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Sometimes when I go pee at night I notice it´s not clear any more. Is it healthy do drink a little bit of water at night and pee more frequently?

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Yeah you want to stay hydrated 24/7 :) You probably won't end up drinking as much as during the day, but definitely drink something during the night.

good to know but isn´t peeing that much affecting kidneys and quality of sleep?

detto, i dont see any affection on kidneys with water, waking up dehydrated sucks way more:)

also i wake up to pee but do it in dark, dont put lights up, that actually can impair sleep, cos it decreas melatonin:) 

good advice

If you try to drink a lot of water while you are trying to sleep, your sleep will be broken. If you get up to use the rest room during the night and you would like a drink of water, take a drink. It is normal for the first pee of the day to have some color to it. You have been fasting from intake while sleeping. A person who is well hydrated won't have any trouble clearing it up. Dehydrated persons will need to push more fluids.
Water is good for your body. It is healthy to your kidneys, not harmful. Dehydration can damage your kidneys along with many other things.

thank you myca. this makes a lot of sense to me because ive been having the same problem. peeing too much over night and not drinking water all night and waking up dehydrated w yellow pee. I'm so glad you reminded me of the fact i am fasting over night and my body is doing its best to clean and heal itself. i was also worried about too much water being bad on my kidneys but its good to know not to worry because i started drinking water when i wake up at night. thanks agin. bananas and hugs!

I love bananas and hugs! Be well.

All animals pee and shizz at night. Go camp under pigeons or lay some newspaper down and check it in the morning.

Drink enough so your wizz'n a few times a night. I pee in a bottle and Freelee in a bucket. Easy. Give the garden its 'nitrogen juice' in the morning. :)

peeing in a bottle is so much easier than going to a toilet to the other side of the house

I drink hardly any water at night and my urine is still pretty clear the next morning. Since it hasn't been hot or humid outside the past few months, the only time I drink significant amounts of water is when I dont eat any juicy fruit during the day (e.g., all dates or bananas, which is rare). Usually the oranges, tomatoes, mangoes, etc. are enough to keep my urine clear with casual sips of water throughout the day.



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