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Hey guys,

I just ran for an hour. Earlier in the day I had lots of rice. I am now back home ant its almost 10 PM where I am. Do I HAVE to eat after I run to regenerate? If I do, can I eat apples even though I had rice? Or do I have to follow the non mixing rule?

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I'd like to get to know it as well.

thank you so much!!! WATER WINS :D

agree with the quart of wawa, but I would recommend having at least a little something to refuel that's easy to digest, say a couple nans or some grapes.  Exercise breaks down the body, so you want to have some building materials available to it. 

Experimentation for your tum comfort may be necessary, but you say it's been "earlier in the day" for the rice, so I wouldn't think combo is a big deal.



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