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Durianrider & Freelee share the truth. Fullyrawkristina, Rawfullyorganic, Doug Graham,

Lots of rumors. Lots of lies. We share the truth in this pdf.


Here is a snippet. Fullyraw Kristina claims to have never send legal threats towards anyone!

But the reality is different. Here is a letter Rawvana forwarded us. It was sent by Kristina's marketing department. Owned by Kristina's sister...
From: "Jessica Zapatero" a href="mailto:jessica@zapaterobucaram.com" target="_blank">jessica@zapaterobucaram.com>
Date: August 8, 2013 at 10:05:09 PM PDT
To: a href="mailto:rawvana@gmail.com" target="_blank">rawvana@gmail.com>
Cc: "Bianca Bucaram" a href="mailto:bianca@zapaterobucaram.com" target="_blank">bianca@zapaterobucaram.com>
Subject: Brand Infringement
Ms. Mendoza,
Our public relations agency represents Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and we are writing to you because your recent video, Rainbow Summer Watermelon Salsa is confusingly similar to the Watermelon Gazpacho recipe that was created by our Client on August 29, 2012. The recipe contains the majority of ingredients from her original recipe, making "your "recipe a copy of hers. You must cease immediately to use any recipes that are built or expanded on our client's intellectual property.
Plainly, your brand representation, look and feel is extremely referential to Kristina's branding, food styling and even fonts used in her videos. We are flattered that you may admire Kristina, the fame she has built to date and the global expansion of her brand. However, as publicists we strongly encourage you to find your own voice, branding and filming style so that your brand is not copying our Client. 
We request that you remove that video from your YouTube Channel immediately and consider any inappropriate competition or referential actions in the future. We will be watching you brand for any similarties that may cause consumer confusion. If you do not comply we will commence legal action pursuing all appropriate remedies.
If you have any questions, I encourage you to call me directly: 713-894-4040.
Jessica Zapatero
Zapatero + Bucaram Public Relations
6111 Kirby Drive, 2nd Floor 
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 894-4040

We apologize for their behavior and feel part responsible as we promoted them so heavily over the last few years and are as disappointed as you are.

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I can't believe how much money that retreat costs, and the fact that there is no one with medical training there, makes me think why people would want to do that?

A year on, Kristina is still denying this every happened regarding fellow youtuber Rawvana. Says we are lying. This is a screenshot from youtube. August 23rd 2014. A year after Kristina instigated legal threats towards Rawvana as detailed in the letter on the front page of this thread.

Even uses some Christian virtues to make her sound more legit. #whoops!

Sort of sounds like Bill Clinton "I did not have sex with that woman" thing. Bill Clinton doesn't count oral sex, as "sex" so he can say he didn't lie under oath. 

Kristina can say "I didn't threaten anyone, or try to sue anyone, I just had my legal rep contact a person to have them take their video down, which is different". 

Please never shut down 30BAD and go rogue vegan guru. This site is an extremely useful resource, including how you promote people to share videos with each other. Great way to make friends. It appears you  made the choice a long time ago to promote other people, and build a community, instead of promoting yourself strictly for financial gain, I'm glad that you did.



How can DR not be a winner?And it's wonderful that he has not changed a bit from that even as he gets older.

He knows that FAIRNESS is the best policy,all respond to it,as he gets more and more well known mainly by word of mouth.Fame that has real substance behind it.There are real BENEFITS for everybody who needs something from this site.It's not just talk.

The variety of people here is liberating.Free-Lee and the piece keepers add to the family feeling.All  their knowledge is mind-boggling.

I have watched a few videos from people, like Arnsteins etc, so far have learned NOTHING from them.All full of ego.Kristina is too theatrical and pretentious for my serious quest for health.Too salesman like.Thanks but I don't want to buy anything!Lifegenerator turned into money generator!All of them basically USELESS in health/ healing business as it seems they have no real support in offering for an ordinary man of the street with little or no money.  :(

30 bad is ab ACTION and getting things done SATISFACTORILY and hopefully permanently with continuous support too.30 bad rocks!

I find 30 bad amazingly friendly site.I get all support and information necessary for my quest for healthy lifestyle and more.And it COSTS ME NOTHING.Where else in the world could I find a better deal?

Yeah its crazy that you get all this without paying anything or being bomblasted with  advertisements or get rich scams...

Hey Eli person freelee and Harley do not promote heavily processed foods they eat out every once in a while but they do not go and buy a ton of junky vegan food their videos show the opposite actually they try not to eat a lot of vegan junk food so saying they support heavily processed foods is rude also they are not talking about themselves this discussion is about the posers who just want more money vs. spreading the happy message of how easy it actually is to be a vegan and how simple your daily choices can be. I'm with freelee and DR on this what they did was wrong and f and DR seem pretty transparent to me but the others don't. I'm still pretty new to the movement and I'm not even fully raw just trying to be but freelee and Harley's videos are what made me want the switch and also that they were honest about what they ate and what they did to support themselves I'm so overweight I haven't been on a bike since my eight grade year and Harley's cycling video makes me want to become a cyclist because of how easy and nonsense free it seems he even is honest about bike prices and which type of bike is best and maybe in the future when on this lifestyle I have met my goals I will buy a bike and go riding and spread the word of veganism or at least a plant based diet around !! GO FREELEE AND DURIANRIDER!!! :P NEVER STOP BEING YOU IT WOULD NEVER WORK OUT FOR YOU IF YOU STOPPED BEING YOURSELF!!

Some people are still in denial any of this PDF even happened.

Wow, Harley, thanks so much for sharing that PDF! I'm so sorry that you guys had to go through all this crap. I've watched a couple of Kristina's videos, but she's obviously fake by trying so hard to be liked, popular, idk. It just gives me that weird vibe that she's trying too hard, it's not working for me. Sadly it does work for other people and that brings hate towards you guys, you who saved my life/health and so many other people's.

I agree that spreading the vegan message is very important and positive but that shouldn't include that whole clique bashing you guys when you did nothing but support them. And them being so pathetic that they only look for the low blows...Anyway, it's very clear what a bunch of arrogant liars they are; they deserve eachother. And you two did such an amazing thing by creating the Thai Fruit Festival! I hope one of these years I'll be able to join in :) 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know how much I (and so many other people) respect you and will forever be in your debt for what you've done and still doing. Thanks again for the PDF, a very crystal clear depiction of these people...

Aaaanyway, have tons of fun in Thailand and have one of those delicious bananas for me, will ya guys? Love you two so much, hugs from the UK! 



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