30 Bananas a Day!

Durianrider & Freelee share the truth. Fullyrawkristina, Rawfullyorganic, Doug Graham,

Lots of rumors. Lots of lies. We share the truth in this pdf.


Here is a snippet. Fullyraw Kristina claims to have never send legal threats towards anyone!

But the reality is different. Here is a letter Rawvana forwarded us. It was sent by Kristina's marketing department. Owned by Kristina's sister...
From: "Jessica Zapatero" a href="mailto:jessica@zapaterobucaram.com" target="_blank">jessica@zapaterobucaram.com>
Date: August 8, 2013 at 10:05:09 PM PDT
To: a href="mailto:rawvana@gmail.com" target="_blank">rawvana@gmail.com>
Cc: "Bianca Bucaram" a href="mailto:bianca@zapaterobucaram.com" target="_blank">bianca@zapaterobucaram.com>
Subject: Brand Infringement
Ms. Mendoza,
Our public relations agency represents Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and we are writing to you because your recent video, Rainbow Summer Watermelon Salsa is confusingly similar to the Watermelon Gazpacho recipe that was created by our Client on August 29, 2012. The recipe contains the majority of ingredients from her original recipe, making "your "recipe a copy of hers. You must cease immediately to use any recipes that are built or expanded on our client's intellectual property.
Plainly, your brand representation, look and feel is extremely referential to Kristina's branding, food styling and even fonts used in her videos. We are flattered that you may admire Kristina, the fame she has built to date and the global expansion of her brand. However, as publicists we strongly encourage you to find your own voice, branding and filming style so that your brand is not copying our Client. 
We request that you remove that video from your YouTube Channel immediately and consider any inappropriate competition or referential actions in the future. We will be watching you brand for any similarties that may cause consumer confusion. If you do not comply we will commence legal action pursuing all appropriate remedies.
If you have any questions, I encourage you to call me directly: 713-894-4040.
Jessica Zapatero
Zapatero + Bucaram Public Relations
6111 Kirby Drive, 2nd Floor 
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 894-4040

We apologize for their behavior and feel part responsible as we promoted them so heavily over the last few years and are as disappointed as you are.

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First of all you can read here about Rice diet that Mcdougall supports. http://www.drmcdougall.com/2013/12/31/walter-kempner-md-founder-of-... in which

White sugar may be used as desired (ad libitum); on average a patient takes in about 100 grams daily (400 calories) but, if necessary (to maintain body weight), as much as 500 grams (2000 calories) daily has been used.

Clearly they consumed a lot of  sugar and yet they lost weight

Have you actually tried to over eat on pizzas or sugar? 2-3 days maybe and then your appetite will decrease or you gonna feel sick of them. You cant fool your body. 

I think you misunderstood me. It says 

*Calorie intake is usually 2,000 to 2,400 calories daily. Intake varies based upon the patient’s condition: underweight people are fed more calories, and vice versa. which is by no mean low calorie

no one suggesting over eating on processed sugar/carbs  

majority of daily cals from fruit & shoot

eat as much as you want  of the good stuff  

vegan pizza is not a staple   its an option down on the list 

Yes, you HAVE to overeat to get fat.  The fat's made of calories.  But that's not what CAUSES it. 

Sugar raises insulin? Of course it does BUT to have high insulin levels you MUST have lots of protein and fat in there. Why do NON diabetic bodybuilders SHOOT UP INSULIN?

Because insulin is one of the most anabolic growth hormones around. Its also legal, cheap but INCREDIBLY dangerous if you don't know what your doing. So CG, go to the local gym, pick out the most swol guy there and say 'hey, did you know you could just grow eating fruits and rice? add a bit of sugar in your smoothies and you will get MASSIVE BRAH!'. He will laugh at you and say 'mate, I would get too skinny eating just fruit and rice or did you say JUST FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LOL! get out of my face mate, you are making me laugh too hard and I gotta concentrate right now...'.

When all the linebackers start eating my diet for bulking in the off season, I will send you 100 000$ CG. When all those steroid guys on youtube who claim to be 'full natty brah' start eating Durianriders personal diet for a dirty bulk, I will give you another $100 000. Until then bro, judge by results vs theory.

Seriously though, go to the gym and talk with some steroid athletes. You might have to build their trust but eventually they will open up. They will tell you all about insulin and how anabolic is it. Do I look anabolic to you? LOL!

I look anorexic mate. Its pure genetics. Just like all the people in the POW camps. Its just genetic they were all slim. Where were the 'carb sensitive' or 'syndrome x' or 'fat adapted' people in the POW camps? They were fed over 150g of carbs per day so they could do the factory work.

Anyway, lets not highjack this thread. Lets keep it on topic.

I started another thread CG. We will discuss it there.


Cut and paste your points and lets get into it. I can hear where you are coming from.

go to the local gym, pick out the most swol guy there and say 'hey, did you know you could just grow eating fruits and rice? add a bit of sugar in your smoothies and you will get MASSIVE BRAH!'. He will laugh at you and say 'mate, I would get too skinny eating just fruit and rice or did you say JUST FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LOL! get out of my face mate, you are making me laugh too hard and I gotta concentrate right now...'.

Precisely what happens to me at my gym on a regular basis!

Sorry sir, but everything you just said is an excuse, I've read your 13 page thread of trying to lose weight I commend the fact your here, its fucking awesome, and your obviously really going through it, but you are calorie restricting and trying to gather every bit of contradicting information from everywhere desperately trying to find the answer. Saying skinny guys have it easy is another excuse, no idea why your talking about over eating on pizza's, you've got yourself very hung up on that, think you should focus on back up plans instead of the word pizza.

As I'm sure your aware the Banana's in the UK are nothing short of an absolute joke, they are bloody dreadful, I start pretty much everyday on a 10 banana smoothie and just have to add 100+ grams of sugar to it or it taste's like balls. I'll then have another one later on, sometimes a 3rd, I'm 6,2", 68kg, leeeaaaaaannnn and my job as a graphic designer means i sit on my arse 12hours+ most days clicking buttons on the pc, I'm not blessed with skinny genes, i just put my trust in something and went balls deep on it, zero tolerance, zero excuses, and it worked. So now i get to sit on forums and facebook twitter etc while the whole world brings out their "breaking news" updates on how some things bad for you, like sugar and smile, well, i say smile, it actually hurts a lot listening to how clueless people are, but you need to fix yourself before you can fix others.

Their's nothing wrong with earning money doing what you do, especially if your helping people, but lying about it just makes it near impossible to put your trust in something, its like i just said, listening to harleys youtube he's such a troll sometimes, he makes a dick of himself and just doesn't care, he's here to help, he doesn't care about the red tape, and it was why it was so easy to put my trust in the diet, and so pleased i did. I caught a cold last week, i had it for 3 days, i nearly cried, it was incredible, i used to have colds for 2 weeks minimum, i looked at my strava and i'd taken 4 days off the bike, i couldn't stop laughing. I'm a machine :)

I've always thought of myself as a healthy eater until a friend of mine forced me to read the china study, I eat anything between 3k to 6k each day, i do 2 longish rides a week, wednesday morning (55miles) and sunday morning(60ish, then on other days i try to get a cheeky turbo interval session when I can, at the moment I'm super motivated so im doing about 6 out of 7 days a week, nothing big or impressive, but at least 35+ mins a day. But my body has changed so much, my stomach has disappeared, my weight went right up then fell right back down, which surprised me as i know im a lot stronger now then I was, I expected it to stay high. I don't eat pizza's, as i've never even seen one in the uk, i did ask in the supermarket once, and the little bellend pointed me to a 4 cheese pizza as it had no meat on. All the pasta i eat is gluten free, i eat a ridiculous amount of rice in the evenings, go to bed feeling like a right porker, wake up starving for more. Your right it is about what suits you, I tried to over complicate everything, but slowly its all fallen in to place, simplicity was the key.

The best feeling was having a cold for just 3 days lol, i cant stop telling people about that, im usually such a pathetic excuse for a man when i get a cold, i need at least a week off work, another week of coughing it all up then another few days of feeling sorry for myself before i attempt exercise, but this time, sat, sun, mon, tuesday no exercise, then wednesday morning 55miles before 9am, just ridiculous how i've never had a fully functional immune system.

Sorry if it sounds like im having a go, I just feel like im the tried and tested product of harley and freelee's method, and sometimes i struggle to see how I can fix 30 years of abuse in 6 months when i'm a proper lazy git but others who seem much more proactive can't.

This happened in Miami?  ......... FLORIDA????   That word, and 'police' set off red flags to me(I live in the US and watch the news).  Just today there's more angering news concerning those 2 words.  I thought:  "can we just cut Florida off and let it sink into the ocean"

And there's"

*  the war on blacks (Travon), and a recent case summed up:  "White Florida Man Said "I Hate Thug Music" Before Shooting Black Teen"

*  police beating the guitarist of the Best band in history (who's never had negative press in his 30 year career.

*  Fl's corrupt government stole the election that gave Bush the presidency, steering world history to where we are now.

I believe I've made my point :)   Don't trust FLorida.  Stay skeptical.

Don't forget the woman successfully living off-the-grid they're hounding into eviction.

 I don't think they voted you guys off because they are fake and actually don't like you I am pretty sure they just want the dole sponsorship money and that comes with the message of fruit and veggies being a complete diet that you kinda stopped promoting. 

I think you guys just want to go off and do your own thing.    Anyway this information seems like you are just burning bridges so you can make your own festival without inviting these douchebags can't say its the wisest move but not a bad one either.



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