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It's obvious you have the charisma to jump this ship to TV and or the big screen. You already have a large following. In the last 30 days you've uploaded (after editing) about 8 hours of video to Youtube. You're already recording enough footage to make a movie.

Why not record as much as you can for Strava's 2014 January Challenge that you won last year and make it a movie for 2014? 


 Planing out your recordings with the intention of making a movie would provide you with an abundance of motivate you to crank in more miles. Show the world what's really involved trying to beat out 46,000 other riders for a month long internet based race. You'll also have more documentation if you milage gets challenged.  

You can always record it but skip the movie if you don't feel it's not 100% yet you'll still have a ton of extra content for Youtube. You could also edit it down to 30 minute episodes that have the potential of being picked up on TV as a reality show. 

The shear number of Strava riders would open up your Youtube and 30Bad sites to a good deal of new traffic.

If you google "independent film press release" you'll get an idea of how to break out of the youtube mold and work your way into other networks of distribution. Have any of the Raw food/Fruitarian

Here's 15 other examples that many of us have watched: 


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Lol@Harley and CTFU  pimped up and top of the leader board on Strava. Great way to set an example.

Good idea Reed. Never thought about filming each day then making a big mash up at the end. Doesnt look like the base mile blast is on for 2014 though. Not even up on the strava site yet with only 3 days to go. 

Strava is making a HUGE mistake. The Boston Marathon had a record size of 38,708 entrants in 1996.  The 2012 Strava blast had 6,786 Participants 2013 had 46,315 Participants. It  was already bigger then the Boston Marathon and allowed anyone to compete. 

While most are not serious participants, some were and for them it's a month long event (or even year long for training) for many.  So for the entire year those participants are thinking STRAVA! Talk about imbedding a brand deeply into someones subconscious!

Many people were geared up to do the 2014 Strava base mile blast. This was well on it's way of being a huge competition with ZERO dollars needed to host it. Top riders and pro's would likely join in and over the years. This could have turned one of the biggest sporting events in history. 

Strava could have turned this into a large money making publicity event that you would watch on the news just feeding Strava's user base and subscriptions. Televising the top riders would be another one aspect. 

Maybe they thought January was a bad (cold month for most) and will push it to warmer summer months for a larger market? Maybe they had no foresight on how large this could grow with zero costs?  Maybe they overlooked how easy it would be to turn it into a money and publicity machine? 

 Note: I wouldn't skip the first days of riding just in case they kick it on with a late announcement. Catch up is not fun.

I hope STRAVA can see the future. Very soon Smartphones and GPS units are going to take giant leaps into  interconnectivity. Soon when you race you'll have the ability to see the position and speed of all racers. You'll know all the splits, distances and speed adjustments needed to win. You bike computer will predict if you could overtake another rider or catch a pack or tell you to drop back as another pack is catching up.

Strava could pull this off or the tech savvy competition will swoop in and steal out Strava's user base. It's just like the rolling dominance of AOL, Altavista, Excite Infoseek,  Lycos, Yahoo and Google all over again. Half the names you might not remember but they were at the top just years ago. Strava is going to have a good deal of competition soon   

I actually found this thread when googling 'strava base mile blast 2014'.



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