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Durianrider & Freelee share the truth. Fullyrawkristina, Rawfullyorganic, Doug Graham,

Lots of rumors. Lots of lies. We share the truth in this pdf.


Here is a snippet. Fullyraw Kristina claims to have never send legal threats towards anyone!

But the reality is different. Here is a letter Rawvana forwarded us. It was sent by Kristina's marketing department. Owned by Kristina's sister...
From: "Jessica Zapatero" a href="mailto:jessica@zapaterobucaram.com" target="_blank">jessica@zapaterobucaram.com>
Date: August 8, 2013 at 10:05:09 PM PDT
To: a href="mailto:rawvana@gmail.com" target="_blank">rawvana@gmail.com>
Cc: "Bianca Bucaram" a href="mailto:bianca@zapaterobucaram.com" target="_blank">bianca@zapaterobucaram.com>
Subject: Brand Infringement
Ms. Mendoza,
Our public relations agency represents Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and we are writing to you because your recent video, Rainbow Summer Watermelon Salsa is confusingly similar to the Watermelon Gazpacho recipe that was created by our Client on August 29, 2012. The recipe contains the majority of ingredients from her original recipe, making "your "recipe a copy of hers. You must cease immediately to use any recipes that are built or expanded on our client's intellectual property.
Plainly, your brand representation, look and feel is extremely referential to Kristina's branding, food styling and even fonts used in her videos. We are flattered that you may admire Kristina, the fame she has built to date and the global expansion of her brand. However, as publicists we strongly encourage you to find your own voice, branding and filming style so that your brand is not copying our Client. 
We request that you remove that video from your YouTube Channel immediately and consider any inappropriate competition or referential actions in the future. We will be watching you brand for any similarties that may cause consumer confusion. If you do not comply we will commence legal action pursuing all appropriate remedies.
If you have any questions, I encourage you to call me directly: 713-894-4040.
Jessica Zapatero
Zapatero + Bucaram Public Relations
6111 Kirby Drive, 2nd Floor 
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 894-4040

We apologize for their behavior and feel part responsible as we promoted them so heavily over the last few years and are as disappointed as you are.

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Don't take things personally?

At the moment, I'm quite stressed (have been learning for final exams of my studies for several months now and it will go on like this for another year). I've become ill (I think because of the stress). But it can still be beautiful to allow myself to be happy, going in nature and seeing, what really matters: life is the most precious thing in this whole universe, love is the second most precious thing that matters. :) All the other stuff is there, but it's just not that important.

Everyone has faults. Not everyone can admit it. That's normal.

To really love means to accept someone WITH his/her faults. Don't make a fuss about it, because then it only gets worse? If you look at the faults they grow, if you look at the beautiful things they may grow.

It's like changing one's diet: If I always think of foods, I don't want to eat any more, then I keep wanting then. If I surround myself (my mind) with good stuff, there will be more of it in my life without much effort.

I live in a family of meat eaters. Trying to change them won't help. But somehow I get the impression that they eat more fruits and vegetables now, less salt, use less oil.. my father makes himself a (pretty small ;) ) banana smoothie once in a while. That's nice to see. :)

If it's only one thing I've learnt from becoming vegan then it is that the best way to deal with people attacing you (even close relatives and "friends") is to take it with humor. It's not such a big deal at the end. Life is still worthwhile: because there is love in my life. That's what really matters to me.

(I live it towards the animals when I'm not eating them any more and I live it towards humans by letting them criticize me and my lifestyle. That's just more important: to keep accepting people for who they are.)

Thank you for being you. <3

I have been watching this. I have not been able to comment but I have been flabbergasted. mathyou what are you looking for? You are not reading what I am reading, can you not recognise context?  The thing that strikes and perplexes me most about Derek is that a very short time ago (months) he was or appeared to be eating mostly rice, I've been following him for a long time now and an important facet to him was that he maintained a cooked diet, and hung comfortable amongst the raw community, with his most common thread with the likes of Harley, his low fat, high carb, high calorie diet and his cycling and high focus on simple living and exercise. So I find this turn around, somewhat explained from him living with Ted I suppose, but this dramatic turnaround not only into the passionate 100% raw camp but the high fat camp to boot comes as a big surprise.  And then there's the nastiness.  Harder still to see where that came from.  Okay.  That's all I have to say. I've found my niche, I take a grain of salt from all over the place and I've taken more than a grain from these two. Oh yeah, I saw that comment from Doug to Harley, not the person I thought he was. Crass.  Freelee and Harley you rock xx 

Thank you for being transparent (hopefully the incriminated ones will be able to explain ? I doubt they will but...).

About K: I have a few "friends" like her, who will only contact me whenever they need help, being oh so gentle to ask for something, but don't you ever try to ask anything in return... About Doug: very deceiving, but indeed he always seems so arrogant, the kind who will never recognize his errors. About DMan: I don't know him enough, but I'll give him the doubt for being in love: you know when your girlfriend is a b*tch, you'll sometimes blindly and wrongly support her against your friends :-\

bahah his new gf is cute though! very pretty - and seems nice?

Silly derek...

thanks for exposing things up dr and freelee!

the most surprising thing in all of this for me, is dman has a girlfriend and isn't gay, not hatin, just sayin

Harley, Turned off by you sharing emails to justify your hurt.  You aren't on trial, dude, no need for any proof or anything. 

it's called defending false accusations. There's no hate or weakness in that. All it is, is making the truth known and setting the facts straight so everyone will have accurate perceptions upon the whole situation.

So True! Passion&Fruit, sometimes you just have to set the record straight!

I prefer hard evidence.



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