I just want to be off all my meds someday and wish I knew why the kidneys and liver elevations aren't coming down with the increase in the amount of raw I'm eating.....?shrug?

It worries me and I want to get my organ health back. It'll just take time to heal I suppose. I also brought my diabetes down just above normal without meds since I've been more raw (in the last 6 months.
Wendy - It could just take a little more time for everything to get in balance. Your body has been through a lot.

I was in end stage MS in 8/08. I had also been on cortisone for four years, for adrenal failure. And I also had gastroparesis. I ended up on a diet of cooked and liquified green beans for a year, because I became allergic to all other foods. Then I had a spontaneous healing and went into remission. I still have seizures and some brain damage, but I am doing great all things considering. I am so glad to be back on raw - that was my ultimate goal for diet, and have been doing 80-10-10 for five months.

Not all my blood work is perfect yet, but I am feeling better all the time, and my doctor is hip enough to also believe I will continue to improve...I don't take any drugs or supplements, except for occasional vitamin d.

I don't digest fats well at all.........I'm wondering how you do with them, with your history? They cause inflammation for me, especially nuts and seeds - and the avocado I eventually gave up too, because it slowed my digestion down way too much. Salt is really bad for me too, but I don't touch it. I have been really good about sticking to the 80-10-10 because iti makes me feel great, and I know I am eating the right food for my body and continued recovery.

Keep up your amazing work. You've come so far already!

Hi Wendy,

Just wondering how your cushings disease healing is going on 80/10/10?  I have a girlfriend who has cushings and am wanting to give her inspiration..

Hoping you're still around.

Wendy   Aloha

As Jnanada said your body has been through a lot and sleep and added renewal is critical,There is no pill or food that can do that great you are sticking with what works for YOU as in the juices and smoothies during this essential renewal and rest period (rest and exercise ) Sunlight will be critical bravo for you for the 50 k Vit D if you are not getting sun.
That is just transitional one day.



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