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Random thread here...

Where are ya'll located and what is the current state of panic with all this Ebola talk?

I've spent most of my day here in the office googling other countries news sources to see differences in opinion and prevention around the world. I'm in Massachusetts, and I feel like our news in the US always keeps us kind of "out-of-the-real-loop" with things. I also may walk the line of some conspiracy theories...

Also, another random note: I just skimmed past a website claiming the African Bitter Kola tree is said to aid against Ebola.

I guess I'm just bored and want some discussion...what's up people?

Anyone think this super diet could save them from possible infection in case of a pandemic?

Just thoughts here...no need to panic...yet?

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I think being super healthy would help if one were exposed to Ebola. It seems like Ebola is becomming a real threat here in the US.

I also don't trust the news in the USA much x.x definitely feel like they're keeping us out of the loop on what's really going on. 

Here in Texas a few people are walking around with face masks, everyone is talking about it, but most people aren't worried...its just in the back of their minds...water cooler talk, even though we have at least 2 confirmed cases so far. 

Ebola was probably created in a laboratory in Denmark, or somewhere, to suppress the economies of West Africa...its the modern day version of the attack on Black Wall Street in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsa_race_riot in 1921. Ebola fear destroys tourism and commerce in West Africa, not a coincidence this sort of crap hits Africa every single time.

On a side note, travel to Africa is very cheap right now for anyone interested. I saw a great deal on trips to Senegal right now (only one reported case so far), $1000 instead of $3000...so if anyone is interested I would highly recommend taking this opportunity to go see Africa.

Another interesting side note, is that people are creating a worldwide media panic about Ebola, while creating NO PANIC about the fact that at least 350,000 people die each year in the United States from PREVENTABLE DISEASES ALONE!!! The one difference is that FOOD is a very profitable business, so no matter how many people toxic food kills, everyone will remain hush hush about it. If Ebola was a products that was making big money killing people, we wouldn't even hear about any "Ebola outbreak"! http://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2014/p0501-preventable-deaths.html

ebola is a virus a photo of a few of these guys are above

they are worm guys

a virus;s are living beings

they are aggressively instinctive

individual ebloa are born, they breed & eventually die

they will fight to keep their species alive just as you do

there is other individual living beings that are born inside of you that live and die

their job is to kill individual viruses that threaten the harmony of your bodies territory

they are called phagocytes and theyre are several species of phagocytes that work together to kill viruses

they are born from the stem cells in your bone marrow

eating lots of 801010 organic raw low fat fruits and veggies feed these guys, they increase in number 

this is what you want - right ?

when there are enough lymphocytes (white blood cells) in your body - viruses are executed (killed off) and go away out your ass

you might like seeing this youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TvTyj5FAaQ

and this youtube as well - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNP1EAYLhOs



I'm based in London, and given that we process more air passengers per year than anywhere else in the world, I'm really surprised we don't yet have any confirmed cases (though with a 42 day incubation period, that may well change soon).  There's no panic here though whatsoever - guess that'll come once patient zero emerges!

Unlike the whole Swine Flu panic a few years ago, for example, which I believe was definitely hyped up for the benefit of Big Pharma et al, I personally do believe that this could be a real threat to humanity.  Its origins.... I don't know.  I've read a lot re conspiracy theories, and while I'm very open-minded and curious about what may go on behind the scenes, I'm not too sure where I stand in this instance to be honest.  I do find it interesting that the CDC's statements on Ebola and how it's contracted etc differs to the WHO's - the CDC seem to be lying, and playing it down massively, from everything I've read from leading virologists etc.  But who knows.

I think, as with all the usual viruses/bacterial infections, as well as the newer antibiotic resistant super bugs, and viruses like Ebola, your own immune system is the key as to whether or not you'll get infected/survive. This lifestyle is of course awesome for helping you get to optimal health and immunity - so yes, I reckon this lifestyle could well prove to be a life-saver.  I'm also a big believer in natural remedies to help support your immune system should you get struck down with any illness - colloidal silver, goldenseal, echinacea, mega doses of liposomol vit C, all that jazz.  I don't believe in vaccines and definitely wouldn't get one purported to protect you from Ebola if offered - the one currently in development isn't even being tested properly, and vaccines generally are full of such damaging crap, and are so incredibly bad for you - they're designed simply to make money, not ensure robust health.

Another manufactured scare tactic.  Poor malnourished people are of course vulnerable to it, this is why there are so many cases in poor areas.  Healthy immune systems keep any case mild, most never even get symptoms,  like a flu bug or cold, drink lots of water take high doses of vitamin C and you're fine.  We are sure to see a vaccine coming soon and that is the real intent of this scare to get us to take the deadly vaccine that has the real threat to our health.

Lots of good reading here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/behind-the-mask-of-altruism-imperialis...

“In the morning, you make porridge from maize and send the kids to school. For lunch, boiled maize and a few green beans. In the evening, ugali, [a staple dough-like maize dish, served with meat]… [today] it’s a monoculture diet, being driven by the food system – it’s an injustice.” [2]


This is nothing new, another treatable disease being used to kill people to scare other people, just another way to push untested, unproven and unsafe vaccines onto unsuspecting people, all for social engineering purposes.  I urge everyone to get educated about vaccines by reading a 2013 book co-authored by Suzanne Hunphries M.D., Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History.  See her website here with articles and links on vit. C, vaccines and more: http://drsuzanne.net/

This book is available in the U.S. library inter-library loan program.

Completely agree re the dangers of, and motivations behind, vaccines.


+2 never going for the vaccine, same with the Flu. Had one when I was little along with my brother and sister, ended up getting terribly sick from it, same with my mom. NEVER! :(

I agree with Ednshell Ebola is manufactured and sent out to the scared masses to distract them from real issues . Swine flu ,Bird Flu where are they now? If I wanted to take over a people land I'd create a disease in a lab and let it loose. Bill Gates and his Eugenics programme seem to be working. After all Bill and Melinda Gates foundation go do much good work for the people of the continent of Africa not!


I completely agree that healthy raw foodies have little chance of suffering with Ebola. 

I ran into some information that claims that massive doses of Vitamin C, especially Ascorbic Acid in powder form, can stop Ebola in its tracks.  Here's a list of Google links that lead to more info so you can make up your own mind.



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