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Durianrider & Freelee share the truth. Fullyrawkristina, Rawfullyorganic, Doug Graham,

Lots of rumors. Lots of lies. We share the truth in this pdf.


Here is a snippet. Fullyraw Kristina claims to have never send legal threats towards anyone!

But the reality is different. Here is a letter Rawvana forwarded us. It was sent by Kristina's marketing department. Owned by Kristina's sister...
From: "Jessica Zapatero" a href="mailto:jessica@zapaterobucaram.com" target="_blank">jessica@zapaterobucaram.com>
Date: August 8, 2013 at 10:05:09 PM PDT
To: a href="mailto:rawvana@gmail.com" target="_blank">rawvana@gmail.com>
Cc: "Bianca Bucaram" a href="mailto:bianca@zapaterobucaram.com" target="_blank">bianca@zapaterobucaram.com>
Subject: Brand Infringement
Ms. Mendoza,
Our public relations agency represents Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and we are writing to you because your recent video, Rainbow Summer Watermelon Salsa is confusingly similar to the Watermelon Gazpacho recipe that was created by our Client on August 29, 2012. The recipe contains the majority of ingredients from her original recipe, making "your "recipe a copy of hers. You must cease immediately to use any recipes that are built or expanded on our client's intellectual property.
Plainly, your brand representation, look and feel is extremely referential to Kristina's branding, food styling and even fonts used in her videos. We are flattered that you may admire Kristina, the fame she has built to date and the global expansion of her brand. However, as publicists we strongly encourage you to find your own voice, branding and filming style so that your brand is not copying our Client. 
We request that you remove that video from your YouTube Channel immediately and consider any inappropriate competition or referential actions in the future. We will be watching you brand for any similarties that may cause consumer confusion. If you do not comply we will commence legal action pursuing all appropriate remedies.
If you have any questions, I encourage you to call me directly: 713-894-4040.
Jessica Zapatero
Zapatero + Bucaram Public Relations
6111 Kirby Drive, 2nd Floor 
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 894-4040

We apologize for their behavior and feel part responsible as we promoted them so heavily over the last few years and are as disappointed as you are.

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He did responded.

Mike paid him in private out of his pocket so it's not on the books.

I would certainly pay him as well if I had the money, for giving talks at Woodstock to help provide for him and his family.

Did Michael provide a real number for Doug's salary to correct Harley's?

The first year when I found out Mike ran the event at a loss I said 'WTF did you spend money on??'. When he told me how much doug was paid I really lost a lot of respect for doug that day.

doug typically wouldnt even do interviews or sign books unless people had 'organised it prior'. I think we really pissed him off one time when someone asked him for an interview and he said 'organize it with Kevin' and then that person turned to me and said 'do I need to organize it with you?'. I said 'lets do it now over by the fence there'. doug went back to talking with some of his mates on the deck out the front of his room.

I wrote Mike personally and asked him to make public ALL the fees that were paid to WFF speakers over the last few years. He ignored that request. ;)

Well said Connor.
The real issue Mike is upset about is the low number of sign ups for WFF this year.. only about 320 or so this far.. the truth is that DR and Freelee were the main attraction.. I think they would be better off cancelling the event at this point otherwise Mike is going to lose a lot of money and that's the big reason he is upset about..

Mike Arnstein has a strong personality just like Harley but I'm 100% with Arnstein on this.  

I watched it. I would certainly never choose Mike Arnstein to be my defence attorney.

His defence of Kristina amounted to: why attack Kristina, she's a nice person. On the issue of Kristina threatening to sue someone for copying her style of video, he at first agreed that he might do the same thing, then contradicted himself and said he would welcome imitators.

His defence of Dan was even more confusing. Dan's a nice guy. That's it.

Overall, his position seems to be that Harley has moved away from his purist philosophy of eating all raw while cycling through Thailand to now eating cooked meals in restaurants;  and that Harley is one tough mother who takes no prisoners. That part I agree with, no disrespect to Harley. 

But Arnstein completely ignores inconvenient truths, including that Doug Graham has gone on record advocating  cooked food, even cooked chicken. 

On its face, Arnstein's position is riddled with inconsistencies.

The elephant in the room, as Rawbert points out, is that sacking Harley and Freelee was a monumental PR disaster for the WFF and Mike and co are scrambling madly to contain the damage.

I hope they do recover and that the WFF survives, thrives and gathers more adherents. One thing is for sure, when many of those adherents find they cannot sustain an all-raw lifestyle, they will need to hear about the Raw till 4 plan so that they can continue to be vegan.

And I want to see everyone eating vegan so that we can relieve the suffering of humans and non-humans alike. I happen to think that the approach taken by Harley and Freelee is the most effective way of achieving this goal, but I would never disrespect anyone for following the WFF approach.

I don't think it's a question of taking sides, except taking the side of the planet.

Can we move on folks?

Been wishing to go there as well since it has started in 2011. Hopefully in the future I can afford to miss a week of classes and training to meet some more fruit lovers out there for once as well.

@MistyRaw the irony is Mike also eats potatoes, sugar gels, rice dishes etc like we do. 

If you added up the yearly fruit calories, I eat more than any male in the last 5 years and same with Freelee.

For dinner every night, with restaurant-added ingredients for the flavoring? Or for ultras? I think it's rather feasible to agree that you're both eating differently. Even before you started to promote cooked/heavily processed food more.

For sure we eat more fruit cals than any of the calorie restricter mob giving talks at WFF this year. The same crew that said we were not 'raw enough' even though they also eat cooked and not as much fruit as we do yearly.

Anyways, this is the new topic. More important than % of calories from rice or steamed brocoli. This girl almost died and none of them give a fruit.

Goes to Costa Rica to get healthy. Pays BIG money to attend. Almost dies. No fucks given by foodnsport.com. No refunds either.




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