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Read about eating banana peels this morning! Sounds interesting, has anyone tried it? And are there certain ways to prepare it? :)

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Bite Size Vegan has a video about this. She eats them. I've eaten them before. The riper the banana, better tasting the peel. Definitely should be organic.

I thought only aliens ate banana peels, namely Prot from K-Pax!


The fruit flies got into my compost bucket full of nothing but banana peels and multiplied into about 10 million healthy vigorous flies, proving there is still alot of nutrition left in the banana peel.  Also proving that a 100% mono diet of just one fruit can be viable for at least this one animal.  They turned the counter tops black. I made a trap baited with banana peels (a jar with a paper funnel) and released them outside.

Second, where do the flies get their protein? I googled: fruit flies nitrogen fixation - and found:

"Enterobacteria-mediated nitrogen fixation in natural populations of the fruit fly Ceratitis capitata.

Nitrogen, although abundant in the atmosphere, is paradoxically a limited resource for multicellular organisms. In the Animalia, biological nitrogen fixation has solely been demonstrated in termites. We found that all individuals of field-collected Mediterranean fruit flies (Ceratitis capitata) harbour large diazotrophic enterobacterial populations that express dinitrogen reductase in the gut. Moreover, nitrogen fixation was demonstrated in isolated guts and in live flies and may significantly contribute to the fly's nitrogen intake. The presence of similar bacterial consortia in additional insect orders suggests that nitrogen fixation occurs in vast pools of terrestrial insects. On such a large scale, this phenomenon may have a considerable impact on the nitrogen cycle."


Maybe if one achieved absolute perfection it would be possible to harbor such nitrogen fixing bacteria within and thereby satisfy one's protein needs without the need for protein in the diet one consumed.

I worked on an organic vineyard, and they actually had a list of chemicals they could use and still keep their organic status. I cant remember what it was that got sprayed while I was there but they had to wear what looked like gas masks while spraying it...

So I think it might be the same with all fruits like those bananas that don't smell right...

Often organic pesticides are worse than synthetics.

I've Heard that the peel is covered with a shellac made from crustaceans in the conventional making them obviously non vegan. Beware of that. Also, I do agree with what Caro K said about sometimes smelling something on the organic so be careful. I have never tried it.

All imported fruit in my country is fumigated before release for distribution.

Most produce importing countries have similar policies. Even local produce is not always exempt from this practice.

Included amongst the delightful compounds used for this process are methyl bromide, phosphine, hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde.

Choosing to ingest that peel isn't the wisest of decisions if you're uncertain of the processing history of that fruit.

Show me an accurate UNBIASED study regarding residual contamination and I'll be amazed.



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