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DurianRider and Freelee and all - Here are my Blood and B12 test results.

As promised. Got them in today.

I am gonna have these done again soon as my paperwork states, 'advise repeat test'.

I will add to it a potassium, and calcium and TSH Thyroid test too. If I can persuade my Doctor.


Serum Globulin   24g/L

Serum total Protein   68g/L

Serum Folate 9.7 ng/mL

Serum ferritin   29.9ng/mL

Serum total bilbrubin level   13 umol/L

Serum total B12   169pg/mL   deficient   Range in the UK =   211-246 pg/mL

ALT/SGPT serum level   17 u/L

Serum alkaline phosphatase   63 u/L

Serum albumin   44g/L

Basophil count   0.01   10 9/L

Haematocrit   0.412 L/L

Lymphocyte count 0.87   10 9/L      Abnormal

Total White cell count   3.49   10 9/L    Abnormal.    I am renowned for being low all the time.

Red Bllod cell count   (RBC)   4.53 10 12/L

Platelet count   195   10 9/L

Neutrophil count  2.15   10 9/L

Monocyte count   0.26    10 9/L

Mean corpuscular volume   (MCV)   91.1  fL

Mean corpusc. Hb conc.  (MCHC)   32.5g/dl

Mean corpusc. haemoglobin (MCH)   29.6  pg

Haemoglobin estimation   13.4  g/dL

Eosinophil count   0.11    10 9/L


So there you have it.

What does everyone think?

Since eating more fruit, my platelet levels, neutrophils, white blood cells have all improved.

I will keep you all posted as to the progress of the B12 and what happens with my levels depending on what treatment I receive or possibly have to buy.


Have a Great week all my Fruitarian lovers



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Nice. Looks like you need some B12.

I don't know what all the rest is - I assume it is all normal then?

white blood cells could do with a boost and my lymphocytes.

Not sure how to go about that though

I was under the impression that all raw food diets caused a decrease in white blood cell count. Is it not true that, our food isn't attacked by white cells like cooked food, causing a decrease in white blood cell count on test results. I feel like I am the only one not getting a joke...

hey philip - well ok, a few little areas there to improve on,  lets see what your next test says - i want to see those white blood cells increasing and get some b12 shots into you and in the wise words of the site GO FRUIT YOURSELF lol and feed those little lymphocytes of yours their favourite food !

what is lymphocytes favourite foods???

 I need help on the white count and the lymphocytes.


Don't worry I'll keep u all posted.

lymphocytes are your "active" moving, killer cell dude guys - because they are active they love fruit sugars - basically do the 801010 diet and get active are their food.

watch the youtube - it shows lymphocytes (the small guys) killing a big cancer cell (the big oval  things - you see one completely turn to mush because the killer cells got'em.

haha nice attachment

I wouldn't stress too much over the B-12 level.

"On average, for someone raised on the Western diet, about 2 to 5 milligrams of B12 are stored, mostly in the liver.  This means most people have at least a three year reserve of this vital nutrient. Conservation of B12 by the body boosts the time this supply lasts by 10-fold. After excretion through the bile into the intestines most of the B12 is reabsorbed by the ileum for future use. As a result of this recirculation it actually takes, on average, 20 to 30 years to become deficient after becoming a strict vegan. That is if no vitamin B12 were consumed—which is impossible, even on a strict vegan diet, because of bacterial sources of B12 from the person’s bowel, contaminated vegetable foods, and the environment. "

Dr. McDougall 2007 Nov. Newsletter

I was in a similar serum B12 range - actually more like 180 (don't remember the exact number off the top of my head) and was experiencing symptoms like numbness and tingling in my extremities and mouth ulcers, to name a few of the less vague problems like fatigue that I was having. All of which disappeared immediately with supplementation (sublinguals and injections).  Just sharing my experience that low B12 levels at least in my case was serious business.  I personally would recommend supplementing considering its easy and harmless and the alternative could be permanent neurological damage.

Why are people saying white blood cell needs to increase? I was under the impression that low (compared to SAD average) is common for 811ers due to the fact that there is little toxic load, so it's a good thing.

As far as your white blood cell, I believe you want it as low as possible within the range. This signifies an efficient and properly functioning immune system 

Great Thankx everyone. This is all very interesting.



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