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I have been on the HCLF mostly raw diet for over 2 weeks now and am having no problems eating over 3500 calories a day! I am always hungry... I'm not a large individual though, 5'6 female probably weigh around 115lbs, and am 22 yrs old. Is this normal to be eating this much for my size in the beginning?
I am also finding it hard to sleep unless I am full right before bed and consistently needtl get up to eat more if my last meal wasn't recent...
I've just been listening to my body and going for it...
My diet consists mainly of lots of bananas (20-30), mangos, coconut water, cucumber, some peeled apples (can't digest peel) and lettuce in my smoothies (can't digest it otherwise), I was having dates but those don't seem to be working well. Oh and pineapple. Sometimes watermelon
I can't eat citrus or nightshades.

Any other newbies able to pack it in no problem? I've read other posts of people trying to get to 2500 at first haha
Just wanted to double check I'm not missing something important which is causing an imbalance.

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I'm fairly new and I've been able to pack in the calories easily too. Some days I'm hungry constantly throughout the day...or I fill myself up and then am hungry again within an hour. I'm trusting the process and continuing to load up. Perhaps our bodies are just making up for all the years of calorie restriction...especially compared to this lifestyle. I'm looking at my ability to easily carb and calorie up as a positive. I kind of feel like we may be ahead of the game in that regard.

sounds like you're doing really well! it's taken me 3 months to finally understand to just feed my body whether it be with 2500 calories or 4000! it's great that you're so in-tune with your body and already know what you can/can't digest well! I struggled for ages with this unlimited calorie thing, you'll probably have a shorter healing time with all that lovely fruity nutrition!

keep up the good work chica!

I've been almost a month and I'm still downing close to 5000 a day- I'm 5 foot tall exactly and like 100 pounds- my bodybuilding boyfriend is amazed haha. I eat mostly dates- I'm so addicted! Glad to hear I'm not alone :)

I have a friend who is 215 pounds and has been on this for 19 days and hasn't lost a pound. Is this normal?  She has never starved and eats 3000 calories NO fat. She has 2 12 banana/date smoothies and greens for dinner.

It just takes time. She probably is losing fat just gaining water, muscle, etc. At the same time so the scale stays the same. Tell her not to pay attention to the scale. And to drink enough water!
I just joined . Where do I find an outline or program on what to do, how much, when, and all that stuff? Help !
Thanks for the encouragement folks! I'll keep on eating away. I find if I get less than 3500 it affects my sleep, I just can't fall asleep and have to get up and eat more! Weird... One other thing is that I have been drinking a lot of water but constantly have a dry throat, especially at night and in the mornings. Not sure what's going on there.
But yes, learning to listen to my body is something I have finally learned through years of trying different approaches to heal, its been a journey but I'm thankful its brought me where I am now!

Wow! 4000 cal is really amazing!!!:) are you raw till 4 or fully raw? In the beginning i wasn't restricting calories, but ive noticed that i gained on weight and instead of being energetic i started being sleepy, tired and not happy.... I thought that something is wrong, so for two weeks i was eating less bananas, no dates and more oranges. I cutted rice as well. And i need to say that it really helped me!!! I had much more energy, but my body started to demand more calories, that's how i came to my starting point 2000/2300 calories. I think that i felt tired because of the cooked food ...I would love to be fully raw, but to be honest it's to expensive... I do graphic design, so i also don't move much during the day:((( I do kickboxing and really enjoy tiring/hard exercises(probably because of the sitting all day, haha) have you noticed that you're more sleepy/not as lean after rice/potatoes?

If your always hungry with that calorie intake you are either thirsty or your body is needing specific nutrients. Also for i always find it hard sleeping at night on this eating lifestyle unless i do an adequate amount of exercise.. if i cannot sleep i will get up and exercise and if that doesn't fully do it i will read as that seems to make me sleepy. I am fully raw btw.



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