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I still don't understand, can someone please help me here.

Maybe I am slow. I don't know. Let's just say if I eat 5000 calories a day (on average) mostly from raw fruits (with the additional or leaves, nuts etc.), but use only 2500 calories throughout the day, wouldn't that mean I gained 2500 calories? First where does the extra calories go and second doesn't that extra calories turn into fat?

I am confused. Thank you.

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Really? Can you really eat twice and many calories of raw fruits & veggies than you burn in a day?

Only person who I think that can do that is Homer Simpson... DOH!

I understand your point, but you seem to be missing the main point here. The reason people get lean on 811 is because they exercise and that raw fruits & veggies are so bulky and low in calories that they end up not eating more calories than they burn.

i dont think what ur saying is correct there

Hi Kenny,

Well, I say give it a shot, log everything you eat on cronometer.com or similar and then see how you do. Give Low Fat Raw Vegan with total caloric intake at <=10% from fat per day and see how your weight tracks with caloric intake. 

I have seen again and again posts and articles on dietary thermogenesis, which seem to track with the suggestion here that if you get your calories from fruit it is going to play out differently in your metabolism than if you are getting them from starches and/or grains.

So I would challenge you to put your 811 actually = calorie restriction theory to the test, and let us know how it works out! Eat a low fat raw vegan diet and log everything you ingest as well as exercise done and see how it tracks over time. Also important to note are things like sleep since poor sleep can up stress/cortisol which can have an effect also.

Well, isn't this a fun discussion?! :)

Something that has not been brought up yet is the set point theory.  Basically this theory says that the body will try to stay at about the same weight, regardless of caloric intake - similar to how a thermostat works.  The set point can change over time though, and that is how people can gain weight over time.  If you continually eat more calories than you need, the set point can be moved up.  And it is harder to move the set point down because  storing fat is a nice safety mechanism that our bodies use to prevent us from starving to death in times of famine.  That is why so many dieters can lose weight, but will regain the weight that was lost in a year or two.  Their set point has not been changed, so their weight bounced back to the set point.  I personally eat as much fruit and greens as I want.  When I keep track in cronometer, I average about 2000 calories per day, which is exactly the amount that I calculated at this site --> http://nutrition.about.com/od/changeyourdiet/a/calguide.htm  I know it is less than the 2500 calories recommended on this site, but I just cannot stuff that much into me on a regular basis - and I am not an athlete (though I am moderately active).  When I first started, I was able to get 2500 calories in for the first few days, but after that my appetite naturally decreased and I only got 1300 or 1400 calories in.  After 30 days, my average calories per day was 2000.  The human body is pretty awesome - it will tell you how much food to eat!!!  (There are a few exceptions to this - like people who have had anorexia nervosa.  They may need to force a little bit to get enough food/ calories in.)  



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