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I'm finding it astonishingly hard to continue eating sweet fruit in large quantities after many years being on 811. I find I am so sick of sweet, sweet, sweet, and more sweet. I don't crave fats at ALL. I ONLY crave cooked savory carbs, like sweet potatoes (not sweet), yams, potatoes, lentils, etc. But I get severe digestive distress with beans/lentils or any grain. Potatoes make me gain like 5 lb a week, it's ridiculous. So that leaves yams and sweet potatoes...which I gladly eat plenty of. I don't crave or need salt.

I'm getting increasingly frustrated with myself as I just don't like the taste of sweet anymore. I just get annoyed thinking about eating something sweet, even a cookie or chocolate cake (which I don't eat, but just describing that even delicious desserts that I love don't tempt me). I can handle water rich fruits like melons, but I can't get enough calories eating those without bursting.

I am able to eat like 5 bananas or a pound of grapes but then I just psychologically cannot stand the sweet anymore, it's just TOO sweet!

Sorry I'm rambling but I thought MAYBE some other long-term 811-ers have been through this and have ideas?

Oh and I eat greens with my fruits too but it doesn't help with the feeling of "gross...more sweet"... I also drink green smoothies, and green salads... so yep, getting lots of greens. Damn, I don't know, maybe I should start salting my bananas, LOL!!!!

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:) can relate to what you stated.. especially after being on "watermelons only" for 5 days! i don't crave bananas anymore, can eat 2-3 but that's it.. so i just made raw vegan banana  "Bread" since i had too many banans and they were getting too ripe (and i already have frozen some of them) same with dates maybe 1-2 once a week

so I am focusing more on water-rich fruit now - persimmons, all kinds of citrus, apples, mangoes

i eat more cucumbers, celery stalks, tomatoes, zucchinis etc now :)

for me it's not about calories - it's more about minerals, vitamins :) 

Good to hear you found a way out! :) I actually have to hardcore focus on calories because I am bodybuilding in an intense way and just need the calories for recovery because I'm burning an extra 1600 a day PLUS needs for muscle building and tissue repair.

what about healthy fats in moderation? such as avocados, coconuts? soaked/sprouted nuts & seeds? 



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