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Durianrider's Testosterone Levels Compared to Mike Mahler's Recommendations

I've read a lot of Mike Mahler's work regarding optimizing hormone levels with diet and lifestyle. If you are not aware of Mike, he is a vegan strength coach but eats an intentionally greater amount of fat (I believe sometimes up to 60% daily). His emphasis on plant-based dietary fat is because the saturated fat (like in coconut oil) will increase our cholesterol which is important for creating hormones. Mike's specialty is optimizing hormones for males like testosterone. Since I feel my body is best on a low fat high carb raw vegan diet like Durianrider, I was curious to see what Durianrider's testosterone levels looked liked based on Mike's ranges.

I analyzed Durianrider's total testosterone levels from two of his blood test videos and compared them to Mike's recommendations. (I had to convert Durianrider's levels to US) Here are the numbers:

Mike Mahler says an appropriate normal total testosterone level for men is between 350-1,000 ng/dL. (I've seen many sources starting the range from 250 but Mike prefers it be 350.)

Durianrider's last blood test: 17 nmol/L which equals 490 ng/dL. The test before that was 18 nmol/L which is 519 ng/dL. Both well within Mike's recommended range.


Mike Mahler likes to keep his cholesterol around 180-200 mg/dL.

Durianrider's latest total cholesterol level was 4.0 mmol/L which is 154 mg/dL and previous to that was 4.8 mmol/L which is 185 mg/dL.

Mike recommends achieving his range with a few tablespoons of coconut oil a day but to get that 185 on his second to last blood test, I sincerely doubt that Durianrider was eating coconut oil or even over 10% of his daily calories from fat!

We already know that important hormones for males are already supported on 811 but I find these comparisons interesting since they prove that two vegans can have healthy testosterone levels yet eat very opposite. If you follow Mike Mahler and you follow Durianrider you will actually notice both have a similar personality and approach in terms of self-help and personal responsibility. You wouldn't even have to test either one of them to figure their total (and free) testosterone was more than adequate.

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I just watched a Mike Mahler video yesterday where he was talking about the effect of Magnesium and DHEA.  After doing some research I still don't really know what DHEA, but I figure we must being doing good because we get a massive amount of Magnesium. 

Yeah there is plenty of magnesium on 811 like bananas and it will, according to Mike, ramp up DHEA levels--DHEA being the ultimate stress management hormone. Plus, since bananas are said to increase serotonin levels, it's no wonder why people feel happy eating this way. I just found this bit on Wikipedia about serotonin (you can see the references on wiki)

"In humans, serotonin levels are affected by diet. An increase in the ratio of tryptophan to phenylalanine and leucine will increase serotonin levels. Fruits with a good ratio include dates, papayas and bananas. Foods with a lower ratio inhibit the production of serotonin. These include whole wheat and rye bread."

I am more interested in what these guys free T levels and Estrogen(estrodial) levels are.  Excess serum T can be converted to Estrogen, thus keeping free T level low.  Free T level seems to be most important.  The phrase 'balancing the hormones' can be quite complicated.

Here's my numbers from the last 4 tests, about 6 months apart:

T (serum) ng/dl   483  678 760 841

T (free)     pg/ml  10    11   12   14

Estrodial   pg/ml   --   --   52    34

My T(serum) levels have been climbing since I went raw, T (free) is on the low side, while Estrodial is very high. I'd rather trade T(serum) levels to have higher T(free) and lower Estrodial.

Good analysing Blake.

Its funny when paleo primal gurus like Mark Sisson say 'vegans wont get enough testosterone' yet Mark takes it himself and promotes the use of synthetic testosterone. This is TOTALLY illegal and if you test positive you risk jail time in certain sports.

Just cos someone dopes up on synthetic testosterone doesnt make em a bad person but I find it amusing when their fanboys talk about 'eat meat for testosterone!'



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