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I seem to constantly be plagued with awful ear infections or fluid build up in the ears that usually last a couple of months. Ever since I was approx. 14 I've averaged about 2 infections a year (I'll be 20 in a few months) and have likely had close to 15 of them since I was little. I've even had tubes put in my ears three times! Fortunately the tubes are nolonger there, but I am not a toddler anymore and I'm honestly too old for this. I had hoped I'd be rid of them when I want vegan 7 months ago since dairy is often the culprit. **Note: I'm not raw yet; I'm just transitioning until I go back to college Monday and the only food sitting around for me to eat will be the fruit I buy.

Anyway, I got sick with a severe cold or something of the sort just before Thanksgiving and it took a month for that to go away. Unfortunately, I suppose all the fluid trapped in my ears has led to the beginning stages of an ear infection. When I went to my e.n.&t doctor for a proper diagnoses yesterday, I was prescribed penicillin and another drug to make sure the infection didn't fully develop. With the exception of some ear drops with a previous infection, I've not taken any antibiotics or other pharmaceutical meds in 2 years and obviously don't want to take them if they can be avoided. 

My concern is that if this infection progresses, it could get pretty severe and could spread to the brain if left untreated long enough. Usually I just take an herbal sup. or tea such as echinacea for a few weeks and hope for the best. I now know that tactic is risky and I want to really treat this infection without it developing into anything serious. One of the most difficult things about this is that I can't use any natural ear drops or an essential oil blend as I still have a hole left in one of my eardrums from where the tube was.

I trust that when I follow this lifestyle long enough I won't suffer from chronic ear infections anylonger, but now that I have an e.i. and am not even raw yet, I am unsure of what to do. I don't know if I should cross my fingers and go with an herbal supplement and eat as much fruit as possible, or if I should just settle for the antibiotics.

*Another question: Since detox can weaken the body's defenses, is it even a good idea to go 100% 811 in the next few days, or should I just focus on a higher level of fruit and wait until the infection is gone? Thanks a bunch and I appologize for the length!       

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could wheat or another food allergy be the culprit?

I wondered if that might also be a problem. I'll be giving wheat up when I go full-on raw next week. Thank you:)

I used to get ear infections all the time and fluid build up. I find when I do improper food combining and over eat fats those problems come back very quickly. Have you tried just eating mono meals on fruit for a few days? That usually clears mine right up

Thanks so much! I  haven't tried that, but I'll have to.



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