30 Bananas a Day!

hey fruit ppl!!

i have a question???
if anyone could help me out with that would be great !!!

ok so i like eating lemons hole !! like in boats the way you would eat oranges, always have always will i think,yeah i know there sour and why would i like them !!

so the question is!!
is it alright to eat them this way or is it just not a good idea at all???
or is it that i am lacking something!!

if anyone could help me with this or just give me a little  advice on what they know that would be stupendous!!!

thanks!!! jill:):)

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i dont think its a good idea to eat them my friend. they are very acidic and potentially damaging to our bowels. such acidic food will leach calcium from your bones as your body is always trying to maintain its alkaline environment.
yes they are alkaline forming

... which is to say eating them ain't gonna leach the calcium from your bones but there's plenty other reasons discussed below not to go bonkers with the lemons.
ahhhhhhhhh both of those sound horrible!!!!! i didnt think it was such a good idea but i like them so much i guess i was hoping !!! ill stop now:):) thanks sooooo much guys!!!
Acid fruit tear tooth enamel. I got an abscess from eating strawberries lately.
Try to limit it.
I eat lemons too. Maybe not by the boatload. But, I do like them, and have been known to eat 5 at a time.

I don't really worry about the whole acid thing. I took extremely bad care of my teeth while on a SAD diet - sometimes not brushing at all for weeks (I don't know why I did this - I do take care of them now!). And I don't have any cavities or enamel issues. My teeth and gums have always been in perfect health.

Personally, I think the whole tooth health thing is largely genetic. Just practice good hygiene, and enjoy your lemons. :-)

I don't know anything about digestive issues, though. Or if they're too acidic for the body. How much more acidic are they than grapefruit or an orange, though? I think if all you ate were lemons, it would be a problem. But, I assume you eat copious amounts of other fruits/greens too. That's just how I see it, though. I may be wrong, of course.
Obviously, dental hygiene is the staple.
But u know, citrus and acid fruits erode ur bones as well.
So, even if u are not having dental or mucosal issues, u could have internal damages u r not aware of.
Try to measure ur PH level once u stabilized and see what u get after eating a citrus/acid fruit.
wow !!!! this got way to literal!!!! yeah i was not gonna stop eating them!! just slow it down i didn't really wanna type soo its just something i said , but i do thank them kindly for putting there thoughts in:) and i think there is some truth to there input:) and yours tooooo!!!! any way take care thanks every one !!!!happy sunday
So I eat a ton of lemons; Oh and for people who get very puffy after eating salt-- lemons will help get rid of the puffiness quickly. I'll juice lemons and add them to water or even eat them whole (3 bags in a day) I don't think you should worry-- they are a natural diuretic and help get rid of toxins-- I am planning a lemon orange island for the next week to detox from this weekend-- Derby weekend :)
i love lemons,mostly i just put the juice on my salad though....and i always rinse my mouth with water after eating anything..

just keep an eye on your teeth.
i use to do that Asiris :) the lemon on hair thingy! i remember once putting it straight on my face,ohhh mama that was a mistake it burned like hell ...
alright ppl :) i like this alot thanks for your input :):) your the bestest:)!!!!!! every bit helps!!
Dr. Frank McCoy used mono lemon juice diets to dissolve kidney stones in his patients and it worked brilliantly well. 1/2 lemon with 1/2 cup of water every 1/2 hours while the patient was awake. took about 5 days to get the job done. (The Fast Way To Health 1923) Maybe your body wants lemons for some reason???



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