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Does anyone have experience or opinions about drinking tea?

Also is raw honey allowed on this plan?

I have been sipping a hot non caffiented tea before bed that is peppermint, papya, and senna leaf with a little raw honey before bed and it seems to relax me.....it has a slight cleansing effect, is this ok?

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Hi Dee,

You might want to check out the two small paragraphs under the section "In Medicine" for the Senna link below.

Also, if the laxative effect moves the food out before your body has the chance to extract all the vitamins and minerals it may lead to malnutrition which symptoms may not show up till after a while.  I think this point is especially important for raw diets since it could contribute to rapid weight loss or thinking the diet just isn't working.          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senna_%28plant%29

Fruits and veggies are very cleansing anyway.  If you need something to help you unwind at night maybe try some slow relaxing yoga or chamamile tea.   There's also dried, ground stevia leaf for a vegan sweetener.  That is if you didn't want to use dates or something else.  Like mabey chamomile+fresh berry of choice.  I haven't tried but it sounds interesting for sun tea.  Just add a chamomile tea bag to a glass jar with a lid, add fruit slices/ dates and put in the sun for a few hours or afternoon. :o)

Ok Thanks great info.

Just want to clarify a few things, please bear with me for the questions, but I am just beginning this diet change slowly.

To me "tea" does not need to contain actual tea it is a word loosely for anything that has been steeped into a drink...what I mean is, if you took spearmint leaves and poured heated water over them to me that is tea...the heated water can be a jar of water that is left in the sun to warm or a kettle. Teas of all kinds have over the years provided comfort, menstrual cramps, upset stomach etc.  Although I do enjoy tea just for the sake of tea. Especially in the winter sometimes to have something warm to sip is a delight. I don't always need it to be sweet.

Your arguments for giving up honey are very good, and I will forever be grateful to the bees that have died in order for me to have it. I have used local raw honey to cure people of air born allergies and it does work, but I suppose I gave little attention to the real cost of that. 

Thanks for all the insights..........Denice

     I drink herbal teas when I'm out socializing with friends since I don't get to restaurants any more; I know it's a huge offense to raw purists, but I personally don't mind and really enjoy the variety.  I get something like rooibos.  I know people will get on and talk about how dangerous herbs are but I'm not experiencing that, and I'm sure I'm getting antioxidants.


This is about the only raw vegan place to eat.....attached a copy of the menu...I see lots of nuts which are fats, but is there anything on here I could eat? Was thinking I could take my son to eat here??


Dee, personally, I wouldn't eat anything on that menu.  it's mostly nuts, a lot of it is not even raw, almost everything has added salt and spices. This is what a lot of  people out there are talking about  when they say raw diet.  this is what people on this site mean when they say "gourmet raw".  Despite what people working at the restaurant will tell you, this is not healthy.  It will make you sick.  Better than eating meat for sure, but actually more fat than a SAD diet.  I know you don't know, that's why you're asking.  It's explained in the 80/10/10 diet book by Doug Graham.  Good resource, when you get a chance to read it.

I would recommend finding a regular restaurant with an all-you-can-eat salad bar. especially one with a fruit section.  it won't be as good of fruit as you can do at home, but a good option for going out, and having a place to take your son to eat.  Smelling the cooked food at the next table may be difficult, but at least you can get things that you actually want to eat.

Yes I thought so, but thanks for the confirmation.

The veggies and fruits at salad bars are not organic and they have been sprayed with preservative that makes my stomach hurt. My son won't eat where he can view people eating meat, he just won't, he won't even do family holidays if they include people eating meat. He doesn't drive, he walks and bikes everywhere and the little town he lives in has many vegans and vegetarians. I live too far for him to bike here...I mean I think Durianrider could bike here, but I would say it is a good hour and a half and he doesn't bike that far.

Guess tea out at the cafe is our only option at this point, I suppose we could pack a picnic basket and go to the park...but that is more of a girlfriend thing, than something you do with your mom......someone asked him if I was his sister (we look alot alike) the last time we went out for tea and he said "oh my God gross that is my mother dude"'  don't wanna give the kid a complex...BTW my son is 32 and I am 52. 

I have a story to tell about my pregnancy with him that is relative to this raw diet but will share it on another thread...but it has me thinking.

Nah, picnic in the park could totally be a mom and son thing.  Just wear an old lady outfit with a flowery hat and a shawl.  :)  Just teasin' a bit.  Your son sounds like a super-cool dude!  Have fun.

in what sense is hot tea a raw food?



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