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Eating fruits until nauseous/stuffed to prevent cooked food binging... is this natural?

Hello all,


I have a question for you all and I am looking forward to input because I know there are so many people around here at 30bad that are so well educated and experienced in health, natural hygene, raw veganism, etc.


So here it goes...


Is it normal, good, and even natural to eat so much and keep on eating until you're about to burst, just to prevent a cooked food binge? I know myself... coming from a background of anorexia and bulimia, that on this lifestyle, if I do not completely stuff myself until I feel like I am going to be sick, the temptations to eat cooked vegan foods are still out there (not talking about rice or sweet potatoes, talking about soy ice cream and other junk...) I know a lot of people here do not believe there is such a thing as over-eating on fruits, but I have noticed that some people do seem to think this is possible, like Chris Califano, whose views and input around the forums I always find real interesting, being one of them (unless I understood you wrong, Chris).


Durianrider, you often say that emotional eating doesn't exist, and that wanting to binge out on cooked foods just means you didn't get enough carbs... but is it good for someone to eat so much that they feel literally sick in their stomach from eating too much, just to prevent a cooked food binge?

I have been getting better and better on this lifestyle, but over the past year and a half, I have had plenty a set-back, I will do great, make sure I am always surrounded by a SEA of fresh raw fruits and lotttttts of medjool dates, I get my greens in, I exercise, drink filtered water like there is no tomorrow, I sleep as long as I can and without alarmclock (unless I have an early appointment that i can't miss), and go for as much outside time as I can. And still I get times where I just want to buy every single vegan cookie, ice cream and chips item in the store and eat it all alone in my home, DESPITE knowing how awful I will feel physically and mentally the next day(s). It is not like I am eating only 2000 calories and then wonder, gee, why did I just binge on potato chips?

It seems Durianrider and I will never see eye to eye on this, that anorexia and bulimia are psychological disorders and not just a cause of low carb intake, but that is fine, that is not really what this is about anyway.


I would just like to know if it is a good idea to really stuff yourself in order to prevent cooked food binges?

Before you assume that I have an anorexic stomach... this is not the case, I have thankfully been recovered from anorexia for years, from bulimia too, but I still have binge attacks, just not followed by purging any more :) thankfully. I can eat hormonal always eating teen boys under the table, I work in an all men environment and I can eat ALL of them under the table :P (even in cooked foods) I am not overweight, but I am also not underweight, just a healthy 28 year old.


I hope to receive lots of input on this, because I get confused from time to time about mixed messages concerning whether it is normal/good to eat such high amounts of foods, and in my case, eating until I get physically ill just to avoid binging on cooked foods (because if I eat until I can no longer fit anything into my stomach... cooked food no longer looks tempting, because NOTHING looks tempting at that point ;))


What is very interesting to notice in myself is the following change/evolution... the more I learn, and on this lifestyle it is like you never stop learning, the more facts and studies I read, the more lectures from Dr. Graham I watch, the less appealing certain foods have become to me (like oils for example) which does help in the binging department... but still not entirely, sometimes I still feel like just having a dirty disgusting vegan junk bingeweekend.


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Hey vegan witch...


I do exercise daily, and definitely love walking, I do a lot of it :)

I also understand what you are trying to say, "simply eat till your full...", but that is where my discussion gets started, because I try to tell in the post I made that in order to keep myself from reaching to cooked foods, I have to eat eat eat until I get nauseous, because if I am nauseous/overly stuffed, I can not imagine eating cooked foods...

Perhaps you have to have a past with eating disorders to understand this urge to binge on foods until you're about to pass out because it is controling your entire life.

I am not talking about feeling guilty about eating some potato chips, like most women do, I am talking about eating the entire HOUSE and then some because you have a mental issue that requires attention but you want to shovel it under all the food you're distracting your brain with.

So it sounds like you already have your answer, Apollonia.  You've addressed the "eat enough carbs" and now you are wanting to address the underlying spiritual and emotional issues that you still feel nagging away at you.

You can try the "focus on good thoughts/ be grateful/ follow your passion" routine that so many people promote now-a-days, or you can join a 12-step group, or you can work with any number of modalities that help one clear past traumas.  I personally do a combination of all of that.

I think the people who can "focus on good thoughts" have often not experienced severe traumas during childhood or young adulthood.  Just like the people who don't understand eating disorders maybe never had one, they were just under-carbed?  Just my speculation.  

Greenmama, you're very wise...

I definitely agree what you say about the people that think they had eating disorders but were in fact actually undercarbed. So many people say they have an eating disorder if they lost some weight or messed around with diets...

Anorexia is not a diet or undercarbing, it is a psychological disease. It is a very creepy self destructive disease that destroys families. I drove my parents INSANE, INSANE, escaping from clinics, hospitals, with my little mental anorexic rituals, how i hurt myself, how i did everything to starve myself and make myself as inhuman as possible.


Thanks for thinking along with me, I have had a lot of treatment in the past and was always very resistant to it. But of course programs with steps are different from sitting across of someone who goes "so how do YOU feel about this?" ;)

sounds you have tons of energy and no where to put it - do i feel a cheeky, deliciously wicked streak in you just dying to get out and metephorically kick some dutch a s s ?

haha oh gosh vegan witch hahahaha

Many kisses your way.

There is a big chance you have a VERY good point :)



your just hungry Apollonia. Hey its REALLY HARD to get enough fruit cals in this fruit phobic society. EAT! :) EAT THE FRUCKTOSEN HOUSE DOWN!


I so love your words, Harley. I really can't express how wise and true and profound they are.

Apollonia, please listen to this!

Daniel, I am definitely feeling it and listening... Harvey (and Freelee too) have a profound effect on me, and I am just so happy I got a clear answer to something I have been struggling with so long... sometimes you just need to hear it straight from person to person, you know?

I also want to thank you for all your effort you're putting into replying to this discussion.. It is so very very appreciated ♥

Hey Apollonia, 

thank you so much for your lovely words. I'm moved by your gratitude.

I just thought that you should absolutely watch this video since I think you would benefit a lot from it. It's been so important to me! (If you've already watched it, then watch it again, and again, and again, and again, till you get it right). So here it goes,

12 minutes of Freelee's wisdom! It's yours to take! These words are priceless! They're profound beyond description! They can change your life completely!

They can make you into a stunningly radiant star!

Thank you so much Freelee for existing. My life would not be the same without you.


The power is within you to overcome your difficulties, Apollonia! You just have to trust yourself!

You can reach the highest peak of the highest mountain! You can live so happily and fully!

Apollonia, your mere existence is already a gift to all of us. You bring us so much joy and fulfillment! My life has never been the same since our paths crossed one another.

In speak in all sincerity.

Love and encouragement, 

Daniel <3 <3 <3

This just became one of my new favorite quotes!!! "EAT SO MUCH FRUIT YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD TOMORROW!"

I am actually going to write it down on a pretty notecard and put it somewhere in my house for inspiration :)

That's a great idea!! I think I'll also do that. Actually I'm gonna put it on the top of my page! I'm glad to see you're responding to the wisdom in Harley's words.

luv <3

Dear Apollonia,

It's clear you're eating enough calories, drinking enough water, sleeping enough, moving enough, so that should be all you need isn't it? You should be perfectly following the LFRV lifestyle, wright? Wrong! If you listen to Harley's messages more closely, you'll see you're missing an essential ingredient: fun! Yeah, that's it. You just sound too too serious when you talk, one can clearly see that. Man, if you gotta rely on discipline to stay LFRV, then you're seriously missing the point of it. This lifestyle is way fun, man. 

We ain't robots, gal, we aint some kind of eating-sleaping-drinking-exercing machine. No!!!!!! No way!!

Don't live the LFRV lifestyle like you're living in a concentration camp, with strict rules to be followed and absolutely no room for fun and pleasure and human feeling!!! Caus then you're not living it at all!! You're only making a living hell outta of your life.

You're a sentient creature! A living being! You need love, you need to feel pleasure! Pleasure, baby!! Don't take life so seriously! Have fun!! Listen to me!

So my advice is: try to find a hobby for yourself, something you like doing that is not directly related to food. C'mon, there's gotta be something you like to do. Try to figure out something!

And another thing: I'm absolutely sure fruit tastes much much better than any crap you can name. So, next time you eat fruit just try to feel the bliss of it; focus on the pleasure it gives you. Don't just eat fruit for obligation. Don't ever do that! Eat it because you love it! Eat it because you get a moment of bliss whenever you eat it, a pleasure beyond words to describe, just like when you eat those boys under the table ;) 

So, yeah that's what I got to say. Just go out there and have fun!

Love and fun,




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