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I am having a issue with my eczema. My eczema would flare up really badly as a kid but as I got older it went away. Probably between the last 6-12 months I have been dealing with my eczema again. I have developed eczema on my hands (never had it on my hands before) and it's irritating and painful. My skin has become very bad. I've tried coconut oil and that helps slightly but it doesn't relieve the itchiness or rash itself. My flares come and go. I'll be fine one day then I'll have a flare up for a week!

Also I am allergic to pollen, grass, and mold.

I have been eating Raw till 4 for about a year now. I have had to use cortisone because I can't bear it anymore. 

I have been doing some research online and read that bananas and many other fruits have pollen on them. Could this be the issue.

If anyone can help me I would be sooo appreciative :)

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I've been raw vegan for 1 year and cooked foods definitely aggravate my psoriasis.  I've dabbled with steamed vegetables a few times and it always makes matters a lot worse.

A few things I've found helpful.  

- Taking Digest Gold before meals (especially cooked meals)
- Eating leafy greens with cooked meals helps digest them better as well.  I usually eat carrots or sweet potatoes in romaine leaves like tacos
- Short water fasts help my skin out, I'm actually leaving to do my first long one at True North this Sunday, hoping for 14-21 days
- After I'm back from the water fast I am going to start supplementing for treatment of my methylation pathways, I have an MTHFR gene mutation and a bunch of other methylation SNPs that are effecting my detoxing and certain levels of hormones, neurotransmitters, etc... it's something to look into as it can really effect the body / mind.  I got my gene data from 23andme.com and then inputed it into mthfrsupport and it'll tell you if and what gene mutations you have.  Dr. Amy Yasko's book on Autism pathways is a great resource for methylation treatment, as well as watching lectures by Ben Lynch.  About 40% of the population has the MTHFR mutation so its super common.  
- After you address any methylation issues then you have to start detoxing heavy metals through chelating.  I tried detoxing bromide through iodine therapy and only made matters worse since I didn't know about my MTHFR mutation and blocked methylation pathways so I just ended up dumping more toxins into my system and wasn't able to excrete them efficiently.  

Unfortunately life isn't so simple for some of us, others can do fine just switching to a plant-based diet, but some people require more attention.

If you are vegan and have methylation problems you may actually be putting more stress on SAMe to produce creatine and choline that you are no longer getting from animal products, and this diverts SAMe from the methylation cycle where it is supposed to continue on to help regulate homocysteine levels.  

I've read every renown plant-based nutrition book there is, all of fuhrman's books, david klein's book, don bennetts book, 80/10/10, the china study, the raw cure, etc, etc... I've also consulted with david klein, rick dina, doug graham, don bennett, and this still wasn't enough to find an answer to my skin problems.  Now that I've discovered MTHFR mutation and have done a ton of blood tests and taken a medical course on methylation by Ben Lynch, I finally am getting somewhere...

Sorry for the delayed response.

Thank you soo much for your insight. I would have never of known anything about MTHFR mutation.

I wonder if I'm not eating enough fat? I had a vegan pad Thai the other day and I know it had some oil. The next day my eczema on hands started to heal. Could that be the problem?

The more I research it, while the MTHFR thing could be a contributing factor I think if you get your body back into balance and are eating the right diet you wont really being expressing these genes as much.

As for your oil meal, I don't know, hard to say if the healing of the hands was directly related to that, whenever I have fat, even nuts and seeds my skin gets way worse and ive experimented with this many times, even ground flax seeds.  My digestion gets backed up so badly and any fruit sugars that are in the gut just start to ferment and feed the candida.  I think my biggest problem is my stubborn systemic candida overgrowth.  I may need to do a longer fast to bring my candida back into balance and then come off of the fast on green juices.  Candida loves sugar theres no doubt about that, and while most people can get there candida under control by just keeping overt fats out of the diet, for me it seems the high amounts of sugar even with the no overt fats is still letting the candida thrive even after  13 months raw vegan.  I have dermatitis all over my face and scalp, none on my hands or anywhere else, and it looks very bacteria in nature, related to the candida yeast overgrowth, I'm not sure if eczema on hands is related to the same problem.

I've tried going on mainly cooked vegetables for a few days but I cannot digest them at all if I'm not taking digestive enzymes.  So Ive tried avoiding fruit and doing mainly cooked veggies + enzymes and my skin actually was worse that week than if I had been eating all fruit, go figure... and I've experimented with upping my omega3's with chia seeds and this too just seemed to make my skin worse.  I do best when Im getting omega 3's from tons of romaine and green juices and berries and mangoes.  Dates are very troublesome for my skin as well as the nightshade vegetables.  Overeating is very bad for my skin as well, I would say dont eat until you are SUPER full, try and eat till about 80% fullness so you're not stressing your digestion too much.  I think thats the major problems with people coming to this diet with candida/skin issues is that they dont have any period of time to get the candida back under control (long water fast or green juice fast might be helpful) and then they have extreme sugar cravings signalled by the candida and they eat and eat fruit until they are so full they cant eat anymore and the candida loves this.  Sure you can probably cure candida without a water fast or green juice fast but you're going to have to be really active, drinking lots of water, keeping your fat really low,  and practicing proper food combining and not overeating too much.  Especially not overdoing the bananas + date + coconut sugar smoothies that are just a huge blast of sugar.  If you have a severe candida issue this is just going to keep it there, at least for much longer than if you fasted or were more careful on your sugar intake / overeating.  

I do a lot of banana smoothies but they include about 4 bananas, a cup of fresh celery juice, barley grass powder (very alkalizing) and about 100g of romaine lettuce.  A lot better than dates, bananas and water and coconut sugar if you have skin issues...

I juiced some beets, apples, and celery and within a few hours I noticed my hands started to heal. This morning my hands had definitely improved. I read that if you try and cleanse the liver that it could help with eczema. I also read beets are great for cleansing the liver. So I'm not sure if that had anything to do with helping my hands. I can't seem to find a common denominator when I have flare ups.

I do have a feeling though that there's something in my gut that my body is trying to get rid of and it's coming through as eczema on my hands. I'm going to try and juice beets daily if not every other day.

Thank you for all your insight I really appreciate it.

Are you gluten-free, Lola? I recently cut out wheat entirely (and most gluten) and have found that my persistent eczema problems have dispersed! (I was struggling for years). Maybe it is a coincidence, but I don't think so!

Hi Quincy!

Yes, I'm gluten free. I might have gluten every few months or so but it's never been a big issue for me.

It's just strange how my eczema has been breaking in the past 6-7 months. I've been vegan for almost 3 years now and the past year I've been doing the 80/10/10 thing. So idk?

I had bad eczema for years and it completely disappeared when i stopped eating dairy.  



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