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electrolyte (sodium) content of parts (peels) of fruits, ie lemons

I'm looking for studies or other types of information that have measured the nutrient, mainly sodium and other electrolyte content of fruits and am interested in peels.

Google scholar isn't super yielding searching for electrolyte forms (bonds) in ie coconut water or contents in lemons / lemon peels or just the pith not coming off with the peel while peeling.

The interesting thing on chronometer is most foods that are commonly referred to as rich(er) in sodium like coconut water, most melons, spaghetti squash etc demonstrate these contents on chronometer (usda / nccdb).

Lemons or raw lemon juice however don't really show much at all.

Lemon Juice, Canned, Bottled or Boxed however demonstrate enough to think you could get much of what you need from a few 250 ml (roughly 1 cup) bottles of lemon juice (I love lj).

the ones I buy are just 100% lemon juice, no other ingredients and not (from) concentrate and have hazier, whiter sets at the bottom until you shake the bottles.

Does anybody have an idea why this difference?

Properly ripened when juiced in Italy rather than picked for whole fruit export?

My guess is bottled or canned lemon juice has added salt for shelf life outside of the EU but considering how lemons are said to be high in electrolytes I wonder why this wouldn't show up in the assays of the USDA on raw lemon juice.

lemon (slices with) peel infused water also gets the high in electrolyte reputation and a comparison of apples with and without peel on chronometer seem to suggest most of the sodium is found in the peel... "lemon peel" in the usda db doesn't seem to contain that much so I wonder if it's the zest and not the white stuff that has been measured...

In the summer naturally I'll just buy lots of melons and such top sources.

Thanks for reading!

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Sodium requirement could be an error from mainstream science... Human could need 0 MG sodium daily.... and in reality ,  you will thrive with potassium.. Do you know the newborn are not attracted to salt ?? Salt   preference is acquired or learned preference.

Thank you

Does not the roughly 100mg of Sodium in human breast milk of a typical daily calorie intake of roughly 2 weeks newborns contribute to functioning blood osmosis? They don't have added salt, but receive sodium as part of their diet if you ref NCCDB... (no clue myself). Maybe due to a S.A.D. of the mother or otherwise due to a natural requirement you think?

Coconut water is known to work as blood plasma for transfusions due to the high content of sodium(?) and potassium. A medical professional explained to me when asking for an IV with slightly less sodium after I had a food poisoning that you can't lower it too much or the "osmolality"? wouldn't work for you.

I referred to my crushed tomatoes consumption as an example of a year-round good source of sodium (if you love it and use it for lots of half-raw gazpacho-ish smoothies every day). He thought I was nuts... packet says 0.12g salt per 100g (x8 = 376mg of Na) so better than lemon juice.

Salt signal(taste) that the people are used to appreciate from the salt could be a sign of toxicity.

 like  body sends a feeling that is toxic but the people misinterpret signal as good and addictive...

Exciting   feeling is associated with salty signal.. but in reality this signal could be a signal of salt excess or toxicity.

All the addictive behaviors with food seem associated with several triggers that excite the tastes.... and refined ,cooked ingredients and other processing unnatural..

Example : salty, sweet, sour , bitter, umami, spicy   , texture, hot cold.etc

The biggest chefs in world and cooking industry relies  on these addiction triggers.

They should balance a recipe that will trigger the most in general their customers.

Depending of the culture ,country , the preferences , their childhood first recipes and introduction to trigger patterns  they will develop certain trigger balance preference.. one culture may prefer more spicy , other more bittersweet,

but salt seems central almost in any country around cooking. other culture  may prefer more than usual bitter trigger in their recipe as well..etc.

The people that go raw gourmet or raw fruitarian tend to try to keep all those triggers in Raw model.  but in reality no animal  makes recipe, mixing ,processing of any kind before to eat their food.. They eat whole food unprocessed and fresh and mono-meal most of the time. 

Fresh  means  near original water from a fresh harvested whole food..

Did you know all the nuts and seeds sold  even Raw ones are not fresh... Why? $$$$ and avoid spoilage? If they would keep their original water content, they will spoil fast... So even the nuts and the seeds are not fresh  but they could technically  raw if they are  dehydrated at low temperature...

You could find only fresh seeds inside a fresh fruit in a regular grocery.

Human should live in fruit forest based on their original dna  , its really far from this for a lot of people on earth now..

The cows ideal family food are the  green in grass family.. but human ideal food family are the fruits in Banana family. but feel to comment if you find a fruit family more adapted to human dna than banana family ? I would be curious to know.. After several years i didnt find  and three permaculture research centers confirmed me they didnt find a fruit family more adapted to human dna as well.



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