30 Bananas a Day!

These are the goodies I got on my latest dives (today and yesterday)!

It was a cold and wet walk there and home, but I got some great stuff and met some friendly South Dakota people.  :D

I got about 20 organic honeycrisp apples (my favorite! What a score!), 3 bananas (don't have any labels), 7 anjuo pears(organic- I ate two yesterday), about 5 huge oranges (conventional- 3 of them are in one of the green smoothies), 4 huge onions (conventional- not pictured), 5 huge sweet potatoes (conventional), 2 huge cucumbers (conventional), 6 zuchinnis (conventional), a bag of snap peas (conventional) and about 25 organic oranges (not pictured).

There was about 4 more boxes of organic oranges and another box of organic honeycrisp apples where this came from- I couldn't carry it all with me, as I don't have a car. what a pitty :(

My point isn't to brag, but to just show you guys how much GREAT produce is out there, just being tossed out (probably because they had a new shipment today - in this case). It's extremely wasteful; a waste of healthy food, when there are too many people in the chicagoland area alone who are going hungry tonight; a waste of energy, both human labor and mechanical to grow food that gets thrown away; and a waste of resources like water, electricity, and petrol (to farm, ship, and then ship to the garbage dump). These apples and oranges are perfect! there's NOTHING wrong with them. They are hining bright in my kitchen, the same way they shone in the store less than 5 hours ago. So what's the difference? Now that someone has put it outside (not inside a dumpster, I might add) to ship to the dump, it makes them dirty and not fit to eat? These beautiful, life-giving foods are more fit to eat than 90% of the crap in an average supermarket. What gives?!

Join the free food movement! Check out your local laws surrounding dumpster diving or "free-lance trash retrieval" as I like to call it. ;) Know your rights and start diving. If someone asks you to leave, then be polite, clean up, and leave. If you want to get involved with something greater than yourself, find your local Food, Not Bombs movement and help them retrieve food and feed the hungry with it! If there isn't a Food, Not Bombs movement in your area, then start one! Why continue to allow this perfectly wonderful resource go to waste? People really need it!

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I wish dumpsters in UK were like that!

Enjoy them! :)

what a new idea to me! very cool. I woulda never thought u could find such good food in dumpsters. exactly which dumpsters r u goin thru? r they ones for grocery stores? wholesalers? id snatch up a box of oranges w/o thinking twice.

It's a fruit market in chicago, IL, USA. It's a cheaper fruit market, but nothing's cheaper than free! haha! and plus it's so sad to see these goodies go to waste.

Join 30BAD Raw Freegan Divers. There are discussions and videos on there, as well as links to the DIVE! movie, which can be watched on Netflix. They can give you a lot of info on diving


I just rented the movie DIVE! from the library, it is fantastic  :)

That's awesome! It's really interesting with all of the facts they give about waste. I couldn't completely relate to them because they eat A LOT of meat and bread, because that's what they salvage from their dives. But you can also see that there's tons of fruit and veg when they go on dives. I also found it funny that he wasn't feeling very good, but at the same time was eating a ton of meat. And then he thought what he needed was a different KIND of meat. I was like WHAT?? hello! you need some good food! But as far as becoming a diver, it's really inspirational and eye-opening.

gosh, i really want to start doing this. i'm just kinda scared they'll catch me and make an uproar.

do you have a strategy (e.g. time of day, wearing a mask, etc.)?

I go around close. A lot of peopel would go after close, but they smash it all up in a compactor before close. They leave the boxes out behind the store an hour before close, and I snatch them up then. A lot of the workers speak spanish. I am nice, smiley and say Hola! whenever I see them. No one has ever shooed me away, but I am really fast too. Hopefully they won't and just understand that there are plenty of people who could gain a lot of good from their garbage. 

join 30BAD freegan divers to get more info


Thats an awesome haul!!!

While I'm out in the sticks, I am relatively close and visit quite frequently as my sisters live in the city. I'll keep an eye out for your dive posts haha. Are you able to get some small groups together to go forage? lol. I think that could be helpful.

When I come in for the weekends I usually drive my pick up, if your willing share some of your good spots you know of, I'd be more than happy to help haul a load or two! You should try and find a local dive buddy with a car to help you grab up more of that free fruit!

Hey! Yeah, we could definitely try to get a group together. I always try to find people to come, but haven't been able to yet. But having a car is always a bonus! :D I'd totally take you diving if you're in town. I only know of one place that for sure has good dumpsters, and I work on weekend nights. But if we could work something out, then that's cool!

Thats legit. Def post next time you're planning a weekend dive. That would be really fun to have a small group to go from store to store grabbing up boxes of free fruit!

yes! Also, feel free to plan something out and if I can join you, then I will for sure, if not, I'll tell you places that could be good.

Nice!!!  I always feel inspired by these kinds of photos!  

More people need to do this.  

I used to work at a grocery store so I know that so much perfectly good food gets thrown away simply because they don´t have enough space for it on the shelves and they don´t want it cluttering up the stock room.  I have always been a calm person, but sometimes I would feel intense ANGER when I would see just how wasteful they would be.  

Of course, now-a-days I wouldn´t eat most of the stuff that they throw away because I know it´s not healthy food (Cheerios, Beefaroni, Coca Cola, etc) but there are still so many things that get thrown away in the produce department.  Get it free if you can!



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