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Ok sooooo I was eating lovely concord grapes today, and swallowing the seeds, is this okay?? I remember some where reading on here don't eat the seeds of fruits, but I forget the reason... But I eat strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, pomegranate, cuke, and zucchini seeds... all I can think of at the moment. You cant really get around them though. Yet, I spit out the watermelon seeds, only cause I feel like I'm not supposed to eat them... So are some okay to eat and some not okay?  I used to eat apple seeds and apricot seeds for the "health benefits of b-17".. .But haven't had them in a while unless by mistake, since I stuff apples down my throat too fast!!! LOL

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i hate seeds of most things, but my husband likes to eat everything whole...
That's funny...I was having the same experience yesterday...munching on those big, juicing, purple glope grapes and mindlessly crunching on the bitter seeds...until I started thinking, "Are these okay?"  I think the answer is, "Did it feel good to eat them?"  If yes, then do it.  If no, then don't.  They contain a small amount of fat and protein, which is good, and grape seed extract is completely awesome in fighting disease.  Grape seeds contain antioxidants like resveratrol which protects against cancer, counters heart disease, heals wounds, enhance bone density, heal and repair skin damage due to UVs, protects against tooth decay.  The list goes on...I say, eat them!  I think when seeds are big and hard, we're not meant to eat them...but smaller ones that are easy to chew, why not?  Remember, it's not 100/0/0...!  Thanks for sharing and I think it's cool we had the same experience on the same day!

You eat the seeds in the sense that you swallow them, but you don't digest them as long as they stay unchewed. That's how the plants spread. When we excrete them again, at the same time, we provide the next generation with manure, so it remains a fair deal as long as we don't chew the seeds. However, swallowing unchewed seeds is NOT the same as eating nuts.

As for health issues - seeds contain toxic repellants and undigestible substances like phytates and inhibitors.

Apple and apricot seeds contain cyanide; doesn't seem like a good idea to me! Like was said, swallowing unchewed seeds does nothing.

Hey.. Thank ya all !!!! Okay, so I won't worry so much. I know sometimes I tend get so rigid and and overly strict with myself. Just don't wanna hinder my health it anyway, wanna keep it 80-10-10 :) I think the cyanide is miniscule, and kinda works  homeopathically, kinda sorta? Not that I want to eat cyanide! lol   Who knows...   

 Hey VeganPhoenix... we must be sympatico! lol Very true bout the antioxidants. Ya know, I know all this stuff too, from my years of studying health and nutrition,  but I kinda threw it in the back of my mind, when I started eating 80-10-10.. not sure why I do that, weird....

  I must need more carbs so my brain focuses better!! Or I'm just an air~head! Yup that's it ;)

I love airheads!  They make the world so...bearable.  There's so much info to remember...it's impossible.  Don't sweat it.  Give yourself a huge hug...from all of us...just for having the incrediable courage and endurance (and airheadness!) to give 811 a try.  Rawsome point about homeopathy...hadn't even thought about that.  Obviously, for gazillions of years, seeds have never given mammals a problem, chewed or not.  Believe you me, animals think a lot less than we do about whether to chew their seeds or not!  Lol.  Btw, I would love to watch you spitting seeds.  ;)


In the famous words of one Crazy Australian who rides a golden durian into the sunset...


Maaawwww Caaawwwbbbbssss!!!!

Haha, speaking of airheads...I misspelled airheadEDness!!


Not enuff caaaaawwwwwwbbbbbbssssssss!!!

   Okay... you just made me laugh out loud...literally! Too funny! Thank you for being so kind! Oh, and thanks for the hug :)

  Yupper, DR says it best!

It's just b/c they're such rants.  If he would tone it down a bit, he wouldn't get the slack...but then again, he might not make as much impact.  I, for one, don't need the David Wolfe machine suing my ass off.  Keep biking, Harley...you might want to throw a cylinder or two on there...!

But rants get people's attention.... more attention to the hcrv message.... :)

I find the pomegranate arils (seeds with red flesh) have a poor taste. Also when I chew them I get a sore stomach. I tried slow (machine) juicing them too, but too much of the seed was crushed leaving a bitter taste. I find my own teeth the best juicer for this fruit.

I have read that apricot seeds have b-17 (laetrile), and that is good for cancer :) Soooo maybe there are some benefits in some or all seeds???  I am weird I guess...me like~y pomegranate seeds! ;) 



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