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I hope to clear up some confusion and help people see the whole "eat enough" dilemma in a more realistic view.

Many people come to this diet and think "wow! I have to eat THAT much?" and some even find themselves eating THAT much but wanting to eat MORE. Whats the deal?

There's a lot of variables most people don't take into consideration, so I hope to help people by bringing these points to light.

First, we have been deficient our whole lives. Much more than most people think. Tony Wright has estimated that about 95-98% of the biochemicals present during our species development have not been present for thousands of years. 

So first, generational deficiency. You were born to parents with severe nutritional deficiencies, you came into this world deficient. 

Next, you probably didn't eat right for the first decade or two (or more) of your personal life, even people raised vegetarian or vegan rarely eat enough or enough of the right stuff to be truly nourished. 

Third, when you did decide to eat right, its doubtful that you were eating high quality stuff. Few people are able to do all organic, and even organic stuff is not always as high quality as it would be in nature. I've read that apples are 20x less nutritious than they used to be, and there used to be 40x more iron in spinach. There was also a study done on grapes grown on two different plots of land and how one sample was inferior, also harvesting early leads to a lack of nutritional completeness. There are also other reasons why the food most have access to is nutritionally incomplete. Bottom line, there isn't enough nutrition in the food most people eat to satisfy their normal nutritional requirements, never-mind making up deficiencies.

So, you have severe long-term (generational and lifetime) deficiencies, and often a lack of access to nutritional complete foods. 

Also, you are damaged. Your ability to digest, absorb, and assimilate certain things is impaired. Certain parts of your body have incurred damage and are in need of repair, and that takes energy. 

I'd also like to mention a few more things, such as our attunement with our bodies. The existence of painkillers demonstrates the ability to interfere with our ability to experience bodily pain/discomfort. Many people consume a variety of substances, not necessarily drugs explicitly, but foods laced with substances that result in a general numbing effect. Once you get these out of your diet, you may find yourself with symptoms you didn't notice before. One of these may be the desire to eat more to make up for your deficiency. Its likely that jamming a hodgepodge of weird stuff down your gullet will trigger the body to say "whoa, hold up... don't eat anything for awhile, I gotta figure this out" but when you stop doing that, it will say "good stuff, keep it comin', we need wayyy more nutrition to fix this thing, seriously, KEEP IT COMIN!" 

As I mentioned, we've all been living most our lives deficiently. I did not read "The Great Starvation Experiment" so someone please confirm this, but I have seen the comment made that it took 4000 calories for the subjects to recover from their condition. I have also found it interesting that in my experience I felt best while eating 4000+ per day, last summer when I feasted on mangoes and melons. I've seen other people who have expressed having a similar experience. Thats the thing about deficiencies, you gotta make up for them to truly thrive. 

So... hopefully this will help people see the bigger picture. We can't eat enough. In the long term, if we are serious about healing and thriving, we NEED to return to nature, to live in a place with an abundance of naturally grown fruit trees, and raise children in this kind of energy rich environment, so that the SPECIES may heal as a whole. 

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lets say u have the best soil ever...the best seeds ever....and can provide the best nutrition in those self grown fruits.... then u d have to eat less? 

we eat that much calories carb wise coz the nutritions of our food is so bad ? 

ppl with good digestion have to eat less.... ? ppl with bad have to eat more ? 

ppl that r satisfied with less calories (amounts of food) than others just have a better digestion and r able to filter out more nutritions? 

ppl that crave more food do have a worse digestion?

since this diet is (imo) able to "repair" bad digestion issues ... someone who "repaired" his bad digestion would be able to eat less later on ? coz he gets more nutrition out of the food as someone with a normal or bad digestion? 

i believe almost all fruits we eat nowadays r not as they used to be for our ancestors (ape-wise)  ...

i believe i ve heard there were no bananas where our ape-ancestors lived (i might be wrong).

There were no apples for sure .....


no best no most.   different.  enough. 

no diet repairs.  the body self repairs .   
you repeat what somebody else said

no wrong no right.   consequences of actions

growing a lot of my own stuff it really is night and day compared to store bought stuff probably for a number of reasons some of which you mentioned and i'd imagine i'm better off nutritionally. My gripe is the pressure to eat X amt of calories becuase i read it on this site or somewhere else can drive me nuts. For a few days i did 10 banana smoothies for meals. I had to PACK it in I felt AWEFUL shoveling in that much food at once i wanted to take a nap for an hour afterwards. I didnt feel good at all. I noticed when i spaced it out did say 6 in a smoothin and ate another 4-6 for snacks i faired much better. In the end i probably still got the right amt of calories but it didnt drag me into the gutter. My approach just worked for me. so after a lot of stress and struggle I just went with what worked for me. I do however wonder if htere is some magical nirvana i'm missing out on by not shoveling in 4500 calories or something or if that will come in its own time.

For numerous reasons most of us have to re-adapt to be able to consume the volume/weight we need. It doesn't have to be all at once though. I do find that medium-sized meals digest better. 

Also, because of certain nutritional deficiencies both in us and the food we consume it can be more difficult to digest stuff. I believe chromium deficiency is involved in "melon belly" which makes it hard for some to eat watermelon. 

good points here

fruit & lettuce  quality down 

year round quantity of fruit is way up

 we may grip about quality but hey the store is open and full ! in 1800's dinner of any kind much less fruit  was not always to happen

so its a natural to really gas up our tanks given what what we have today


we may grip about quality but hey the store is open and full

And as someone who works in the produce section, I can tell you that most of it is really low quality and pretty much inedible. Basically nothing is ripe, everything is expensive, and the quality is pretty hit or miss on everything. Sooo glad I'm moving (Hawaii) in a little over a week :D :D :D 

In the 1800's they also didn't have all the toxic stuff we have these days, and fruit was probably abundant for those in the tropics. Either way, our situation is still severe. 

exactly, the produce departments are full of garbage

yeah its true. I"m getting over myself now but for years i wouldnt touch an apple unless it came off my neighbors tree or a tomato unless it came from my garden or certain local farms. how it was grown was one thing but the reality is the good stuff tastes friggen dang good the bad stuff aint worth wasting yoru time with. This is probably why a lot of people dont like there fruits and veggies why should they a lot of whats in the store is crap!.

I'm over myself now tho and can enjoy store bought when its my only choice etc.. But in the past i've bought entire bags and bushels of apples just to toss em cause they sucked etc..! now i'll choke them down if i must i simply dont always have the luxery of composting em.

travel can open ones eyes go one of our gettos  look at food choices

go to  poverty in other countries look for water there and something to eat we got water out the tap 

can our produce be better  yes !!!   can our water be better yes !!!!

in the northeast united states in winter dinner was a maybe in 1800's today even our poorest here can eat every night  apples to apples : ) because this is where i live today

i will not bad mouth what sustains me daily it may wise to  be grateful my friends while we look for the perfect or the better

Yeah most people started out being fed high fructose formula as opposed to mother's milk. Not shocking that there is an epidemic of unhealthy people out there. With 80/10/10 I feel like most of the people promoting this diet are living in tropical or semi-tropical regions, so we've kind of gotten on this whole tropical fruit kick. Which is good, but for those of us living in colder regions we need to remember to eat local foods as well. I live in the North East and I've been eating organic for about 6 years, local whenever I can from a food co-op that's doing everything as natural as possible. The nutritional value of food decreases the longer it is stored so it's better to eat local, tree-ripened fruits. Local greens are good too, especially if grown in healthy soil because they will higher in minerals. This is probably actually the best or close to the best time to start a raw diet because we are coming up on berry season...I should be able to get a large quantity of my food local for the next few months. 

There are people out there, even if it's just a few, who are making an effort to get the older varieties of foods growing again.  I remember watching a documentary about a man planting up older varieties of apple trees because they have higher cancer cure properties.  He'd made it his life work and mission to have these trees back.   I think a big chunk of the world are going to get sicker and then there'll be the rest building the "bigger picture"  



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